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Example sentences for "bantering"

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bant; bantams; bantay; banter; bantered; banteringly; banths; bantling; bantlings; banyan
  1. He managed the horses easily, and I caught in his drawling speech a casual, half-bantering tone.

  2. I had never seen him so serious, all the old half bantering tone was gone and they went out together, master and man, each risking his life for the sake of another.

  3. Pacing the floor behind the barred door with the restless step of a caged animal, Seaman Jordan only scowled at the bantering pair.

  4. Reardon remained for a few moments more, bantering the marine good-humoredly.

  5. He accosted the former in a familiar and playful manner, and, after a little bantering on his philosophical speculations, requested both him and his friends to give him the pleasure of their company at table.

  6. Peterkin said, in a bantering tone, that he was sure it would be cleared up as usual in some frightfully simple way, and prove to be no mystery at all!

  7. I could see, also, that Peterkin grieved and sympathized with us, for, when talking about this matter, he refrained from jesting and bantering us upon it.

  8. Impurity is less destructive to human nature when it vents itself in bantering or virulent abuse, than when it clings to the imagination, associates itself with the sense of beauty, and expresses itself in the language of passion.

  9. I may join 'the noble army of martyrs,'" he answered in the same bantering tone he had been using.

  10. The buggy would hardly accommodate four: so Burleigh was forced to complete his journey on foot, the others driving merrily away with bantering good-bys.

  11. The bantering air he throws into this speech does not entirely deprive it of the truthful tenderness that formed it.

  12. I believe you are fretting about this," says Lady Baltimore, with a little kindly bantering laugh.

  13. That depends upon what they are," said Margaret, in the same bantering tone.

  14. Among other things, she dragged him down to her mission in the city, to which he went in a laughing and bantering mood.

  15. I have been telling him that he should go out, and bantering him to ride with me to the Central Park," said John.

  16. She had never been able to understand him exactly, but he fascinated her in spite of--perhaps because of--his bantering manner.

  17. Nevertheless, as the President saw fit to be humorous, she was glad that she understood how to meet and answer his bantering sallies.

  18. Listening to Massot's gay, bantering voice, Pierre began to understand certain things, the exact meaning of which had hitherto escaped him.

  19. Why, he's delighted," replied Duthil in a bantering way.

  20. He laughed shrilly, and in a bantering way replied: "But you know these people well enough, madame.

  21. The incident led to a good deal of chaff and bantering recrimination among the men themselves, during the progress of which Harry managed to smooth down his ruffled feelings.

  22. His bantering tones caused the huge negro to change his smile for a scowl.

  23. After all, it was an event of every day for these three faithful fellows, who had clung so well to Jim, to banter one another, and for that bantering to turn mostly against Tom.

  24. The efficacy itself of prayer also elicited some bantering comments from him.

  25. Sometimes he exchanges language like this for such bantering questions as these: "Have you finish'd your Course of Philosophy?

  26. No, Peter Piper would not step rashly into that bantering throng with that one exploit of his own.

  27. In a kind of trance he heard a knocking on the door and a lot of hearty, clamoring, bantering voices.

  28. So in sheer wantonness of joy we sought relief in bantering one another.

  29. Mounting a chair he gave us a bantering dissertation on the joys and perils of married life, to which we listened with much seriousness.

  30. For though cook called him a dear man, it almost seemed at first as if she were bantering him, till it was taken into consideration that every eye forms its own beauty.

  31. Ella looked at her so pitifully, that she directly ceased her light bantering tone, and changed the subject; while, perfectly astounded at the unexpected termination of his reception, Max Bray rode slowly home.

  32. Barnard, giving him a bantering push and laughing merrily.

  33. We come from Dansburg," said their scoutmaster, a bright-looking young fellow with red hair, who had been listening amusedly to this bantering talk.

  34. He tried to speak in his customary light and bantering manner, but he was too sick at heart to carry it off.

  35. Boer, and his bantering tone, through which the smouldering glow of malice underlying it could not entirely be kept from showing, gave Kenneth his cue.

  36. Colvin fell into the humour of the thing seemingly, and replied in like bantering vein.

  37. Colvin is conscious of enjoying this small triumph, as the girl's bright face is turned towards him approvingly, and she utters a laughing, half-bantering congratulation.

  38. Bellamy made no reply, but looked as though the sentiment was one of which he did not approve; meantime the lady repeated her question to George, and the two fell into a bantering conversation.

  39. It is dangerous to waltz with any one so pretty," he said, in that bantering tone he often took with her, and which aggravated her intensely.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bantering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    bantering; derisive; flippant; fooling; grinning; hissing; jeering; jesting; joking; joshing; jovial; kidding; leering; mocking; panning; quizzical; railing; ridiculing; roasting; scoffing; smart; smirking; sneering; taunting; teasing; twitting; volley