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Example sentences for "climatology"

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  1. Possibly there are still other elements of climate, now wholly neglected, that will figure prominently in the climatology of the future.

  2. For the purposes of medical climatology a different set of data will be sought.

  3. A body of knowledge concerning the climate of any place or region; as, "the climatology of Panama.

  4. When all is said and done, the whole fabric of what now constitutes the science of climatology leaves much to be desired.

  5. They are therefore combined in the following chapter which is devoted chiefly to a technical discussion of the meteorology as distinguished from the climatology of the Peruvian Andes.

  6. Report on the Climatology of the Cotton Plant.

  7. As to the climatic potency of changes in the lands there is practical agreement among students of climatology and glaciation.

  8. In the realm of climatology the most important discovery of the last generation is that variations in the weather depend on variations in the activity of the sun's atmosphere.

  9. Climatology may almost be defined as geographical meteorology.

  10. The only comprehensive text-book of climatology is the Handbuch der Klimatologie of Professor Julius Hann, of the university of Vienna (Stuttgart, 1897).

  11. Climatology has to deal with the same groups of atmospheric conditions as those with which meteorology is concerned, viz.

  12. Climatology is the study or science of climates.

  13. Scientific climatology is based upon numerical results, obtained by systematic, long continued, accurate meteorological observations.

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