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extractors; extracts; extractum; extracurricular; extradited; extrados; extrait; extraits; extrajudicial; extramundane
  1. Old Never-let-go Hartley, of Scotland Yard, was in the Extradition Court.

  2. The Italian Government are asking for the extradition of the interesting trio, and the papers are already on their way over.

  3. He companioned his people as they steadily developed their readiness for the dread action commanded by the Georgia Platform if the north should say not another inch of extension for slavery, and no extradition of fugitive slaves.

  4. Extradition of persons committing crimes against slave property, as commanded by the constitution.

  5. Of course she expected to get her part of the public domain, and to enforce extradition of her fugitive slaves.

  6. Extradition of fugitive slaves as commanded by the same constitution.

  7. A new convention of extradition is approaching completion, and I should be much pleased were a commercial arrangement to follow.

  8. The extradition of Mrs. Mattie Rich, a citizen of the United States, charged with homicide committed in Mexico, was after mature consideration directed by me in the conviction that the ends of justice would be thereby subserved.

  9. A lately signed Convention of Extradition with Peru as amended by the Senate has been ratified by the Peruvian Congress.

  10. A treaty of extradition with that country, signed on the same day, is before the Senate.

  11. Ratifications of a treaty of extradition with the Argentine Republic were exchanged on June 2 last.

  12. Progress has been made toward the conclusion of a convention of extradition with the Argentine Republic.

  13. The specially odious provision of the new law, distinguishing it from general extradition statutes, was that forbidding resort to the writ of habeas corpus by the alleged fugitive at the place where seized.

  14. Extradition of will-power beyond the organism; telergy; self-projection.

  15. Ectoplasy or Materialisation; temporary extradition or concentration of vital energy.

  16. So you cross the line and God won't issue any extradition papers.

  17. God will not grant any extradition papers.

  18. This severity did not prevent the frequent occurrence of such cases, and it was found necessary to deal with them by the insertion of a special extradition clause in treaties of peace and other alliances.

  19. In this treaty of the Cherokees, all the tribes were to be sharers in the extradition privilege; but it is difficult to understand how a clause in the Cherokee Treaty could be made legally binding upon other Indians than Cherokee.

  20. Note the development from the corresponding extradition clause in the earlier treaties of the series.

  21. But more than anything else reciprocal right of extradition was henceforth to be accorded.

  22. In the Creek and Seminole treaties, extradition was as between Creeks and Seminoles exclusively.

  23. And this resolution has not remained a dead letter: a Congregational church of Ohio has expelled from its bosom one of its deacons, who had contributed in the capacity of magistrate to the extradition of a fugitive slave.

  24. South, the extradition of slaves escaped from the rival Confederacy.

  25. The letter informed me that a Peruvian official would be dispatched to Gloster at once, to obtain the arrest of Don Pedro, though there were a great many difficulties in the way, owing to the lack of an extradition treaty.

  26. It was true that we had no extradition treaties with those countries, but nevertheless he might be arrested and frightened into surrendering himself voluntarily.

  27. Indeed, it is questionable how far we can proceed even then, for we have no extradition treaty with that country.

  28. Provision shall hereafter be made by a separate instrument for the mutual extradition of criminals, and also for the surrender of deserters from Her Majesty's Forces.

  29. Provision shall hereafter be made by a separate instrument for the mutual extradition of criminals, and also for the surrender of deserters from Her Majesty's forces.

  30. A question arose some time since as to the proper meaning of the extradition articles of the treaty of 1842 between the United States and Great Britain.

  31. Other crimes no less inimical to the social welfare should be embraced and the procedure of extradition brought in harmony with present international practice.

  32. In this relation I may refer to the necessity of some amendment of our existing extradition statute.

  33. The inadequacy of the existing engagements for extradition between the United States and Great Britain has been long apparent.

  34. The extradition convention with Belgium, which has been in operation since 1874, has been lately supplanted by another.

  35. I also recommend that express provision be made for the immediate discharge from custody of persons committed for extradition where the President is of opinion that surrender should not be made.

  36. Negotiations for extradition treaties with the Netherlands and with Denmark are now in progress.

  37. Negotiations with Her Majesty's Government for an enlarged treaty of extradition have been pending since 1870, and I entertain strong hopes that a satisfactory result may be soon attained.

  38. A treaty of extradition between the United States and Japan, the first concluded by that Empire, has been lately proclaimed.

  39. Extradition was refused on the ground that the alleged offense was political in its character, and therefore came within the treaty proviso of nonsurrender.

  40. The extradition treaty with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Which has been for some time in course of negotiation, has during the past year been concluded and duly ratified.

  41. It then suggested the conclusion of an extradition convention between the two countries.

  42. However, the anecdote avers that the King and the Minister for War thought it best to say nothing, and the demand for Saint-Germain's extradition was presented at The Hague.

  43. Baker, Botts, Parker and Garwood to represent him and secured from Governor Odell at Albany a requisition on Governor Lanham of Texas for the extradition of the prisoner, which he entrusted to Detective Sergeant Herlihy of the New York Police.

  44. He knew the law of extradition quite as well as you or I.

  45. The reason the Italian people have sent an agent over here to apply for your arrest and extradition upon the charge of murdering a police officer in a villa at Tivoli, near Rome.

  46. Bribery has not been included in extradition treaties heretofore, as the necessity for it has not arisen.

  47. Under this treaty the State Department has asked, and Mexico has granted, the extradition of one of the St. Louis bribe givers.

  48. There can be no doubt that, under the Constitution, the South had a perfect right to claim the extradition of fugitive slaves.

  49. I see the Court of Queen's Bench in Canada has decided in favour of the extradition of the fugitive slave who turned and slew his pursuer.

  50. I appear on behalf of the German Imperial Embassy in London to apply for the extradition of these men, Redmayne and Bourne, for extensive thefts of jewels within the German Empire.

  51. The London public take little or no interest in the Extradition Court.

  52. You will return to-morrow by way of Cologne and Ostend," he said, "and I will at once have the formal requisition for their arrest and extradition made to the British Foreign Office.

  53. I venture to think that in face of the evidence of identification you have just heard, you will be convinced that the German Government have a just right to apply for the extradition of these two persons.

  54. We must press for their extradition here, and then their release will be easy.

  55. I can't see what real good those extradition papers are going to do you, even now that you're sure of your man," said Norvin as soon as they were seated.

  56. I received a letter some time ago containing most of the information you've just given me, and stating that there are extradition papers for him in New York.

  57. I've verified the information in that letter and found that those extradition papers for Narcone are really in New York.

  58. He'll fight extradition and the Quatrones will support him.

  59. The group of enactments just considered together with many other early measures relating to the subject of fugitives makes it clear that the question of extradition of runaway slaves had also arisen in colonial times.

  60. Controversy between Virginia and New York over extradition of three negroes demanded by Virginia for aiding a slave to escape: U.

  61. In December, 1860, the very month in which South Carolina chose to withdraw from the Union, the arrest of a runaway negro in Canada gave rise to an extradition case that became an additional cause of excitement.

  62. They all claimed to be acting as agents of the Rebel Government upon their oaths on the trial for the extradition of the St. Alban's raiders.

  63. He could not afford to wait for the opening of navigation, lest his flight might be impeded by arrest, and a warrant or demand for his extradition on the charge that he was a member of the conspiracy.

  64. During the progress of this trial for the extradition of the raiders, Thompson, Clay, Tucker, and Sanders necessarily held a kind of professional intercourse with the counsel representing the United States.

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