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impi; impia; impident; impietie; impieties; impinge; impinged; impinges; impinging; impious
  1. And my impiety is, I imagine, the topic of the country.

  2. Perceiving this, he began, in privy conference as well as in preaching, to show the impiety of the Mass, and how dangerous it was to participate in any way with idolatry.

  3. None of these terrible forewarnings could either change or mollify the heart of the indurate, lecherous, and avaricious tyrant: still did he proceed from impiety to impiety.

  4. The Queen's flatterers were somewhat moved; for the rod of impiety was not then strengthened in her and their hands.

  5. Being informed of the former enormity, he said, "Nay, such impiety shall not be suffered so long as God shall assist us.

  6. Yet I excuse not impiety or insufficiency in ministers.

  7. The pious man, despising therefore the profane command of the prince, armed himself against the Emperor as against an enemy, rejecting this heresy and writing everywhere to warn Christians of the impiety which had arisen.

  8. Yet so strong is his impiety as to involve Theonas, Bishop of Marmarica, and Secundus of Ptolemais; for they have suffered the same condemnation as himself.

  9. There was among the Italians both much piety and much impiety; but, with very few exceptions, neither the piety nor the impiety took the turn of Protestantism.

  10. For example, we suppose, that the most austere critics would not accuse FĂ©nelon of impiety and immorality on account of his Telemachus and his Dialogues of the Dead.

  11. Even the first Letter on Toleration elicited retorts, one of which claims to demonstrate "the Absurdity and Impiety of an Absolute Toleration.

  12. Scripture contradictions belongs to the infancy of criticism; though La Croze, replying thirty years later, could only meet it with charges of impiety and stupidity.

  13. Bossuet avows in a letter to Huet in 1678 that impiety and unbelief abound more than ever before.

  14. In nothing are impiety and blasphemy more apparent than in the auctions of human beings, where men are sold to the highest bidder.

  15. Among the ancient Greeks, the wisdom which first assigned the natural cause of thunder and storm was condemned by conservative savages as impiety to the gods.

  16. The impertinence of it, and the impiety of it!

  17. Not only the lack of logic in linking things like these together, but the practical impiety of attributing to God such feelings and action in regard to his dealings with his children!

  18. She was publicly insulted at the theatre; was attacked in the street; and, as a last resort, was accused of impiety before the Areopagus.

  19. A man only needed to threaten an accusation of impiety or the like to obtain a receipt in full.

  20. In your gross blindness, you have dared to turn from divine Aphrodite to such a thing as this, and for your impiety you shall suffer!

  21. But for you, should you surrender it into their hands, would there be no punishment for your impiety in thus concealing a divine effigy?

  22. To my mind, it's nothing less than sheer impiety to go improving the features we've been endowed with.

  23. This had naturally involved the kingdom in impiety and gross immorality.

  24. And this I have seen with my own eyes, and have heard them renouncing the impiety of their fathers, and assenting to Evangelic doctrine.

  25. The Saint, seeing certain Persian soothsayers of the garrison occupied in their abominable superstitions in the streets, boldly spoke to them, remonstrating against the impiety of such practices.

  26. Many critics, as eminent for wisdom as for true piety, have already given us to understand that the legend of St. Theodotus the Publican is a profanation and a species of impiety which ought to have been suppressed.

  27. Whether the Albigenses advanced this impiety or not, the only result is that the author of the "Christiade" sports on the brink of criminality.

  28. Indeed, at that period, it would seem to have been looked upon as an impiety to withhold oneself from initiation, that might even be visited with a criminal prosecution.

  29. He detects in this belief the root of all impiety and immorality.

  30. There was no intentional impiety in the act; the assassins of Galeazzo did not fail to pray before the murder to the patron saint of the church, and to listen devoutly to the first mass.

  31. On this account he was accused of impiety by the Stoic Cleanthes, just as Galileo, in later years, was attacked by the theologians.

  32. He was accused of impiety on the absurd charge of deifying the tyrant Hermias; and, remembering the fate of Socrates, he retired to Chalcis in Euboea.

  33. As they went down the staircase, the Prince spoke to Rivabarella: "Now, who would have taken Don Juan's impiety for a boast?

  34. It is almost impossible without a kind of impiety to frame in words the feelings they inspire.

  35. I have built a temple in this place, at my own expense, and as it is finished, it would be a sort of impiety to put off its dedication any longer.

  36. If this fire happened to go out, it was considered impiety to light it at any common flame, but they made use of the pure and unpolluted rays of the sun for that purpose.

  37. And impiety and profaneness--I mean what every one would call so who believes the being of God--have absolutely no bounds at all.

  38. Yet it was perhaps in demonstration of the real significance of the allegory that a spiritualistic doctrine--always an impiety to the orthodox--was insinuated by the Pharisees and instilled by the Christ.

  39. Moreover, assuming the transmutation, no impiety can be implied.

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