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Example sentences for "discoverers"

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discover; discoverable; discoverd; discovered; discoverer; discoverest; discovereth; discoveries; discovering; discovers
  1. Of course, if the thing had to be given away, he and his father would avail themselves of their rights as discoverers and take their chance with the crowd for the sake of the ready money they might get out of it.

  2. Doubtless it is from this mixed seed of Israel that many, aye nearly all, the great reformers, inventors and discoverers have sprung.

  3. The result was that a succession of poets, painters, sculptors, philosophers, inventors and discoverers sprung up in Italy and western Europe unparalleled in the history of the world.

  4. We had passed through the country which the discoverers of Botany Bay extol as 'some of the finest meadows in the world*.

  5. At this period, I was unluckily invested with the command of the outpost at Rose Hill, which prevented me from being in the list of discoverers of the Hawkesbury.

  6. I have outgrown the rash enthusiasm which leads discoverers to overrate all the merits and understate half the disadvantages of their last new discovery.

  7. Here, however, I gladly break off from the conventional tone of recommendation in which discoverers are apt to assert their own merits.

  8. These early discoverers failed, however, to tell us why the right eyes of the men were neglected; so we are forced to the conclusion that they were left thus untouched in order that they might wink facetiously with the more freedom.

  9. The puzzling part of it is that we often 'discover' what has been discovered before in past ages where the discoverers seemed to make no use of their discoveries!

  10. And yet it seems to me that there are remedies for most of our evils in the very composition of the elements--if we were not ignorant and stupid enough to discourage our discoverers on the verge of discovery.

  11. In every part of the world there are lands named after the rulers of the nations to which the discoverers or founders belonged.

  12. Jackson and Morton did indeed procure of the Academy of Sciences in Paris, a recognition of their joint claims to be regarded as the discoverers of etherization.

  13. In such weather, as the original discoverers of Jan Mayen said under similar circumstances,--"it was easier to hear land than to see it.

  14. The activity of poets and discoverers would be paralyzed by exigencies which stimulate the activity of soldiers and men of business.

  15. But that early madness soon passed away, and Australia got the benefit of the gold discoverers in a great increase of population.

  16. The gold discoverers did much good by attracting people to the country in search of gold who, though they found no gold, developed the other resources of a great country.

  17. Livingstone, Stanley, Peary, Nansen and Other Great Discoverers and Explorers.

  18. Encomiendas of the Indians were also granted to the discoverers and conquerors.

  19. Many men have encircled the earth, but few have been so distinguished as discoverers of important portions of it.

  20. It was presumably on the passage quoted above that the author of a chapter in the most elaborate modern naval history founded the assertion that "the plans of the young discoverers were discouraged by the authorities.

  21. Of all discoverers of leading rank Matthew Flinders is the only one about whom there is no ample and convenient record.

  22. The year devoted to their study in that quiet little fen town made him master of rather more than the elements of a science which enabled him to become one of the foremost discoverers and cartograhers of a continent.

  23. It is that discoverers of really great truths are practically always what we would call young men, and what older men are apt to think of as scarcely more than mere boys.

  24. Anyone who knows some of the intimate details of the history of medicine is sure to be better informed in this matter, and to be well aware that, like Harvey, most discoverers in medicine anticipated this opposition.

  25. The Papal Physicians after this, while distinguished among their fellow members of the Roman medical profession, were no longer the world-known discoverers in medicine that had so often been the case before.

  26. These two great discoverers in anatomy, Columbus and Eustachius, were succeeded, as is so often the case in the history of university faculties, by a man more capable of writing about great discoveries than of making them himself.

  27. Americans by their boldness of exploration and exact charting of the northern shores, were the real discoverers of the territory as far as 54° 40´.

  28. At that time it was not supposed, either by the original discoverers or those who immediately followed them, that Newfoundland was one large island--considerably larger than Ireland.

  29. The fact is that discoverers of new lands, bein' naturally in ships, have not much chance to go far inland.

  30. Inventors and discoverers came by nature, they thought, for cleverer people to profit by.

  31. They may have been the discoverers of iron smelting.

  32. Hence it is that the philosophers of Greece are usually thought of as mere dreamers, and that their true status as scientific discoverers is so often overlooked.

  33. To the first discoverers of America, or rather to the discoverers of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (Columbus and his successors), the origin of the Indians presented no difficulty.

  34. Besides devising numerous useful forms of galvanometers and other electrical instruments of precision, Werner Siemens was one of the discoverers of the principle of the self-acting dynamo.

  35. They are found on all the maps traced by the early geographers from the relations of the discoverers themselves.

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