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Example sentences for "ankles"

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ankered; ankers; ankh; ankle; ankled; anklet; anklets; ankus; ankylosed; ankylosis
  1. The culprit has his hands fastened together behind the post; his ankles are bound and kept immovable by a rope which fixes them to the base of the instrument of torture; another rope is tied round his body, rendering him incapable of a move.

  2. From time to time a man plunges to his ankles in a rut, or a hole full of water, and lets forth an oath, which finds no echo.

  3. I regret to say that this young nobleman ended his leave-taking by introducing a pretty woman, with very neat hands and ankles and a most mutine physiognomy, as his sister, informing me that she was also my wife pro temp.

  4. The unfortunate freshman then humbly bent forward, gripped his ankles with his hands--and waited.

  5. Hugh waited, watching the slender boy stretched out in a big chair before the fire, his ankles crossed, his face gentle and boyish in the ruddy, flickering light.

  6. His only inconvenience was the lashings about his wrists and ankles that made him helpless.

  7. The two were jerked off their feet and stretched on the floor, and more ropes looped about their ankles made them helpless.

  8. And these friends would each have her take away something for a keepsake, such as rings to wear on her arms and on her ankles (as is the Moorish fashion), silk shawls, etc.

  9. The poor Aruspex that stands there to tell All woman asks, must find his ankles swell.

  10. A little chain appeared, which in a flash grew long and large, and fastened round her ankles as if she were a prisoner.

  11. Presently his sensitive ears detected a light sound, a sweet and familiar sound, the play of a woman’s skirt against her ankles and the floor.

  12. Her ankles seemed to be falling over the tops of her boots, and as she only walked from the carriage to the lunch table, I don't think her skirt need have been so short; do you, Mamma?

  13. Later on Cornelius returned accompanying Kassim, who stepped out with an air of perfect good-humoured trustfulness, in sandals, and muffled up from neck to ankles in dark-blue sheeting.

  14. I vill an Amerigan citizen begome," he cried, fretting and fuming and shuffling his feet as if to free his ankles from some invisible and mysterious grasp that would not let him get away from that spot.

  15. Few months of life has he in store As he to you will tell, For still, the more he works, the more Do his weak ankles swell.

  16. And he is lean and he is sick, His body, dwindled and awry, Rests upon ankles swoln and thick; His legs are thin and dry.

  17. For the protection of her ankles she decided to buy a pair of cloth gaiters; and, stating her intention, she started to go into a shop that dealt in those articles.

  18. Those four poor wretches whose shells were found in the prison under the gladiators' school, with their ankles fast in the iron stocks--I know why they stayed.

  19. There was another standing at the cowhouse door rather pretty fac'd all up to the ankles in dirt.

  20. Her skirts were blown out horizontally, her ankles were exposed, and the front line of her shape (beginning to bud like spring) was sketched against the red brick wall.

  21. Let every girl who has such ankles be proud of them, for they will prove a blessing to her for the whole of her life.

  22. Not liking to hear her father abused, Amaryllis went upstairs, and when she was alone lifted her skirt and looked at the ankles which great-uncle Richard had admired.

  23. The dog took a step forward, evidently with the idea of always keeping the ankles within jumping distance, showed a double row of healthy teeth and growled and barked with renewed violence.

  24. Albert jerked his ankles out of the way and said "Hello, boy," in as cheerfully cordial a tone as he could muster at such short notice.

  25. The dog continued to snarl and growl, darting toward the ankles occasionally.

  26. One could see her bony ankles and her dried-up calves covered with coarse blue stockings shaking horribly.

  27. He raised his eyes and was delighted with the whole person, although in fact he could see nothing but the ankles and the head emerging from a flannel bathrobe carefully held closed.

  28. Rub your wrists while I cut your ankles free.

  29. My wristies and ankles are nearly cut through.

  30. From the shoulders to the ankles it fitted "like a glove.

  31. Dummy’s trousers were burned in great holes between his ankles and his knees.

  32. At wrists and ankles the three boys were lashed with strong fishline, that cut into the flesh.

  33. I seed Char'ty's ankles as she wur a-trampin out the blankets, as white an smooth as peeled poplar.

  34. His daughter also was in complete squaw’s costume; her feet were moccasined, her legs and ankles wound round with beaded leggings, and she had on the one buckskin garment which never varies in cut through all the tribes.

  35. Her hand was of exceeding beauty; her feet and ankles were in perfect keeping with the exquisite symmetry of her form; and her gestures were full of dignity and grace.

  36. Curtis stopped at a short distance and watched her as she tripped along, her pretty feet and ankles peering from beneath the folds of her dress.

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