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Example sentences for "accosted"

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accordion; accords; accordyng; accordynge; accost; accosting; accosts; accouchement; accoucheur; account
  1. In a few minutes a gentleman entered, accosted Mr Blurt with a polite bow, and asked what he could do for him.

  2. He was the man who had accosted George Aspel on his first visit to that region.

  3. He was accosted by a stalwart stoker, whose appearance and air were as genial as the atmosphere of his apartment.

  4. During this interval, as I one evening enjoyed the cool air in my own garden, I was accosted by an old duenna, who had been my nurse and lived in the family since the time of my childhood.

  5. Young men in groups numbering from five to a dozen walked along, arm in arm, and accosted the larger groups, which had stationed themselves here and there.

  6. And, with a napkin under his arm, the master of the establishment himself accosted him: "You're asking him for M.

  7. When the quadrille was over, Mademoiselle Rosanette accosted him.

  8. He accosted in a cynical manner a tall, fair-haired girl, in a nankeen costume.

  9. Deslauriers accosted her under the arcades.

  10. The master of arts, who had an overweening opinion of himself, and a deep hatred of Luther, accosted him with a bland and friendly air; but he soon broke out, and screamed at full pitch.

  11. The bailie's grandson instantly accosted them, entered into conversation with them, and so pressed them in discussion as to excite the wonder of those present.

  12. The view on the other side of the river attracted him: meadows dotted with cows and sheep, a verdant hill with pleasant villas here and there; and seeing the ferryman resting on his oars, he accosted him.

  13. At the shore end of the jetty he was accosted by the peon who had brought Diggle's note on board.

  14. Merriman's face fell, but he had no time to say more, for he was accosted by a friend.

  15. In which the Cosmopolitan is accosted by a mystic, whereupon ensues pretty much such talk as might be expected.

  16. As moved by the sight, and conjecturing that here was some battered hero from the Mexican battle-fields, the herb-doctor had sympathetically accosted him as above, and received the above rather dubious reply.

  17. As a last forlorn hope, Jérome accosted an artisan.

  18. There was a conspicuous alacrity and courtesy in the gay and chivalrous tone in which he accosted Mildred: "General Marion, madam, is too happy to have his poor camp honored by the visit of a lady.

  19. There was an expression of formal gravity in the manner of this officer, as he accosted the prisoner, and lamented the rigor of the fate that awaited him.

  20. Presently, as Stuyvesant stood at the desk looking over the register, he heard himself accosted by name, and turning quickly, hopefully, found to his disappointment only a stocky little man in civilian dress.

  21. A gentleman once told me that he rarely passed another in the street without wondering if he had not accosted him in an improper manner.

  22. Last of all, the Elector Maximilian, with his eternal half-smile, left the Emperor's immediate group and accosted Nigel.

  23. As Mildred was the name of one of the young ladies who had accosted him in the restaurant, Mr. Middleton felt quite certain that this A.

  24. Finn accosted her in a gentle voice, asking how she came to be alone in a place so wild.

  25. Finn accosted her; and, seeing that she ceased her weeping for a moment, he asked her had she seen his two hounds pass that way.

  26. The two clerks accosted each other, each with a most amusing expression.

  27. Jarnonville, harshly, thinking that it was still another courtesan who accosted him; "what does it matter to me that you are a woman?

  28. Advancing to the gate, Mad Said accosted a warder, known by his long wand of office, and sent our salams to the Amir, saying that we came from Aden, and requested the honor of audience.

  29. The gentlemen dismounted and accosted the two ladies who had alighted from the coach, and whom Eustace remembered to have met before at Dorchester.

  30. Soon afterwards the young officer accosted Colonel Guise, as he was walking up and down the coffee room, and began, in a hesitating manner, to tell him how much obliged he had been to him, and how sensible he was of his obligations.

  31. At this moment a number of workingmen accosted the soldiers amicably and said: "Your arms, give up your arms.

  32. The Russian lieutenant on duty accosted the new-comer.

  33. Bidding Wang Shih take half a dozen men and secure the personnel of the goods train, he leapt on to the platform and accosted the station-master.

  34. He accosted me in Hungarian, with a compliment so well-turned, and in such excellent Magyar, that I was quite taken by surprise.

  35. Indeed, the boys have been accosted by him and questioned regarding their sports.

  36. Whether Cosimo remembered those early days when he had accosted two boys in the vicinity of his castle we do not know, but it seems certain that he knew of the mature artist's work and his reputation throughout Tuscany.

  37. Then she went up with him to the door, and the Chamberlain there on guard accosted her, saying "What damsel is this?

  38. And the moment she saw me, she knew me and accosted me with the Moslem salutation, saying, 'O my lord, who guided thee hither?

  39. As he came to his door, a beggar accosted him, saying, "Give me of that which Allah hath given thee.

  40. They accosted us with a great deal of complaisance: "What, my Diana of the forest!

  41. He saw me at a distance, and I believe would have avoided me; but, perceiving my eyes were upon him, cleared his countenance as well as he was able, and accosted me with the usual salutations of the morning.

  42. The men accosted her with a freedom conformable enough to their own characters, but not very agreeable to one of hers; and she rebuffed, with a good deal of contempt, him with whom she had most reason to be offended.

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