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Example sentences for "fixer"

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fixations; fixe; fixed; fixedly; fixedness; fixers; fixes; fixing; fixings; fixity
  1. THE WATCH FIXER The wooden counter in front of Gustave is littered with tiny pieces of spring, tiny keys, almost invisible screws and odd-looking tools.

  2. Much more might be said in favor of using plaster with guano, or some other fixer of ammonia, wherever it is exposed, on or near the surface.

  3. By and large, that was the trouble--the Machine-Fixer had a soul.

  4. Machine-Fixer said or hinted that he had been either a socialist or an anarchist when he was young.

  5. She was as intelligent as she was virtuous and had nothing to do with her frailer sisters, so the Machine-Fixer informed us with a quickly passing flash of joy.

  6. The blague had been at last knocked out of him, thanks to Un Mangeur de Blanc, as the little Machine-Fixer expressively called The Fighting Sheeney.

  7. The little Machine-Fixer and I had talked.

  8. The Machine-Fixer had advised me to ask to go to Oloron Sainte Marie.

  9. I pitied the Machine-Fixer--still this was not really our fault, since the Machine-Fixer came to us with his troubles much as a very minute and helpless child comes to a very large and omnipotent one.

  10. The little Machine-Fixer (le petit bonhomme avec le bras cassé as he styled himself, referring to his little paralysed left arm) was so perfectly different that I must let you see him next.

  11. Fizeau's chloride of gold fixer and invigorator, the Daguerreotype would never have been either a commercial success or a permanent production.

  12. Reade, of Clapham, London, obtained a photograph in the solar microscope, and employed tannin as an accelerator and hyposulphite of soda as a fixer for the first time in photography.

  13. I need not now say that I used this fixer with success.

  14. The wires having been laid by any of the methods indicated in the preceding five sections, the fixer is now in a position to connect up.

  15. We should advise the fixer always to draw out a little sketch of the arrangement he intends to adopt in carrying out any plan, as any means of saving useless lengths of wire, etc.

  16. Fixer saw a rat or some other creature, which he was wild to get at.

  17. In a minute or two Fixer became entangled in the weeds, and seemed to be in danger of sinking.

  18. Because you know how I told you I was a good fixer and I'm always lucky, you have to admit that.

  19. He gave one look at the fixer (and the fixer's face was worth looking at) and at the gaping countenances all about him.

  20. Fortunately, I was able to help; my job was to be the museum's official Fixer of the Apatosaurus Nest's Floor.

  21. Children and mothers and fathers and grandparents came from nearby exhibits to observe the Apatosaurus Nest Floor Fixer at work.

  22. And the big main fixer of the weather bureau said, "If you hit the thumb six times with the end of a traffic policeman's club, the thumb will come loose.

  23. The head vaccinator of the vaccination bureau of the health department sent for the big main fixer of the weather bureau where they understand the tricks of the wind and the wind changing.

  24. He was supposed to be met by the fixer of the "Gift Show", to whom he was to return the money the boss had given him.

  25. He sauntered out leisurely; he did not saunter out of the main door, or, if he did, the fixer failed to meet him.

  26. The constable searched all night, and the fixer remained with him as long as he could keep pace with the officer.

  27. The fixer entered hurriedly, looking sharply around the almost vacant room, he whispered with the boss.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fixer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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