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Example sentences for "disclaimers"

Lexicographically close words:
disciplinis; discipulis; disclaim; disclaimed; disclaimer; disclaiming; disclaims; disclose; disclosed; discloses
  1. Not all the disclaimers of politicians, the resolves of conventions, could reassure the South, after that day of mourning with which Northern towns solemnized John Brown's death.

  2. Disclaimers of this kind were plentiful in the following years[268].

  3. Mrs. Fitzgerald continued to upbraid at the top of her voice, heedless of the disclaimers and protestations of innocence poured out with the eloquence of despair, by the poor doctor.

  4. They girded themselves for battle on this issue, and were not at all placated by Northern disclaimers of "abolitionism," and reiterated disavowals of any right or purpose to intermeddle with slavery as the creature of State law.

  5. All the powers concur in emphatic disclaimers of any purpose of aggrandizement through the dismemberment of the Empire.

  6. She could hardly believe this, although she felt it, and was continually seeking for disclaimers of what she knew.

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