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Example sentences for "disowned"

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  1. In 1784 it was concluded by the Yearly Meeting that any former slave-holder who refused to comply with the award of these committees should, after due care and labor with him, be disowned from the Society.

  2. We have no means of ascertaining the precise number of those actually disowned for slave-holding in the Virginia Yearly Meeting, but it is well known to have been very small.

  3. Just as you once disowned a wife's duty, so you have since disowned a mother's.

  4. Oft has your prophet, for reward of toil, Seen nests of seeming cockatrices coil: Disowned them as the unholiest of Time, Which were his offspring, born of flame on slime.

  5. Something will depend upon the circumstance, whether he considers himself as disowned for a moral or a political offence.

  6. The second charge is, that the discipline is administered partially; or that more favour is shewn to the rich than to the poor, and that the latter are sooner disowned than the former for the same faults.

  7. But whether the new members exceed the disowned, or the disowned the new, is the question to be resolved.

  8. And they are disowned as well for the payment of lay-tithes, as of those which are ecclesiastical.

  9. Thus they, who are deputed to inform the disowned of their exclusion from membership, should be of the most amiable temper and conciliatory manners.

  10. That many are disowned by the society, in consequence of which its numbers are diminished, is true.

  11. Scorned by her kindred, deserted by her husband, despised and disowned by her miserable father!

  12. I can be a mother to the child whose father has disowned her, and whose mother is so tragically lost.

  13. Then when my own father disowned and despised me, how my heart ached to answer, I am Bertram Chesleigh's own wife!

  14. And so the baa-lambs of Meeting have disowned their two black sheep.

  15. It is not usual," he said, "for disowned members of the society to openly protest.

  16. He told me his father had died but ten days before, for which I felt sorry, since, except by Friends, who had disowned the good botanist, he was held in general esteem.

  17. Back in 1885, Joseph Hooper, disgraced, disowned by his family and as poor Job's turkey, made a brief but sufficiently explicit will in which he named his beloved nephew Thomas Singleton Bingle as his sole heir.

  18. His children were acting within their rights when they disowned him, scorned him, kicked him out of their lives.

  19. Her husband had disowned and deserted her; she was at the end of her resources; she was desperate enough to attempt any thing.

  20. The lawyer, left alone with the disowned and deserted woman, put the useless certificate silently on the table.

  21. There was a spot on Mr. Vanborough's past life as long as the woman lived whom he had disowned and deserted.

  22. To save her daughter's future, she disowned her.

  23. Since her country had disowned her and refused her justice or chivalry, she was tempted to disown her country and claim citizenship among those who could fight and could sacrifice and could endure.

  24. He disowned his son and all his family, and a month later Ernest's father died, leaving his son a disowned and homeless outcast.

  25. To have been true at a time when truth was disowned is enough for honor as well as thanks.

  26. Such are essential elements of “a republican form of government,” which cannot be disowned without disowning the very muniments of our liberties; and these the United States are bound to guaranty.

  27. Impious toward God, and infidel toward man, it is disowned by conscience and reason alike; nor is there any softness of argument or of phrase by which its essential wickedness can be disguised.

  28. The woman said:-- "And if I should be disowned by my father, would you then let me come and live with you?

  29. But there is no reason to fear that you will ever be disowned by your father; for you are his only daughter, and he loves you very much.

  30. Upon him bore the pain of impending public disgrace, the pain of the loss of his daughter--and cruellest of all, the pain of being judged by the one person of his heart, disowned by her.

  31. He was of course disowned and disinherited, and his children sank to the lowest social grade.

  32. Upon this a storm arose from the benches, which fell with such fury upon the poor President that he had scarcely room to put in a word for himself, for fifty or sixty voices disowned him at one volley.

  33. Uxbridge monthly meeting is known to have disowned Abby Kelly because she gave anti-slavery lectures.

  34. The brethren who are so anxious that we should declare for the king must remember that we have never yet publicly disowned him, although we have publicly disowned the edicts issued at his instigation.

  35. Did an Evangelical missionary dare to preach in this style now, he would be immediately disowned by his employers, and dismissed as a disguised Socinian, who kept back all the "peculiar doctrines of the Gospel.

  36. All the arbitrary forms, and sacerdotal interpositions, and hereditary rights, through which other systems seek the Divine favor, are disowned by it.

  37. The more He is rejected by the world, His blessed work on the cross disowned in such latter day delusions as the new theology, Christian Science and the numerous other systems, the more we must give Him the pre-eminence.

  38. Him and which is still future, His Kingship, His kingly glory and rule, as it must be some day, is so unknown and even disowned in Christendom.

  39. Jesus refused and disowned none of these gratulations--He spurned no voice in all that motley Jerusalem throng.

  40. Is the world, that had so disowned Him, disowned now in return?

  41. At last, the country which has disowned me, the government which has never recognized save to outrage me, the flag which has refused to cover or to protect me, are in direct need and utmost extremity.

  42. Of course he is disowned by his family, and spurned by his friends, even radical fanaticism not being yet ready for such a dose as this.

  43. He had innocently pledged himself to adopt as his heir, the son of the daughter he had disowned for ever.

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