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Example sentences for "immemorial"

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  1. Older in origin than the cut pile carpets are those of thinner and flat surface texture, which from almost immemorial times have been woven in cotton with blue and white or blue and red stripes in the simplest way.

  2. Yet the codes of the most celebrated kings are very small, and were little more than compilations of immemorial customs.

  3. Scutari has belonged from time immemorial to the Serbians.

  4. From time immemorial the Serbian has possessed an exceptional natural gift for composing heroic ballads.

  5. From time immemorial it had possessed the e; but such was the spirit of change that they had now transformed it into the o, although the lovers of old customs and good order kept to the old sacred e.

  6. You said that from time immemorial a strange thing happened here whenever one of the family died.

  7. The dumb, fixed eyes no longer look out from the visible side of Eternity and seem to bleed with immemorial sorrows and with tears.

  8. It need scarcely be said that from time immemorial a great deal of attention has been directed to the question whether aerial travelling could he made subservient to the purposes of man.

  9. Still the wise and prudent were aghast at the President's hasty action on what seemed the slight provocation of the renewal of the immemorial fisheries dispute.

  10. Her love for him had severely shaken the perfect unity of their immemorial life together, and he must be generous and understand how gradual would have to be their renunciation of her to him.

  11. Yet, however undiscoverable the object that was leading them, she was glad to see the nursery door, for there within would surely come back to her the ease of an immemorial familiarity.

  12. He was come here to spoil the happiness of Wychford, to destroy the immemorial perfection of life at the Rectory.

  13. Then afterwards there was the scene of breakfast on the lawn that already, with only this first repetition, wore for him an immemorial air, so that he could no longer imagine a May Day that was not thus inaugurated.

  14. Has it crost the immemorial plains To coasts where the gray Pacific roars, And the Pilgrim blood in the people's veins Is pure as the wealth of their mountain ores?

  15. Among all classes and castes of Hindoos it has been customary from time immemorial to unite boys of eight; seven, even six years, to girls still younger.

  16. Westermarck opines (170) that "such tales are not of much importance, as any usage practised from time immemorial may easily he ascribed to the command of a god.

  17. Spirit come forth to they ancient and immemorial home.

  18. They join in the immemorial appeal and fierce revolt which at all times the soul of man makes against any external restraint.

  19. What pain it was to him, immemorial quiet, passivity and peace, though over it a million tremors fled and chased each other throughout the shadowy night!

  20. From our immemorial joys of hearth and home and love, Strayed away along the margin of the unknown tide, All its reach of soundless calm can thrill me far above Word or touch from the lips beside.

  21. Helpless to aid, to his lips came the cry to another which immemorial usage has made intuitive in men.

  22. From time immemorial have the life and actions of the brute creation been associated with the first steps of education and learning in the child.

  23. The theoretical descent of Roman jurisprudence from a code, the theoretical ascription of English law to immemorial unwritten tradition, were the chief reasons why the development of their system differed from the development of ours.

  24. The first kind has been worn time immemorial even by the ladies.

  25. There was the Pilot Mountain, the towering and isolated pile which from time immemorial had served the aborigines as a guide in their forest wanderings; there was the dizzy height of the Roan on the border; there was Mt.

  26. As they have been entitled to immunity from the land tax and other burdens of immemorial custom, you will inquire how this may be reformed and report to the Board of Finance.

  27. At its head were three cabinet ministers of the new government and the court noble, Iwakura, of immemorial lineage, in whose veins ran the blood of the men called gods.

  28. His features were of the straight type which has been called from time immemorial patrician.

  29. From time immemorial it has been the pleasant habit of old communities to be shocked at newer settlements, built by their own countrymen.

  30. The Gate was studded with thousands of nails, which fastened to its massive timbers relics of the faithful, bits of silk and cloth, and hair and leather; and here from time immemorial a holy man had sat and prayed.

  31. The vine flourished, at least in Middle and Lower Egypt; from time immemorial the art of making wine from it was known, and even the most ancient monuments enumerate half a dozen famous brands, red or white.

  32. From immemorial times it has been employed to control delirium and promote sleep.

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