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  1. Bookbinding is taught nowadays at most of the County Council Schools of Technics throughout the kingdom; and there are opportunities in this direction for the young bibliophile to-day which his elder brethren regard with envy.

  2. As to the merits and demerits of the different coloured moroccos, you will find these fully dealt with in the bookbinding manuals.

  3. But this is not to be wondered at when we consider that the majority of the bookbinders' customers know nothing whatever of bookbinding good or bad, requiring only that their volumes shall present a gorgeous appearance to the eye.

  4. A style of bookbinding in which the back is plain leather, the sides paper or cloth, the top gilt-edged, but the front and bottom left uncut.

  5. The proportion of hands employed in the different branches of bookbinding is somewhat as follows: About two thirds are folders, one sixth gatherers, and one sixth sewers.

  6. He says girls working at bookbinding and hoop skirts are out of employment a great deal; two thirds of the hoop-skirt makers are now out of employment.

  7. There were canning machines, gas engines, giant printing-presses, bookbinding machinery and all sorts of electrical devices.

  8. Bookbinding appeals to us very much indeed, because it is so smooth and shows that one has taken pains with the work, and perhaps we shall become bookbinders.

  9. These houses are engaged in various kinds of bookbinding and printing.

  10. A Manchester Society,[29] "The Manchester and Salford Society of Women Employed in the Bookbinding and Printing Trades" has gained some definite success in increasing wages during its six years of existence.

  11. They form the intermediate class, of which the girls in the bookbinding and warehouse departments are at the top.

  12. Whether, in connection with your technical and other schools, any provision is made for the training of women in the bookbinding or in any of the printing or stationery trades; "2.

  13. Payne was, unfortunately, a drunkard, but he has in spite of this rendered an immortal service to the art of bookbinding in England.

  14. A number of women artists, both in England and in America, have already discovered in bookbinding a fitting and lucrative field for their energies.

  15. A bookbinding girl would sooner take lower wages than engage in an inferior class of work which happened to rise in the market price of its labour.

  16. One of the greatest improvements ever made in the art of bookbinding is, apparently, that for which Mr. William Hancock has very recently obtained a patent.

  17. Bookbinding in England has, with very few exceptions, never attained the artistic excellence reached in France.

  18. From the commencement of the sixteenth century bookbinding had received an enormous impulse from the tastes and the predilections for these lofty fancies.

  19. If it is used, bookbinding specification should include every point which has any bearing on the cost, finish and workmanship of the books.

  20. Public library binding is an art by itself, and is quite distinct from ordinary commercial bookbinding on the one hand, and artistic binding on the other.

  21. For public library work only good binders who are experienced in this particular class of bookbinding should be employed.

  22. And various articles on Bookbinding in Archaeologia, Bibliographica, The Gentleman's Magazine, and The Queen newspaper.

  23. His influence on English bookbinding remained for a very long time, weakening gradually, until superseded by the newer style introduced by Roger Payne.

  24. Actual instances of the use of velvet for bookbinding occur first among the books of Henry VII.

  25. Specimens of Bookbinding selected from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.

  26. It was a certain bookbinding job of no very great import--just a couple of volumes to cover in half-calf for the governess at the Rectory.

  27. Much of the bookbinding leather now made from sheepskin is quite worthless.

  28. East Indian or 'Persian' tanned sheep and goat skins, which are suitable for many purposes, and are now used largely for cheap bookbinding purposes, are considered extremely bad.

  29. The publication of the report should tend to fix a standard for bookbinding leather.

  30. Most of the leather prepared for bookbinding is too highly finished.

  31. Bookbinding seems to offer an opening for well-educated youths who are willing to serve an apprenticeship in a good shop, and who have some small amount of capital at their command.

  32. Flexibility is an essential quality in bookbinding leather, for as soon as the leather at the joint of a binding becomes stiff it breaks away when the boards are opened.

  33. The leathers in common use for bookbinding are:-- Goatskin, known as morocco.

  34. For bookbinding purposes, the sub-committee generally condemn the use of tanning materials belonging to the catechol group, although the leathers produced by the use of these materials are for many purposes excellent, and indeed superior.

  35. On analysis free sulphuric acid was found to be present in nearly all bookbinding leather, and it is the opinion of the committee that even a small quantity of this acid materially lessens the durability of the leather.

  36. There have been complaints for a long time of the want of durability of modern bookbinding leather, but there has not been until lately any systematic investigation into the causes of its premature decay.

  37. We may judge to what height the art of bookbinding had arrived by the account here given of these precious volumes.

  38. Wherever books were produced in quantities, bookbinding was set apart as a business distinct from that of copying.

  39. This lady is an artist in bookbinding and her work is much admired.

  40. But in treating bookbinding as an imaginative, expressive human art we must confess that we think that Mr. Sanderson made something of an error.

  41. But before we have really good bookbinding we must have a social revolution.

  42. Bookbinding is essentially decorative, and good decoration is far more often suggested by material and mode of work than by any desire on the part of the designer to tell us of his joy in the world.

  43. The beauty of bookbinding is abstract decorative beauty.

  44. For ourselves, we cannot help feeling that in bookbinding art expresses primarily not the feeling of the worker but simply itself, its own beauty, its own wonder.

  45. And bookbinding ranks amongst the arts: 'through it a man expresses himself.

  46. A small Bookbinding Factory is worked in connection with the Rescue Homes in London.

  47. A greater number have continued at printing and bookbinding than at other trades.

  48. A designer keeps sample books of all the most popular bookbinding materials, which the manufacturers are glad to supply.

  49. The changes in the methods of bookbinding during the last sixty years have been very great, and during the last twenty-five years the invention of machines for doing the work rapidly has created almost a revolution in the art.

  50. If small skins are being tanned for bookbinding purposes, sumach only is employed, and usually the tannage is entirely in paddles.

  51. In this section, therefore, we have only to consider calfskins as used to make a vegetable-tanned light leather, such as may be employed in bookbinding and in the manufacture of fancy goods.

  52. For bookbinding work, however, a pure sumach tannage is given, using liquor slightly warm (70 deg.

  53. Paddle tannages are common, but for bookbinding the bag or bottle tannage is often preferred.

  54. To illustrate the course of finishing operations, the case of hard-grain morocco for bookbinding may be given as typical.

  55. In consequence of the cheaper production of the press, and the consequent extension of the demand for books, bookbinding has become a large manufacture, carried on with many scientific applications.

  56. Defn: A style of bookbinding in which the back is plain leather, the sides paper or cloth, the top gilt-edged, but the front and bottom left uncut.

  57. Half binding, a style of bookbinding in which only the back and corners are in leather.

  58. He kept him in mind, and while on a lecturing trip he visited a town where improved machines for bookbinding were employed.

  59. Conwell, "a devoted member, who was in the bookbinding business, walked to his office every morning and put his car-fare into the building fund.

  60. Cord for use in sewing in the regular way (not overcasting) is a soft twine which can be obtained from all dealers in bookbinding supplies.

  61. The business of bookbinding from the viewpoint of the binder, the publisher, the librarian and the general reader.

  62. Dana in his "Notes on bookbinding for libraries," and one on which it is impossible to lay too much emphasis.

  63. Sulphuric acid is the cause of decay of over 90% of modern bookbinding leathers.

  64. If a skin has been tanned with sumac, or sumac in combination with oak bark, it has received the best possible preparation for its life as a bookbinding leather.

  65. The best glue for bookbinding is made from skins and shows a dark wine color in the cake.

  66. Mr. Dana in his "Notes on bookbinding for libraries" touches only certain points of the processes here and there.

  67. The best bookbinding leathers are those which are flexible both in the skin and on books, and the surface of which is not easily damaged by friction.

  68. Mr. Dana has shown in his "Notes on bookbinding for libraries" how essential it is that binding assistants should know books.

  69. Wooden-boards are unsuitable for bookbinding on account of their small resistance, but are indispensable for fancy goods and portfolios, as they can be so nicely cut and are less liable to subsequent cockling than any other kind.

  70. It is an old rule in bookbinding that each sheet after it has been sewn should be pressed down with the needle so that the backs of the sheets lie close and firm together; this is called "pressing down.

  71. With the exception of an occasional ├ędition de luxe, or of books scarce only because they ought never to have existed at all, lovers of artistic bookbinding found their hobby almost useless.

  72. This useful work on the subject of bookbinding gives biographical details of more than 1,700 French binders, with their signatures and notices of their principal works.

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