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Example sentences for "fixedly"

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fixated; fixation; fixations; fixe; fixed; fixedness; fixer; fixers; fixes; fixing
  1. The Honourable Hilary regarded his son for a moment fixedly out of his little eyes.

  2. She paused, and stared at Austen fixedly as a thought came into her head.

  3. Annie Colchester now turned slowly round; she looked fixedly at Leslie.

  4. She looked fixedly from one sister to the other.

  5. When the blue eyes of Suzanne, transparent as glass, rested fixedly on those of Therese, the latter experienced a beneficent chill in the marrow of her bones.

  6. Therese, while her aunt was speaking, looked fixedly at Laurent.

  7. No, no, I can wait," hastened to say the young woman, at whom Laurent was fixedly looking.

  8. Therese was seated on a low chair to the right of the chimney, staring fixedly at the bright flames, with her chin in her hand.

  9. At times her great eyes rested on Camille and fixedly gazed at him with sovereign calm.

  10. The Boy looked fixedly again at a large black bow which, as he told me afterwards, "held the bight of it up.

  11. Some one in the neighbourhood must have the idea in mind and must fixedly think of it.

  12. After regarding them fixedly for full thirty seconds, he said, "Wait!

  13. John read the paragraph, handed it back; and the two brothers stared fixedly at each other.

  14. The agent paused in his recital and gazed fixedly at a bluebottle crawling up the windowpane.

  15. Stannard glanced an instant toward the gaunt figure of the Apache, standing dejectedly apart from all others and gazing fixedly toward the dawn.

  16. One evening at supper she looked at me fixedly several times and with a strange expression.

  17. Then she raised her eyes which had been lowered in sorrow, and looked at me fixedly with a strange expression.

  18. She was looking fixedly at a paper-knife which she held in her hand.

  19. Rachel, meanwhile, was looking fixedly at Mr. Tristram from her bedroom window with that dispassionate scrutiny to avoid which the vainest would do well to take refuge in noisome caves.

  20. It was an accident," said Hugh, hoarsely, and he turned on his elbow and looked fixedly at the water, so that his companion might not see the working of his face.

  21. Lord Newhaven stood looking fixedly out eastward across the level land to the low hills beyond.

  22. No," she said, hoarsely, and she sat up and gazed fixedly at him.

  23. Lord Newhaven looked fixedly at him for a moment, and then disappeared.

  24. Mrs. Loftus is fortunate in her day," he remarked, addressing himself to Lady Newhaven, and observing her fixedly with cold admiration.

  25. They had moved forward for perhaps a dozen yards, the obedient pony stepping as silently as themselves, Mercedes a foot or two to the rear, when Brown suddenly halted, staring fixedly at something slightly at one side of their path.

  26. He stared fixedly at her, as though she had struck him a stinging, unexpected blow.

  27. While passing through the clerk's office, General Lamoricière looked fixedly at him.

  28. I put out my head, and, looking fixedly at the dense line of soldiers which faced me, I called out, "Down with Louis Bonaparte.

  29. The ghostly shapes looked at him fixedly for a brief time, then at one another, and solemnly nodded.

  30. The officer looked fixedly at the tearful, wrinkled face for a few moments and then said firmly, "I'll soon find out if it's true.

  31. He was staring fixedly across the room at his double who met his gaze firmly, erect, tense, silent.

  32. She had thrust her head forward and was gazing fixedly at the man.

  33. He stared fixedly at the ugly red tablecloth, conscious that the big eyes of the girl were searching his face.

  34. After gazing fixedly for a long time, he said, "What possessed the man to paint such a lovely face and make its expression only that of scorn, pride, and heartless merriment?

  35. But one evening, after the little girls had been put to bed, and the lamp shaded, he sat in the dimly lighted room, looking fixedly for a long time at the glowing embers.

  36. That is to say, she would burst out into tirades which were met only with silence as I lolled on a sofa and stared fixedly at the ceiling.

  37. She looked fixedly at the girl whose face, suddenly crimson with blushes, made an effort to look calmly back.

  38. But then he looked fixedly across at Brent, and began to raise up slowly out of his chair.

  39. Lady Mary Carden sat near the open window of her blue and white boudoir looking out intently, fixedly across Park Lane at the shimmer of the trees in Hyde Park.

  40. Like many another woman when she thinks of a man, Mary stopped before a small mirror, and looked fixedly at herself.

  41. The two women looked fixedly at each other for a moment, and in that moment Mary saw that Elsa knew that she knew.

  42. Janet looked fixedly at the iron supports, and measured them with her eye.

  43. She looked fixedly out across the quiet gardens, with their long shadows, to the still, sun-lit woods beyond.

  44. He took off one black glove, dropped it into his hat, and looked fixedly at it.

  45. The painter, alarmed by the smoke, stood for a moment, brush in hand, looking fixedly at her.

  46. The headsman's 'prentice with twitching features gazed fixedly at the interrogated wretch.

  47. He did so; and, as he passed into the hall, he saw one of his countrymen opening the door of a room and stand for a moment in the aperture gazing fixedly in one direction.

  48. Shoulder to shoulder the crowd stood breathless, listening open- mouthed, with every face turned fixedly upon the speaker.

  49. Her active intelligence played restlessly behind her strained, frozen features; her eyes looked fixedly before her.

  50. Eager to hear the remainder, Mr. Van de Werve gazed fixedly upon the narrator.

  51. The little band was not far from Hoboken Street; Julio gazed fixedly into the darkness to discover if any one was near the well.

  52. But as she stood, looking fixedly down at the valley, she was quite aware that a sympathetic silence and a thoughtful pose might make, on the whole, an impression quite as favorable as the most successfully managed meeting of eyes.

  53. Perhaps she too had some grounds for uncomfortable thought, for throughout the hour's journey she continued to stare unseeingly out of the window, or to look down fixedly and rather sadly at her gloved hands.

  54. She looked fixedly at her aunt, trying to prepare herself for anything.

  55. The dark, heavy faces continued to hang over the railing, staring fixedly down at the boat with a steady, incurious gaze.

  56. She was asking herself why the boy should gaze so fixedly at Angele.

  57. Mr. Stockwell pushed his papers away and gazed fixedly at his client.

  58. Martha wondered why her husband gazed so fixedly at the other man who spoke not.

  59. He broke off, for Alwyn at that moment sprang from his chair, and, staring fixedly at him, uttered a quick, fierce exclamation.

  60. Here he paused and looked fixedly at Theos.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fixedly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    decidedly; earnestly; fast; firm; firmly; intently; persistently; resolutely; seriously; staunchly; steadily; tight