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Example sentences for "fixations"

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fivescore; fix; fixate; fixated; fixation; fixe; fixed; fixedly; fixedness; fixer
  1. When these fixations are taken in hand by the regression, the suppression is side-tracked and the libido, which must maintain itself under the conditions of the compromise, is led off or gratified.

  2. Such an evasion is offered by the fixations established in the course of its evolution and now traversed regressively, against which the ego had, at the time, protected itself by suppressions.

  3. Along the path of regression the libido is enticed by fixations which it has left behind at these stages in its development.

  4. Where, now, can the libido find the fixations which it must have in order to force its way through the suppressions?

  5. Hence the incestuous fixations of the libido still play or again are playing the main role in his unconscious psychic life.

  6. The æther has three forms, and can therefore condense itself after a ternary manner, or in other words, there can be only three kinds of fixations of poles.

  7. Two fixations of electricity thus exist, and from these the electric phenomena must be derived.

  8. The genesis of minerals, thus their collective character, as differently posited fixations of earth, determines the classes, orders, and genera.

  9. Condensations, however, are fixations of poles; the other elements differ therefore only from air by having other poles fixed in them.

  10. All who attain mature years with fixations are to be regarded as children.

  11. Treatment by psychoanalysis represents an education--the removal of inhibitions which are fixations or arrests.

  12. A subject is usually quite unaware of his fixations and explains the results of his internal conflicts by false reasoning.

  13. We meet all these types of homosexual fixations in daily life.

  14. At the International Conference of Medical Women (New York, 1919) it was stated that homosexual fixations among women are a frequent cause of female celibacy and divorce.

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