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  1. At first they adhere to the surface of the sore, simply by means of the effused and coagulated length.

  2. The divided blood vessels are soon plugged with coagulated blood, which extends into the cut vessels to the nearest branch.

  3. The fungus is an albumen-body, which has coagulated out of vegetable juices.

  4. The planets are coagulated colours, for they are coagulated light.

  5. As they are only coagulated æther, so are they susceptible of being resolved into the same, such as are probably the comets.

  6. The kidneys are indeed still so amorphous and soft, that they more resemble coagulated blood than an organ, yet meanwhile agree in this respect with the 'milt' and branchial substance.

  7. During the process it coagulated at the edges; and the coagulated mass was again dissolved, by stirring it into the boiling fluid mass.

  8. Among strange articles that we saw for sale, were cakes of coagulated blood.

  9. When the mixture is boiled, the same deep white milk is formed, but no coagulated precipitate, the mixture running unchanged through a filter.

  10. Attempt to pass by the Haymarket, or Jermyn Street, or the purlieus of Leicester Square, about four or five o'clock, and you will find that the arteries of circulation are tied up by those thick coagulated knots of betting men.

  11. Ames states that "the blood taken from the arm and by cups from the back of the neck" "coagulated with great rapidity.

  12. The heart was full of dark blood in a semi-coagulated state, and the white corpuscles were three times as numerous as the red.

  13. And, on the other hand, numerous cases have been published in which, although death occurred within twenty-four hours from the onset of the attack, coagulated lymph and also pus were found upon the brain and spinal marrow.

  14. In the first case the entire peritoneum is injected, and the contents of the abdominal cavity are loosely bound together by pseudo-membranes, composed of pus and coagulated fibrine.

  15. When, however, the tissue is changed into a hard substance resembling coagulated fibrin, when the exudation does not exist on the surface, but takes place into the mucous membrane, the process is diphtheria.

  16. An irregular cavity is thus formed in the thickened rete traversed by septa, the contained exudation being filled with granules, coagulated fibrin, and lymph.

  17. To obtain pure coagulated fibrin it is best to heat blood-plasma (preferably that of the horse) to 56 deg.

  18. Eggs are most easily digested when the white is barely coagulated and the yolk is unchanged.

  19. This explains why, in acute cases of poisoning by alcohol, the blood is sometimes found quite fluid, at other times firmly coagulated in the vessels.

  20. One grain is sufficient to dissolve eight hundred grains of coagulated white of egg.

  21. Afterwards he became a little coagulated blood, and God formed him, and fashioned him with just proportion; and made of him two sexes, the male and the female.

  22. Tracheotomy was performed; a quantity of coagulated blood and bloody mucus was evacuated from the opening; and when the discharge and coughing had ceased, a tube was introduced.

  23. The excrescence is generally of a dark colour, resembling a mass of coagulated blood, but of more soft consistence, and its extremity has often a sloughy appearance.

  24. Their mouths are open in the wound, from failure of that healthy action by which they would have been closed by coagulated lymph, and the matter appears to be taken up by them as secreted.

  25. The effused and coagulated blood cannot be evacuated, and suppuration, followed by destruction of the cellular tissue, has often been the consequence of such ill-advised proceedings.

  26. Active stimulating applications merely cause effusion quickly of coagulated lymph, and thus often arrest hemorrhage from very vascular surfaces better than the so-called styptics.

  27. Occasionally the fungus communicates with a cavity of enormous size, filled with blood, partly coagulated and partly fluid, and from the parietes of which the hemorrhage proceeds.

  28. It has already been noticed, that the softening of coagulated fibrin must not be confounded with suppuration.

  29. Again, the site of the extravasation can seldom be ascertained; and, should that objection to the propriety of surgical interference not exist, still the coagulated blood cannot be evacuated even after extensive removal of the bone.

  30. Mercurial preparations are sometimes useful, as they are known to possess the power of causing the absorption of coagulated lymph and serum, and probably of preventing their effusion.

  31. The true aneurism communicates with the interior of the artery and contains coagulated blood.

  32. The blood becomes coagulated in the vessel.

  33. Its tunic was in some places covered with coagulated lymph, especially over the coronary arteries.

  34. The pleura, on the left side opposite to the pericardium, appeared to have been inflamed, as there was an effusion of coagulated lymph on its surface.

  35. The heart presented nearly its usual colour and form, excepting on its anterior surface, which was somewhat discoloured by coagulated lymph.

  36. In the right auricle, and ventricle, was some coagulated blood.

  37. The heart was one half larger than natural; its substance firm, and its anterior part, especially near the apex, covered with coagulated lymph.

  38. The pleura costalis, on the left side opposite to the heart, was thickened and covered with a very thick flocculent coat of coagulated lymph, and the pericardium opposite to it had the same marks of inflammation.

  39. Its surface, especially along the course of the branches of the coronary arteries, was whitened by coagulated lymph.

  40. Upon heating the fluid obtained by treating the stains with cold water in a test-tube, its brown or reddish color disappears, and greyish-white flakes of coagulated albumen are thrown down.

  41. The fluid is then again filtered from the coagulated albumen common to all flours, and the leguminous substances present coagulated by the addition, drop by drop, of acetic acid.

  42. If its continuity becomes impaired, the pores of the membrane should be covered with the white of an egg which is subsequently coagulated by the application of heat.

  43. The albumen is also coagulated by the addition of nitric acid: it assumes a more or less yellow color, if heated with a slight excess of the acid.

  44. Not only was dexterity not required in order to apply a leech, but also it was soon noticed that leech bites continued to bleed even after the leech let go, while scarificator incisions often coagulated before any blood was obtained.

  45. The instrument, recommended for the removal of coagulated blood in the wake of a blow, was considered difficult to use and was not generally adopted.

  46. Milk and cream, upon reaching the stomach, are coagulated by the gastric juice; but the casein product formed is not indigestible.

  47. The statement has sometimes been made that milk or cream causes the coffee liquid to become coagulated when it comes into contact with the acids of the stomach.

  48. The usual procedure in clarifying the decoction is to add the white of an egg or some egg-shells, the albumen of which is coagulated upon the fine particles by the heat of the solution, and the particles thus weighted sink to the bottom.

  49. Every sting leaving a small darkish brown point, his legs were so speckled that it was difficult to recognize the whiteness of his skin through the spots of coagulated blood.

  50. It leaves a little reddish brown spot, which is extravased and coagulated blood, where their proboscis has pierced the skin.

  51. The fresh juice mixed with cold water was scarcely coagulated at all; but on the contact of nitric acid the separation of the viscous membranes took place.

  52. One of his arms was covered with old bandages, stiff with coagulated blood, and hung paralysed at his side.

  53. By this action her dress became discomposed: it was stiff at the top with coagulated blood, which had evidently flowed from a cut in her neck.

  54. This mass of coagulated blood was of irregular form, and nearly as large as a man's fist.

  55. Beside the mass of coagulated blood just described, another about the size of a walnut was found in the greater omentum, near the splenic extremity of the stomach.

  56. All the cavities were entirely empty, except the right ventrical, in which a few shreds of soft reddish coagulated blood adhered to the internal surface.

  57. A mass of black, coagulated blood covered and concealed the spleen and the left margin of the greater omentum.

  58. Thence as far backward as the body of the first lumbar vertebra the track was filled with coagulated blood, which extended on the left into an irregular space rent in the adjoining adipose tissue behind the peritoneum and above the pancreas.

  59. They resolve coagulated phlegm in the stomach, preserve the fluidity of the juices, and promote digestion, by assisting the bile in its operation.

  60. All the parts of the body were cold and bloodless, pale, or covered with coagulated blood.

  61. Or else, which is most usual, it is collected upon the Sea-shore; and so it is a fat and bituminous juice coagulated by the saltness of the Sea.

  62. Where he also delivers an Experiment, by him counted wonderful, exhibiting all sorts of Colours by the means of Mercury, coagulated by the vapour of Lead, and put in a Brass spoon upon burning Coals.

  63. The result of this first experiment is patent: the Bluebottle's grub is the medium that converts coagulated albumen into a liquid.

  64. When cut into pieces the size of a hazel nut and handed over to the greenbottle's grubs, the coagulated albumen dissolves into a colorless liquid which the eye might mistake for water.

  65. But the discharge, which was considerable and slightly offensive, consisted almost entirely of blood, both in a coagulated and in a liquid state.

  66. I added about 6 or 7 gtts of spirit of vitriol, which coagulated it immediately.

  67. In the former class one might put those occasions on which pieces of bark are embedded in lumps of naturally coagulated rubber.

  68. The coolie thus stands on the verandah where he removes coagulated lump and impurities from the latex, which is then poured down the chute, passing through the sieve into large coagulating jars or tanks.

  69. A streaked and dull rubber prepared from naturally-coagulated clots found in cups, buckets, and latex carts.

  70. It would seem reasonable to suppose that if some means could be employed for preventing or checking the surface oxidation of naturally-coagulated lump rubber, there would be a corresponding improvement in the colour of the dry crepe.

  71. Thus it happened that the latex from one field was found to have insufficient anti-coagulant present, while that from another field could only be coagulated by the addition of an excess of acid.

  72. This piece of coagulated lump may be massed with others, and hence, unless each small piece is cut up, the bark is not perceived.

  73. The skimmings and very dilute latex, coagulated with excess of acid.

  74. A streaked rubber prepared from scrap which had coagulated upon the face of the cut bark.

  75. In the usual course, and without the use of an antiseptic agent, the freshly coagulated rubber has a surface darkened by oxidation.

  76. As tree-scrap is a naturally coagulated rubber, it should be expected to show up well in quality.

  77. The thin film of latex picked up by the belt was coagulated partly by the action of smoke constituents by evaporation due to heat.

  78. The solution obtained in water is coagulated by heat, the colour entirely destroyed, and a flocculent muddy-brown precipitate formed.

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