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  1. There’s the range pole that helped to locate the sunken end of the mine when they were dredging it,” remarked Dick, and picking up a stone he threw it accurately at a long stake which stood at the water’s edge.

  2. For several days the work of dredging went on, until the diver reported that there was no more copper ore remaining in the caved-in part of the tunnel.

  3. They can also be fried by first dredging with flour or bread crumbs.

  4. The dredging operations have disclosed the bottom of the cenote to be an accumulation of earth and vegetable refuse, into which Mr. Thompson has been able to probe to the depth of over thirty feet.

  5. This was the extraordinary mechanical difficulty of dredging operations.

  6. Owing to the shallow water at Progreso and the cost of dredging on coral-beds, he has had to go to the expense of having his boats built specially for the traffic.

  7. By means of this machinery dredging over the whole surface of the well-bottom has been done to a considerable depth.

  8. Most of the work of the French companies consisted of the dredging of the sea-level channels at the Atlantic and Pacific ends.

  9. They had carried out a good deal of dredging for the channel through the tidal flats at either end of the canal, and they had made a very visible impression on the "continental divide" at what is known as the Culebra Cut.

  10. Constant dredging was necessary to prevent the bed of the canal becoming filled with this sediment.

  11. But while Major de Lotbiniere imported electrically-worked dredgers from America and a dredging engineer from Canada, Suyya adopted a much simpler method: he threw money into the river where the obstruction lay.

  12. Specimens even much larger than this are sometimes obtained by dredging in deep water.

  13. Professor Newberry read a letter from Professor Agassiz stating that sea lilies, which had hitherto been very rare--a single specimen bringing as much as fifty dollars--have been found in some numbers by dredging in the Gulf of Mexico.

  14. Small birds may simply be washed and wiped dry, tied firmly, and roasted twenty minutes, dredging with flour, basting with butter and water, and adding a little currant jelly or wine to the gravy.

  15. Bake an hour, basting with a spoonful of butter melted in a cup of water, and dredging with flour between each basting.

  16. If the dredging has been well managed while roasting, the gravy will be thick enough.

  17. There is much waste also in the present methods, and it is to prevent the wars as well as to save the fine gold that now largely escapes that the dredging method is to be applied.

  18. The Dainty and her consorts had been at their perilous work dredging for explosive mines off the north of Ireland and in the Pentland Firth, battling day by day with stormy seas, incessant rains, and bitterly cold winds.

  19. It only needed that their funnels and hulls should be painted grey, and that some alterations should be made in their dredging gear, and they were ready for their new and dangerous work, each with her daring crew of naval reserve men.

  20. To improve Yamchow as a seaport the Lungmen River should be regulated in order to secure a deep channel to the city, and the estuary should be deepened by dredging and training to provide a good approach to the port.

  21. But as soon as the embankments are laid out the natural force of the river's own current will do a great part of the dredging work, so that the expenses of the cutting for the new channel will be much less than usual.

  22. It also has the power of improving, straightening, and dredging the channel of any water course of which the irregular flow is shown to be detrimental to public health and safety.

  23. Then the dredging companies will follow, and get half as much more.

  24. To catch or gather with a dredge; to deepen with a dredging machine.

  25. A kind of chain pump, or dredging machine.

  26. Sift in three cupfuls of flour with two teaspoonfuls of baking-powder and add half a pound of finely cut figs and two cupfuls of raisins, dredging the fruit with flour.

  27. Broil or fry or cook in the oven, dredging with flour or not, as preferred.

  28. The dredging and deepening of the channel forces the waterway to contract its flow, while the embanking of its sides enables the tide to slip down at great speed.

  29. It arranges for the dredging of shallows in the fairway, for the embankment of the shores, and for the repair and maintenance of the locks.

  30. Fold afresh as the dough beats thin, dredging in flour if it begins to stick.

  31. The enlargement of ports, the extension of railways, the dredging of channels, the development of the building trade in the chief city of the Republic, all show the spirit of enterprise at present animating the individual and the people.

  32. We began dredging exactly as we would have done had we been trying to get a cargo for the Baltimore market, and never a sail did we see during all that day, a fact which told us that the enemy was not yet ready to open his campaign.

  33. It was plain enough, now that the old man had spoken of it, and I understood that we had a bit of dredging before us in order to make ready for the more important portion of the work.

  34. Besides the fisheries, there is profitable oyster-dredging in several sections of this city; and in at least one place it can be seen by electric light.

  35. Illustration: There is profitable oyster-dredging in several sections of the city.

  36. Systematic dredging on a large scale was at one time carried on in the Kurisches Haff by Messrs Stantien and Becker, the great amber merchants of Konigsberg.

  37. The making of the new foreshore led to the dredging up of remains of the Patriarchal Church; and the foundations of modern buildings are seldom laid without some objects of antiquity being discovered.

  38. The block through which the sounding line or dredging rope passed was not attached directly to the derrick, but to a rope which passed through an eye at the end of the spar, and was fixed to a bitt on the deck.

  39. In this a dredging machine, driven by a steam-engine above, worked at the bottom of the river.

  40. Dredging in such deep water is very trying.

  41. Dredging in deep water, that is, at depths beyond 200 fathoms, is a matter of some difficulty, and can hardly be done with the ordinary machinery at the disposal of amateurs.

  42. Ispettore degli Scavi, Verona), dredging operations were resumed at the old place in the harbour of Peschiera, which considerably added to the number of relics from this station.

  43. More decided indications of the character of this settlement were, however, revealed in 1886, in consequence of some dredging operations that were carried on.

  44. In 1886 the usual indications of the Pfahlbau settlements, such as piles and various industrial relics, were found in the course of some dredging operations, but the objects were mostly dispersed.

  45. Only at a few stations, as Thonon and the Port of Geneva, have they benefited from dredging operations carried out for public works.

  46. During the construction of the railway in 1859, which here passed through a small bit of the lake, a dredging machine was used, when antiquities of all kinds were collected in hundreds.

  47. For this purpose a dredging machine was used, by means of which a segment several feet thick was removed from its surface.

  48. Here the operation of dredging was carried on for six weeks amidst great archæological excitement, which led to the production of many falsifications.

  49. This is the story the storekeeper told me: "The men were out dredging and all at once they noticed a buoy with a red flag on it, and that buoy was going against the tide, and they could not understand it.

  50. This, shifted about by the currents, has interposed an obstacle to navigation which has called for extensive dredging and other work, for the purpose of maintaining a navigable channel.

  51. A minute supervision, with steady dredging and constant readjustment of buoys, now renders it a safe waterway to Calcutta for ships of the largest tonnage.

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