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Example sentences for "climatically"

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  1. It should be pointed out at once that such variations appear to be far less important climatically than do movements of the earth's crust and changes in the activity of the sun.

  2. Tucuman is a hot place, both climatically and morally.

  3. This zone has a sufficiency of annual precipitation but climatically is divided into two seasons, the dry and the rainy one.

  4. Often totally unrelated plants assume characteristically similar growth forms where the conditions in widely separated areas are climatically or otherwise similar.

  5. On Long Island, New York, for instance, there are areas which climatically should produce dense woods of the summer forest type so general all through the Northeastern States.

  6. One of the most interesting of these struggles between grassland and woody vegetation in a region climatically able to produce both, is in Natal.

  7. And though climatically they are not the best that South Africa can afford, they are, nevertheless, better than most of the European resorts that have hitherto been frequented.

  8. H]{b} living in climatically stable forests and those with higher [.

  9. The tropical bulk of Africa defied white colonization, but the continent's northern and southern extremities were climatically "white man's country.

  10. However, Argentina and Uruguay possessed two notable advantages: they were climatically white man's country, and they at first contained a very small population.

  11. It is, as it were, climatically insulated,--a sort of island on land.

  12. Its continental position and affinities give it a dryness no island could have; and its climatically insulated position gives it an evenness of temperature much beyond the continental average.

  13. Climatically this region differs from the rest of the United States in having a rainy and a dry season--that is, the rainfall is wholly seasonal.

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