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Example sentences for "fixated"

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fiver; fives; fivescore; fix; fixate; fixation; fixations; fixe; fixed; fixedly
  1. It is a way in which the sum of tendencies that enter into the social life become fixated upon certain qualities of the environment, or upon certain objects.

  2. It is a form in which the most fundamental and general of desires are expressed, in becoming fixated upon their most natural and necessary objects.

  3. Breuer's first hysterical patient was fixated in the same manner upon the time when she nursed her very sick father.

  4. You know that by analysis of the symptoms we arrive at a knowledge of the infantile experiences upon which the libido is fixated and out of which the symptoms are formed.

  5. But care must be taken here that the eye is rigidly fixated and not attracted into movement by the rod, since of course if the eye moves with the rod, no bands can be seen, whatever the rate of movement may be.

  6. The phenomenon appeared only when the illuminated spot had been fixated for an appreciable period of time.

  7. Seeing that she was awake, the Laotian's furrowed field of a forehead became smooth, and the subject of contemplation he was fixated on seemed to vanish.

  8. Despite knowing that everything moved ineluctably forward with its tattered past being dragged behind, it was only natural to have moments of being mesmerized by those shards and fixated with fixing the unfixable.

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