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Example sentences for "hydrostatics"

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  1. This fundamental principle of hydrostatics follows at once from the principle of the normality of fluid pressure implied in the definition of a fluid in S 4.

  2. The fundamental principles of hydrostatics were first given by Archimedes in his work [Greek: Peri ton ochoumenon], or De iis quae vehuntur in humido, about 250 B.

  3. Some writers treat hydraulics and hydrostatics as subdivisions of hydrodynamics.

  4. The first discovery made in hydrostatics since the time of Archimedes is due to Stevinus.

  5. Hydrostatic paradox, the proposition in hydrostatics that any quantity of water, however small, may be made to counterbalance any weight, however great; or the law of the equality of pressure of fluids in all directions.

  6. Note: The word is sometimes used as a general term, including both hydrostatics and hydraulics, together with pneumatics and acoustics.

  7. The science of hydrostatics is, even more than that of statics, the original creation of Archimedes.

  8. In hydrostatics he seems to have had no predecessors.

  9. The word is sometimes used as a general term, including both hydrostatics and hydraulics, together with pneumatics and acoustics.

  10. Various verifications of the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.

  11. Being a Familiar Introduction to the Principles of Chemistry, Mechanics, Hydrostatics and Pneumatics, Adapted to the comprehension of Young People.

  12. Archimedes, following up Euclid's work, laid the foundation, of mechanics in his study of the lever and the screw, and of hydrostatics and of optics in his studies of specific gravity and burning mirrors and lenses.

  13. Astronomy, physics, especially hydrostatics and mechanics, were all wonderfully developed.

  14. To him we owe a series of inventions and discoveries in hydrostatics and the {80} construction of various mechanical toys that have been used in the laboratories since.

  15. There are many other significant developments of hydrostatics and mechanics, besides specific gravity and the lever, the germs of which are at least attributed to Archimedes.

  16. Hydraulics was created by Castelli; hydrostatics by Torricelli, who also discovered barometric variations: both were pupils of Galileo.

  17. It is also to Boyle, more than to any other Englishman, that we owe the science of hydrostatics in the state in which we now possess it.

  18. Boyle and Pascal are to hydrostatics what Galileo is to mechanics, and Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton are to astronomy.

  19. In hydrostatics a body immersed in a liquid displaces a certain volume of the liquid, and the upthrust of the liquid in the body is, by the principle of Archimedes, equal to the weight of liquid displaced.

  20. Yet we owe a debt of gratitude to Hero, the pupil, for having given wider vogue to these discoveries, and in particular for the discussion of the principles of hydrostatics and pneumatics contained in the introduction to his book.

  21. Dynamics and hydrostatics may now, for the first time, claim a place among the sciences.

  22. Of what do hydrostatics and hydraulics treat?

  23. It will now be necessary for me to give you some account of the mechanical properties of fluids--a science which, when applied to liquids, is divided into two parts, hydrostatics and hydraulics.

  24. We see, therefore, that the caddis worm has not to trouble about hydrostatics when building its scabbard.

  25. This is a question of hydrostatics to which we will return presently.

  26. Galileo, in a treatise entitled, Delle Cose che stanno nell’Acqua, lays down the principles of hydrostatics already established by Stevin, and among others what is called the hydrostatical paradox.

  27. For some of the principles of hydrostatics we are indebted to him, though he did not possess much mathematical knowledge.

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