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  1. Here in the cerebellum the bulk of the associations is being evoked; these are then distributed throughout the hemispheres of the cortex or higher brain.

  2. Beyond they disperse again over the cortex mantle to all the centers of coordination, higher cerebration and higher psychic activities.

  3. But then we have achieved a very considerable improvement in the utilization of the The Brain's cortex capacity.

  4. This was unexpected; it couldn't be that thoughts were still forming as flames devoured the cortex matter of apperception in the hemispheres.

  5. While these funds could only cover the first stages in the construction of The Brain," he calmly went on, "we have been able to build a mechanical cortex mantle composed of ninety billion electronic cells.

  6. Considering that the cortex mantle of the human brain contains over 9 billion cells, this doesn't sound like much.

  7. In the transverse sections of these roots we find a fairly broad cortex consisting of thin-walled parenchymatous cells more or less regularly arranged.

  8. It is this great development of sclerenchyma that makes the outer portion of the cortex hard.

  9. The cortex outside the band of sclerenchyma is full of air-cavities, small and large.

  10. The innermost layer of cells of the cortex is called the =endodermis= and it becomes conspicuous on account of the thickening in the lateral and inner walls of the cells of this layer.

  11. So the parenchymatous cells of the cortex lying outside the sclerenchymatous ring are divided into small isolated areas.

  12. The stem of Panicum Crus-galli is broadly ovoid and the cortex is uniformly broad.

  13. In Panicum colonum the outline of the stem is ellipsoidal with the front quite flat, and the cortex is narrow at the sides and very broad in front and at the back.

  14. The root-hairs are mere protrusions of the cells of the outermost layer of the cortex of the root and this layer is called the =piliferous layer=.

  15. Endodermis the innermost layer of the cortex abutting on and forming a sheathing layer round the stele, 32.

  16. The cortex has a number of fairly large air-cavities separated by bands of parenchymatous cells.

  17. The stem of Eragrostis interrupta has more or less the same structure, but the cortex has air spaces here and there.

  18. Formerly the above-mentioned bark of the storax tree (Cortex thymiamatis) was only used for this purpose, but at present sawdust and exhausted cinnamon are also taken.

  19. The residue remaining after expression is dried in the sun and forms, under the name of Cortex thymiamatis, an article of commerce, which is used for fumigating purpose, for the preparation of ordinary storax, etc.

  20. Every stimulus which reaches a place on the cerebral cortex results in a rush of blood to that spot,[68] by means of which nutriment is conveyed to it.

  21. The experiments of Ferrier, it is true, have led him to deny that a stimulus which touches the cortex of the frontal lobes can result in movement.

  22. And as the greatest part of these different activities is accomplished by the gray cortex of the frontal lobes, this means that this gray cortex must be well developed and work vigorously.

  23. Excessive irritability of particular groups of cells of the cerebral cortex gives rise to other phenomena.

  24. Projection of Vestibular Nerve to Cerebral Cortex of the Cat.

  25. Recently, however, it has been established by means of electrophysiological methods that the organ is represented by a projection area in the cerebral cortex of some animals (refs.

  26. A Composite Sensory Projection Area in the Cerebral Cortex of the Cat.

  27. These investigators have directed their efforts toward demonstrating alterations in the cerebral cortex of animals exposed to continuing learning situations or continuously deprived of sensory stimulation.

  28. Dimensions of Discrimination and Level of Cholinesterase Activity in Cerebral Cortex of the Rat.

  29. The secret of the higher processes is believed to be hidden in the grey matter of the cortex of the cerebrum.

  30. By removing the scales and cortex from the axis (fig.

  31. The smooth cortex of young trees distinguishes it from all other east-Asiatic Hard Pines.

  32. It is recognized by its lustrous red cones and by the ashen gray cortex of its branches and upper trunk.

  33. A small bushy tree with long pliant branches, clear gray cortex all over the limbs and trunk, and sparse gray-green foliage.

  34. These Asiatic Nut Pines are alike in leaf and cortex as well as in the peculiar seed-wing.

  35. In the Soft Pines the cortex remains alive for many years, adjusting itself by growth to the increasing thickness of the wood.

  36. Bark is the outer part of the cortex that has perished, having been cut off from nourishment by the thin hard plates of the bark-scales.

  37. Bark-formation slow, the cortex not rifted for some years.

  38. The axis of the cone is a woody shell, enclosing a wide pith and covered by a thick cortex traversed by resin-ducts.

  39. The infiltration of the cortex with round cells, beginning at the roots of the interlobular vessels, spreads rapidly toward the capsule of the kidney, and laterally among the convoluted tubes around the Malpighian bodies.

  40. In some cases attended by this infiltration of the cortex Klein observed a more or less dense reticulation of fibres, especially around the interlobular arteries, containing in its meshes lymph-cells, chiefly uninuclear.

  41. Some few brain physiologists maintain that the whole cortex operates more or less as a unit in all of the higher psychical activities.

  42. As we have already seen, the cerebral cortex is the seat of the chief mental faculties of man or at least of the highest of these.

  43. The numerals refer to certain characteristic layers of the cortex in this region.

  44. They originate in nests of characteristic large cells located in the cerebral cortex and are regarded as paths, though not the only ones, through which volitional impulses are conveyed from the brain.

  45. B--Section of a region of the cerebral cortex (after Cajal).

  46. The leaf strands lt move out through the cortex in considerable numbers to supply the many leaves, into each of which a single one enters.

  47. The threads on the outer surface of the pileus constitute the cortex or cuticle.

  48. A patient can not speak when the cortex of the brain is injured in the particular spot which is used in remembering how the words feel or sound when articulated.

  49. If we had to say that the mind as such is located anywhere, we should say in the gray matter of the cortex of the hemispheres of the brain.

  50. It comprises the cortex of the hemispheres, which taken together are called the cerebrum.

  51. These centres being aroused in the thought of the movement desired, which is the necessary mental preparation for the movement, they in turn stimulate the real motor centres which lie below the cortex at the second level.

  52. And in certain cases the nervous fibres which connect the cortex with the body-organs cross below the brain to the opposite side of the body.

  53. It was remarked by Nothnagel that "Influenza produces a specific nervous toxin which by its action on the cortex produces psychoses.

  54. In any case there can be no question that the gradual mechanical diminution of the blood-supply to the cortex caused by the occlusion of the lumen of the arteries is a factor of great importance in the production of mental incapacity.

  55. The locus of the so-called parallelism is, we are told, the cortex of the brain.

  56. Meanwhile the higher neural resistance of the cortical pathways has been overcome by summation of stimuli and the cortex is excited to function.

  57. The Possible Correlation between Delusions and Cortex Lesions in General Paresis.

  58. He now proposes to thrust us into a larger and much more intricate sphere of activity as to the representation in the cortex of other changes which as he has described are inframicroscopical or inframacroscopical.

  59. Microscopically the cortex proved to be far from normal: every area examined showed cell-loss, perhaps more markedly in the suprastellate layers than below.

  60. Cellular brain cortex (developed only in the worker and queen).

  61. The word identity, or monism, implies that every psychic phenomenon is the same real thing as the molecular or neurocymic activity of the brain-cortex coinciding with it, but that this may be viewed from two standpoints.

  62. The lesion is one of the left occipital cortex in the cuneate lobe and the neighbourhood of the calcarine fissure.

  63. The seat of the mind, so far as its dynamical relations are concerned, is somewhere in the cortex of the brain.

  64. The dead cortex and cambium stick to the wood beneath and contract as they dry.

  65. The killed cambium and cortex then dry up in black necrotic patches, which may eventually heal up by intrusion of callus from the uninjured parts.

  66. The consequent arrest of the transpiration current and the proper supply of nutriment to the cambium and cortex explain the phenomena.

  67. Heterodora javanica passes into the cortex of sugar-cane roots through fissures, and makes its way to the place where a young rootlet is about to emerge; here it sticks its beak into the growing-point and remains fixed.

  68. Cankers due to insects are found on Apples, the cortex of which is punctured by the woolly Aphis (Schizoneura) while the twigs are young, and the wound is kept open by the insects nestling in crevices in the occlusion tissues.

  69. Cylindrical stem swellings are caused by Calyptospora: they are due to the hypertrophy of the cortex of Bilberry stems permeated by the hyphae.

  70. The irritated pericycle and cortex then grow and form nodules of soft juicy root-tissue at which the insect continues to suck.

  71. We took it in turn, day about, to do duty, and it was Cortex who was in attendance upon the morning of which I speak.

  72. The name of one was Cortex and of the other Duplessis.

  73. The fact that neither Cortex nor Duplessis, who were very zealous and active officers, had succeeded in reaching the summit of the Sierra de Merodal, showed that the country was very closely watched by the guerillas.

  74. Cortex was a small, dark man, very quick and eager.

  75. Cortex you will find nailed to a tree down yonder.

  76. Of course, Cortex and Duplessis galloping down the high-road would be easily seen, but the intelligent Gerard lurking among the vines was quite another person.

  77. We have been highly honoured by General Massena's staff: Major Cortex one day, Colonel Duplessis the next, and now Colonel Gerard.

  78. If large, the cortex is thickened, pale and waxy, and the pyramids are congested; if small, the fibrous change has advanced and the cortex is diminished.

  79. Sometimes it is dependent on the malignant growths starting in what are spoken of as "adrenal rests" in the cortex of the kidney.

  80. In the latter case, miliary tubercles, as scattered granules, are seen, especially in the cortex of the kidney; the lesion is likely to be bilateral.

  81. Ideas have definite sensory centers in the cortex of the brain and conscious ideation may be induced to produce a particular form of willing.

  82. It appears thus the blood brother of the adrenal cortex which also influences the skin pigment and so susceptibility of the organism to light, brain growth and sex ripening.

  83. It depends upon the proportion of adrenal cortex to medulla secretion in them.

  84. The adrenal cortex must be classed as a gland of masculinity.

  85. The pituitary and the adrenal cortex are mutually assistant, alike in their influence upon the tone of the brain and sex cells.

  86. The adrenal cortex contains more of the phosphorus-containing substances of the general nature of those found in the central nervous system than any other gland or non-nervous tissues in the body.

  87. Admitting that without the adrenal cortex such courage would be impossible, the chief credit for courage must be ascribed to the ante-pituitary.

  88. Hair being an adrenal cortex trait, it is to be inferred that hairless families and races are more eunuchoid, and possess less of the adrenal cortex secretion than the more hairy.

  89. In the large, the curve of his life is the curve of secretion by this gland, both of its Cortex and medulla.

  90. Brain tissue and adrenal cortex tissue are near relatives, and a normal human brain never develops without a normal adrenal cortex.

  91. Habitually charging and fearless animals like the bison, bull, tiger, or lion have a relatively larger cortex in their adrenals.

  92. If trouble in the adrenal cortex starts after puberty, phenomena of the same type, but of a different order, exhibit themselves.

  93. The true corpus luteum resembles closely the adrenal cortex in make-up and staining reactions.

  94. Besides its action upon the sex cells and the brain cells, the internal secretion of the adrenal cortex acts upon the pigment cells of the skin, blunting their sensitiveness to light.

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