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Example sentences for "climaxing"

Lexicographically close words:
climatology; climats; climax; climaxed; climaxes; climb; climbe; climbed; climber; climbers
  1. The train-waiting interval was half gone, and he had been feeling purposefully for the climaxing moment without finding it.

  2. At the climaxing instant, I flung my arms around him and dragged him down and held him helpless; at which it was only natural that he should fall to cursing me like a fishwife.

  3. And at that climaxing moment, out of the jungle thicketing behind us came Jerry Dupuyster and Beatrice Van Tromp.

  4. She had unconsciously dropped again into her father's method of oratory, climaxing the speech with all the vigour of the rising inflection.

  5. The arrival of the through train in the great echoing Terminal at St. Louis was timed accurately with the coming of a gloomy twilight fitly climaxing the bleak and stormy day.

  6. In this climaxing of happiness the disaster which had hung over my head for weeks and months seemed as far removed and remote as it had been imminent only a few hours before.

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