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Example sentences for "emended"

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  1. I have emended llegué to llegue in the text.

  2. The differences between copies of 1633 show that it was prepared carefully, but emended from time to time while the printing was actually going on.

  3. It has, however, been frequently emended and supplemented.

  4. This criticism is passed on Rowe’s Account as emended by Pope, but is more applicable to it in its original form.

  5. With the exception of an occasional word, nothing occurs in the emended edition which is not to be found somewhere in the first.

  6. Hence bakers made a regular business of baking cakes in the likeness of all the animals which were sacrificed to the gods (Proculus, quoted and emended by Chr.

  7. In 1542 it was succeeded by an emended edition.

  8. This emended edition of 1529 furthermore had the pictures, for the first time as it seems.

  9. At last, in 1825, an emended version was placed upon the boards by no less an actor than the great Macready.

  10. League, probably used for Leaguer (so emended by M.

  11. I have given Professor Saccardo’s emended diagnosis of this genus, because it expresses what appears to me to be the most important generic character, that is, tubes not easily separable from the hymenophore.

  12. He has emended by making those changes which ‘seemed most necessary or most probable.

  13. Here Aldus, if he read the pages of our fragment and read them with care, might have seen warrant for following either the original text or the emended form, as he preferred.

  14. One fact blocks this attractive conjecture: though there are many agreements between the readings of the emended Bodleian book and those of Aldus, there are also many disagreements.

  15. This form might perhaps be read; F has emended it out, and no other manuscript has it.

  16. I have almost completely emended him already by collating many old manuscripts.

  17. During the last two years, apart from much else, I have emended the Letters of St. Jerome, obelizing what was false and spurious and explaining the obscure passages with notes.

  18. One would naturally suppose that historians of repute would always make it a rule to procure "sound" texts, properly emended and restored, of the texts they have to consult.

  19. Theobald had emended the text to give the words "I have lov'd thee" to Leontes] I have admitted this alteration, as Dr.

  20. The eleven lines following (88-98) were not emended in the Fair Copy, and are included in the text.

  21. I do not pretend always to know how far Scott kept and emended old stanzas mangled by reciters: there are places in which I am quite at a loss to tell whether he is "making" or copying.

  22. I conjecture that this Maitland woman knew a Maitland song, modernised in time, and perhaps copied out and emended by one of the Maitland family, possibly one of the descendants of Lethington.

  23. Burns); on several occasions copies from recitations procured by James Hogg or Will Laidlaw, and possibly or probably each of these men emended the copy he obtained; while Scott combined and emended all in his published text.

  24. Some of his stanzas I, for one, can hardly accept, even as emended traditional verses.

  25. By a comparison of ancient Greek texts I have emended the whole New Testament and have annotated more than a thousand passages, not without profit for the theologians.

  26. I confess myself greatly indebted to Beatus Rhenanus, who has given us Tertullian emended at many points, though it is incomplete and beside that is thick-sown with blunders.

  27. The passage has been emended in various ways, e.

  28. Editors have emended by conjecture in various ways, e.

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