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  1. This logical bond, this moral dynamic, this spiritual motive which impels toward altruistic conduct, the Christian finds in Christ.

  2. The adequately egoistic individual retains those powers which make altruistic activities possible.

  3. To be sure, Mill, Spencer, and others have endeavoured to graft the altruistic fruits of Christianity on to the old Epicurean stock.

  4. But the logical nexus, the moral dynamic, the spiritual motive, is lacking in these systems; and consequently these systems fail to work, except with the few highly altruistic souls who need no spiritual physician.

  5. Katherine was far from being altruistic or sentimental, it was only the strictly common sense and baldly honest aspect of any case that ever influenced her.

  6. No, I am not good--I have no altruistic or humanitarian proclivities--I would not bother with you for five minutes if you were not so intelligent that I have grown to take a kind of pride in you.

  7. Now the feelings of which these classes of acts are the direct object are respectively the self-regarding and the sympathetic feelings, or, as they have been somewhat uncouthly called, the egoistic and altruistic feelings.

  8. Similarly, in the spiritual world there is one divine reality forming the center and altruistic basis for peace and reconciliation among various and conflicting nations and peoples.

  9. Without cooperation and reciprocal attitude the individual member of human society remains self-centered, uninspired by altruistic purposes, limited and solitary in development like the animal and plant organisms of the lower kingdoms.

  10. Therefore, endeavor that your attitudes and intentions here tonight be universal and altruistic in nature.

  11. There is a fourth kind of brotherhood, the attitude of man toward humanity itself, the altruistic love of humankind and recognition of the fundamental human bond.

  12. Then may altruistic aims and thoughts radiate from this center toward all other regions of the earth, and may the glory of this accomplishment forever halo the history of this country.

  13. This is the century of motion, divine stimulus and accomplishment, the century of human solidarity and altruistic service, the century of universal peace and the reality of the divine Kingdom.

  14. Social qualities he had very slight, if at all; his altruistic actions and emotions were of the lowest and feeblest type.

  15. Altruistic spirit and action, however, are essential to the maintenance even of that individualistic order.

  16. The bare acceptance of the monotheistic idea does not secure that transformation of heart and produce that warmth of living faith which are essential elements in the altruistic life demanded of the Christian.

  17. Instances, indeed, are not wanting to substantiate the claim that communism, by unduly exalting our altruistic impulses, proceeds upon a false psychological basis.

  18. Little thought has been taken by these altruistic reformers for the application of the doctrines they uphold.

  19. He was the altruistic thief of the century's close par excellence.

  20. He could easily say that Mr. Ward had been so delighted with it that in a fit of altruistic generosity (seeing that the copy was not his) he wished to make a larger remuneration.

  21. We may now add that the relation between mother and child must have furnished the first occasion for the sustained and regular development of the altruistic feelings.

  22. So in the case of fish that ascend rivers or bays at spawning time, the actions of the whole shoal are determined by a temporarily predominant instinct that tends towards an altruistic result.

  23. It is not exactly a maternal instinct, for the workers are not mothers, but it is an altruistic instinct involving acts of self-devotion.

  24. It is self-evident that in the production of an ethical character, altruistic feelings and impulses must coƶperate.

  25. And this for several reasons: (1) There are frequently clashes between altruistic impulses.

  26. A further steady damper upon our altruistic zeal is the dread of raising the taxes.

  27. And, indeed, the altruistic impulses have become so deeply rooted in our natures that, turn away from them as we might, they would yet persist in the form of an undercurrent of dissatisfaction and remorse.

  28. An apparently altruistic act, dictated by sympathy, and productive of happiness, may not be for the ultimate good of the very person made happy.

  29. Usually, however, prudential and altruistic motives would both be discovered if the dumb driving of conscience were to be made articulate.

  30. The organization of life implies a criticism of and control over altruistic as well as egoistic impulses.

  31. It would be an easy solution for our problems if we could say, "In every case follow the altruistic impulse.

  32. The ultimate criterion must always be the greatest good of the greatest number; but an altruistic as well as an egoistic impulse may stand in the way of that end.

  33. The existence of these instincts implied the power of sympathy and altruistic action that is, action by one individual for another's welfare.

  34. Altruistic impulses are our own impulses, as well as egoistic ones; the distinction between them lies not in the pleasure they may give to their possessor, or the sacrifice they may demand, but in the objective results they tend to attain.

  35. Hitherto the altruistic has been looked upon as the distinctive characteristic of moral conduct, and it is manifest that it was the consideration of universal utility that prompted praise and recognition of altruistic conduct.

  36. Thus it is that the precept of piety is a far loftier morality than that inculcated by altruistic conduct.

  37. Life is not a process in which instincts are balanced, or in which good motives stand in sharp contrast to bad motives, or in which an original selfishness is opposed and gradually overcome by an altruistic motive.

  38. The majority of Cubans, inclined to judge all governments by their bitter experiences with that of Spain, were frankly incredulous, not understanding how any government could be thus altruistic and self-denying.

  39. It may be that not all the generous and altruistic anticipations of this exalted utterance were fully realized.

  40. And the altruistic virtues have really prevented the carrying out of this aim.

  41. His reverence for Comte was the result of his intellectual conviction that in his altruistic teaching was to be found the only remedy for the wrongs and sufferings of the world.

  42. It became at once, without deliberate intention or concerted action, a light-giving and seed-sowing centre of purely altruistic and democratic activity.

  43. Generations and generations of men have passed that stone, and it still waits for a man with an altruistic idea.

  44. In 1894 he published a volume called 'The Ascent of Man,' in which he insists that certain altruistic factors modify the process of Natural Selection.

  45. Thus the ideal of the commonwealth is found in those creeds which give prominence to law, to ethics, and to sentiment, the altruistic elements of mind.

  46. Social polity therefore includes the whole of development; the intellect should have no other end but to subserve the needs of the race, and always be second to the altruistic sentiments.

  47. Love itself, which must be the kernel of every true religion, is not in earthly relations an altruistic sentiment.

  48. The last condition discussed, regard for the work as important and as useful, makes its appeal to our nobler and what we might in some instances speak of as our altruistic selves.

  49. Even the altruistic and extremely technical aspects of the subject are found profitable.

  50. Our peaceful, altruistic civilization might help avert catastrophe, but that would require our physical landing on Earth, which is not possible.

  51. Wherefore I found myself saying, quite calmly: "Neither Abel Geddis nor Abner Withers would spend one copper penny for any such altruistic reason as this man has given you, Whitley.

  52. Some who had been considered friends of the Negro, now believing that he had proven to be a political failure, coldly abandoned him and turned their altruistic interests to other objects more likely to succeed.

  53. We duly discovered her altruistic friend, who smiled at me over his client's head in a resigned and humorous fashion, as if to imply that there are occasions upon which Homer may be excused from nodding.

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