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  1. The time was when public favour spoke for the upholding of morality with a conspicuousness which could be called Puritanism, were the anachronism possible.

  2. Against many kinds of anachronism we now guard ourselves.

  3. If we inferred that the Saxon invaders of England treated their oxen thus, we might be guilty of an anachronism differing only in degree from that which would furnish them with steam-ploughs.

  4. But there was an anachronism to her in the contact.

  5. Marie Louise felt as much of an anachronism as old Rip Van Winkle, though she looked no more like him than an exquisite, fashionable young woman could look like a gray-bearded sot who has slept in his clothes for twenty years.

  6. It is at once so easy; so stupid; such a complete anachronism in England, and so thoroughly calculated to disgust and repel the very thoughtful and serious people whom it ought to be the great aim to attract.

  7. Thanks for your protest against the mischievous a priori method, which people will not understand is as gross an anachronism in social matters as it would be in Hydrostatics.

  8. Swete means when he says that Peter "uses it freely," but it would indeed be singular if he seemed to be conscious that he was guilty of an anachronism in making use of this or any word.

  9. The question, in fact, is whether it is an anachronism or not, and that it is so is very far from proved by any arguments yet brought forward.

  10. But Peter not only uses it freely, but seems to be unconscious that he is guilty of an anachronism when he imports this exclusively Christian term into the Gospel history.

  11. He therefore fell without a struggle into the gross anachronism of making the Empress Helena the wife of Jannaeus, and contemporary with Christ.

  12. Having Queen Elizabeth speak a prologue to Macbeth is as much an anachronism as if you put her on the gantry of the British moonship, busting a bottle of champagne over its schnozzle.

  13. And as I ran, the master-anachronism of that menacing mad march music was shrilling in my ears.

  14. Do you wonder that there was a revolution a century later, and that the people, grown weary of the parasitic anachronism of royalty, should have risen to throw off the intolerable burden it imposed upon them?

  15. They were spreading through Europe, and it was not only in France that men accounted it an infamous anachronism that the great mass of a community should toil and sweat and suffer for the benefit of an insolent minority.

  16. Care should be taken to avoid errors of anachronism when depicting helmet and shield.

  17. In saying this we must be careful to avoid the anachronism of reading into the present situation the after history of the sacred city and the character therein evolved.

  18. This would involve the most tremendous anachronism in all literature.

  19. The importance of every anachronism in its bearing on the authorship of the chronicle is by him clearly explained.

  20. With these remarks I must leave a document, which is free from anachronism or inconsistency, and as trustworthy, I think, as it is useful.

  21. Notice the daring anachronism in the Venetian background, which "gives with exquisite truth a very early dawn upon the Giudecca.

  22. There is a good instance of frank anachronism in the large Tuscan hat of Pisano's own day which he quaintly makes St. George wear, "according to the everyday custom of the Italian noblemen at their country-seats in the summer.

  23. If this be the subject here represented, the picture shows in an interesting way the frank anachronism of the early painters, for the local colour is certainly not that of the Roman Forum, where Curtius took his self-sacrificing leap.

  24. What you say is extraordinary, but not more extraordinary perhaps than the clear anachronism of your ignorance about locomotives in the midst of the present century.

  25. The final sentence, about the "weakness of thought and mental anachronism which no one can envy," was especially successful.

  26. The writer of this review quotes the passage about mental anachronism as quoted by the reviewer in the Pall Mall Gazette, and adds immediately: "This anachronism has been committed by Mr. Samuel Butler in a .

  27. Krause's concluding sentence, I thought that when a sentence had been antedated the less it contained about anachronism the better.

  28. When Kosmos came I turned to the end of the article to see how the sentence about mental anachronism and weakness of thought looked in German.

  29. An anachronism I was, and an anachronism I must continue to the end of the chapter.

  30. The centralized and despotic Bourbon monarchy of France was an anachronism among an intelligent people.

  31. First, from the Latin verses with which it closes; and secondly, from the remark of the anachronism of Don Pompeyo de Castro, which he promises to correct if his work gets to a new edition.

  32. Massachusetts is not alone in the bellicose anachronism of her banner.

  33. The fur rug is an anachronism and detracts from the effect of the room.

  34. Another anachronism which has appeared lately, and sad to say in some of the shops that should know better, is painted Adam furniture with pictures on it of the famous actresses of the eighteenth century.

  35. The anachronism involved is seen in the fact that Jesus says, "Ye will say to me, .

  36. Luke's displacement of the call of Peter involves him in the anachronism of having the healing take place in his house before he becomes a disciple.

  37. He committed the anachronism of transporting the humanist ideas of the Lithuanian Maskil to the period of Isaiah.

  38. So, indeed, is the whole of Romola's life, being anachronism and simply nineteenth-century English from start to finish.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "anachronism" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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