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Example sentences for "fumigating"

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  1. The pungent fumes of the fumigating herbs moved along the ceiling of his low chamber in gray strands and the smoke from the candle joined the cloud above.

  2. Sir Moses put the whole quarantine into confusion, and compelled a repetition of the fumigating ceremony, by inadvertently putting his finger on the wrapper which contained Lady Montefiore's dress.

  3. When he came in with the fumigating stuff, he fixed his eyes upon the wall, and would not look at me.

  4. A duplicate key, as I'm alive, of my fumigating apparatus upstairs!

  5. Here the case of the fumigating apparatus attracted his attention.

  6. The following is the composition of these fumigating powders, as published by the Council of Health.

  7. The method of fumigating is of the best, as it does not injure in the least the leather of hat, suspender, glove, or shoe, or weaken the texture of the cloth.

  8. The doctor then gave detailed orders as to fumigating the house, and left.

  9. Let his window stand open; indeed, it should always be open, except when he gets out of his blankets, or is fumigating the room.

  10. The operation of fumigating wine with sulphur is performed by kindling rags of linen dipped in melted brimstone, and suffering the vapour to enter a cask filled, or partly filled, with that liquor.

  11. Some wine-dealers are accustomed to sprinkle over with bismuth the rags dipped in sulphur used for fumigating wine, and this addition is a German invention[751].

  12. Cases of sickness caused by the evil eye are cured by fumigating the patients with the smoke of these boughs.

  13. Fumigating crops with smoke of bonfires, i.

  14. Defn: An apparatus for impregnating with, or exposing to the action of, sulphur; especially, an apparatus for fumigating or bleaching by means of the fumes of burning sulphur.

  15. I was taken out of my cell by a guard with a rifle and conducted about a quarter of a mile from the prison to an old factory building which had been converted into an elaborate fumigating plant.

  16. There I was given a pickle bath in some kind of solution, and while I was absorbing it my clothes, bedclothes, and whatever else had been in my cell were being put through another fumigating process.

  17. An apparatus for impregnating with, or exposing to the action of, sulphur; especially, an apparatus for fumigating or bleaching by means of the fumes of burning sulphur.

  18. The mixture was then distributed to shepherds, and used by them for fumigating their flocks.

  19. Even in ancient Babylonian days fumigating with herbs was practised.

  20. Moreover, fumigating the sick with herbs is closely akin to the burning of incense.

  21. If a man's appearance or clothing looks suspicious in any way, his clothes are placed in a sack with a number corresponding to the number of his bed or room, and hung in the fumigating room over night.

  22. The dormitories and rooms themselves, every few days, receive a fumigating and cleaning.

  23. Nearly every hotel has a fumigating room, an air tight apartment filled with racks, upon which clothing is hung.

  24. Both pests can be destroyed by fumigating with tobacco, and when the remedy is to be applied water should be withheld on that day.

  25. Will your majesty like just to take a lime-burner's twist, by way of warming your stumack a bit, and fumigating your hould?

  26. Moles, when only a few hills are at first observed, may probably be soon driven out of the ground, by fumigating their holes.

  27. For this arrangement of a fumigating tent it is best that the top cable should consist of a double wire, the fabric of the tent itself being gripped between the two wires, and a flexible tube being attached to each.

  28. Attached to this cable is a flexible tube containing a number of apertures and connected at the generating station with the small furnace or fumigating box from which the poisonous gases emanate.

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