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deportation; deportations; deported; deportees; deporting; depose; deposed; deposes; deposeth; deposing
  1. His deportment and character have won respect and confidence for himself and his race.

  2. Ponder--was the best bootmaker we ever knew, and his character and deportment were ever those of a sensible, unassuming, gentlemanly white man.

  3. A Letter of Advice to a Young Gentleman of an Honorable Family, now in his Travels beyond the Seas: for his more safe and profitable conduct in the three great Instances, of Study, Moral Deportment and Religion.

  4. Louvre, while a circle of grandees gravely discuss the deportment of his charger.

  5. One would almost have thought from their deportment that they considered themselves the superiors instead of the slaves of the congregation.

  6. He was carefully dressed, and his manners and deportment were meticulously correct.

  7. Was a judge to be impeached and removed from office because his deportment was not elegant?

  8. Her piety was from henceforth of the highest character, and all her daily deportment gave evidence of her love to the Savior.

  9. And so saying he imitated the solemn and stately deportment of a friar, and departed to execute his mission.

  10. Yes, it is a neglected field of education, an important branch of deportment altogether forgotten.

  11. It is a thing that needs teaching, like deportment or dancing.

  12. In the town of Kuhschnappel, as in all other towns, provincial, or metropolitan, what Leibgeber was least of all conspicuous for was a proper gravity of deportment and behaviour.

  13. The door of the room was left open and about it gathered the invited guests, the parents of the bridegroom and his relatives, all of whom scrutinized the bride and observed her deportment and expressed their opinions and criticisms.

  14. Simultaneously with her appearance at the pillared portal of the cream-colored Centre, the cause of elegant deportment and colloquial accomplishments began to look up in the contiguous halls of learning.

  15. Even their music practice had not melted the ice that lay, an impassive mass, just beneath the surface of his deportment whenever he approached or addressed her.

  16. If present at the devotional exercises, she finds it difficult to command her attention, even when desirous of so doing, and her deportment at this hour, is accordingly marked with an unbecoming listlessness and abstraction.

  17. At first there was a degree of painful embarrassment in the whole deportment of Sir Sidney Delaware, which made him treat even Dr.

  18. As I said before, I did not miss a lesson, and I even went to the deportment class, at which poor old M.

  19. Nothing can be changed, and the deportment class has very wisely been abolished.

  20. I do not bear him any ill-will, but I did my utmost later on to forget everything he had taught me, for nothing could have been more useless than those deportment lessons.

  21. And what can have happened so suddenly to change our relation to each other, or alter, with such sudden cruelty, your whole deportment to me?

  22. The desire to serve my royal mistress had induced me, Mr. Van Beverout, to cause a seaman of odd attire and audacious deportment to enter the Coquette.

  23. In less than a year they were able to play some of the most difficult pieces, and the general deportment of the boys surprised all who saw them.

  24. His politeness, his honesty, his general deportment attracted special notice, and the boys received many kind words and increased attention.

  25. The two newsboys were brought into the president’s office, each having on a nice suit of clothes, their faces and hands clean, and their general appearance and deportment remarkably improved.

  26. Robert, the second son of Sir Henry Sidney, and brother of the famous Sir Philip, was knighted by Leicester, for his chivalric deportment at the battle of Zutphen.

  27. Marzia, degl' Ubaldini, story of her heroic deportment at Cesena, I.

  28. They became so powerful, and their deportment was so chivalric, that some of the neighbouring knights formed alliances with them.

  29. A great outcry has been raised against Henry for his conduct in this instance,--for his not showing a chivalric deportment to men who had forfeited their honour.

  30. How beautifully contrasted is Edward's deportment to Sir Eustace de Rybamont with his feelings towards Eustace de St. Pierre and his five fellow-burgesses, three years before, at the surrender of Calais to the English.

  31. A joyous company of knights, with squires dancing, and minstrels singing, entered the room, and with light pace and gay deportment led their friend into the chapel.

  32. He was kind and courteous to them immediately after the battle, and indeed as long as their deportment merited his friendship.

  33. He knew enough from long experience of Tulse Hill to ascribe to it powers of producing an even greater severity of deportment than Marianne's at this moment.

  34. We shall soon hear Jefferson denouncing Marshall's deportment as the artifice of a cunning and hypocritical craft.

  35. I do not suppose there ever lived a man more natural in his deportment than Washington.

  36. Certainly in their deportment they are very different, and seem only to yield to authority from fear of punishment, and dash away into every kind of mischief the moment this is removed.

  37. The consequence was that no man, whatever his deportment or qualifications, could long fill the public eye without distinguishing himself for the possession of personal bravery.

  38. He seems to have had a peculiar talent for inspiring a high order of ambition in his pupils, and of training them to a deportment and devotion to principle which would lead them to distinguished conduct through life.

  39. Washington's deportment toward his wife was kind and respectful, but always dignified and courteous.

  40. Propriety of deportment toward their seniors and toward each other is instilled from infancy and observed through life.

  41. His mild and persuasive manner, his refined and delicate deportment in debate and social intercourse captivated every one; and at a time when acrimonious feelings filled almost every breast, there was no animosity for Mr. Lowndes.

  42. The same influences powerfully operate in producing that bearing of chivalrous distinction, which is seen everywhere in the deportment of the Southern gentlemen toward ladies.

  43. A noble hospitality, a scorn of bargaining, and a lofty yet eminently deferential deportment toward females: in this mould it has cast Southern society, and these traits made the Southern gentleman remarkable, wherever his presence was found.

  44. Let no idle or useless words be heard among you; although you are travelling, your deportment should be as humble and as decorous as if you were in a hermitage, or in your cells.

  45. After this he resumed his usual demeanor and walked humbly with his old and tattered habit, saying:--"Such is the deportment of the true Friars Minor.

  46. A place where ladies are educated in all the higher branches and taught deportment and all the refinements and usages of polite society.

  47. And so, as if nothing unusual had happened, he was seen, day after day, going about as of old, with not a sign of change in his deportment that any one could read.

  48. I find him quick of apprehension, intelligent, and of sufficient gravity of deportment to ensure a respectful attention wherever he may go.

  49. As she advanced towards health her deportment took on an easy, confiding air, as if she looked upon me as a true friend.

  50. His gesticulations and martial deportment were truly admirable, and have raised an impression that will not be soon effaced at S^t James's.

  51. The Duchess de Noailles appears to be 21, or 22 years of age, is very handsome, and her figure and deportment are remarkably interesting.

  52. By simply passing these courses, and if the good deportment of the students be proved, they shall be ordained as presbyters and placed in the parish churches.

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