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Example sentences for "bellyful"

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bellows; bellringer; bells; bellum; belly; bellying; belo; belone; belong; belonga
  1. Look out if there are not some of our own ragged regiment lurking about, to whom a bellyful would be a God-send, Joceline.

  2. The day was come that James had so solemnly warned both Charles and Buckingham of--when they should have their bellyful of impeachments; having, as Coke now reminded them, themselves set the ball rolling.

  3. James was indignant at this attack, but had not resolution enough to ward it off; though he told Buckingham that he was a fool, and making a rod for his own breech, and Charles that he would live to have his bellyful of impeachments.

  4. When God had a mind to make the prodigal go home to his father, he sent a famine upon him, and denied him a bellyful of the husks which the swine did eat.

  5. All God's children are criers--cannot you be quiet without you have a bellyful of the milk of God's Word?

  6. Yon curst craft hath her bellyful at last, aye, has she!

  7. They had their Brandy and Tobacco even in their Dismal Hold, and thought much less of Mercy and Forgiveness than of the ease they would have from their Irons being stricken off, or the comfort they would gain from a last bellyful of Meat.

  8. When the pig has had a bellyful it upsets the trough.

  9. And our Major Parr said that he wished to God we had the Congress with us so that for once they might have their bellyful of stratagem and parched corn.

  10. If a housekeeper lost any plate, the thief was certain to be catched, provided she took little master into the store room, and asked him the question, after she had given him his bellyful of sweetmeats.

  11. But now fortune had not a mind to let him go off so; he had had his own fancy for rambling, and now she was resolved to have hers, and to give him his bellyful of caprice.

  12. Well, the horses were getting a good bellyful in the police horse paddock at night, and Bill took the first watch with the sheep.

  13. And Ayr, it is well kenned, aye beats Galloway--that is, till it comes to the deadly bellyful of fighting.

  14. Come you, Sandy,' he cried over his shoulder as he strode out, 'and ye will get your bellyful of Sweet Singing this day!

  15. I could not taste a bit on't, so full I had filled my puddings before, and a bellyful is a bellyful you know.

  16. Friend Roger no sooner knew this but he ordered him to be fetched in, and that my master's horses should rather chop straw for a week together than my mistress's beast should want his bellyful of corn.

  17. She reached the Broomielaw on a Wednesday: the Devonian had a bellyful that morning, laying in breakfast manfully to provide against the future, and set off along the quays to seek employment.

  18. And he plainly looked upon me as one who was insidiously seeking to reduce the people's annual bellyful of corn and steam-engines.

  19. Thou shalt be permitted to speak thy bellyful when this man hath done, and no sooner.

  20. Let us once in our lives leave our junketing for a while, and put ourselves in a posture to give 'em a bellyful of fighting, if they would be at that sport.

  21. That is the Chitterlings' lot; they shall have their bellyful of it.

  22. And he plainly looked upon me as one who was insidiously seeking to reduce the people's annual bellyful of corn and steam- engines.

  23. And money is a goodly thing in its place--but not to a man with a bellyful of water.

  24. The magister, happy with a bellyful of carp, bread and breakfast ale, muttered 'Anan?

  25. I can tell you I have had a bellyful of such doings, and to-morrow I shall get back to my timber-pile, and earn an honest dinner before I eat it.

  26. And no mistake; it is better to have a bellyful of victuals every day than to starve with hunger.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bellyful" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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