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Example sentences for "incurring"

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incurious; incuriously; incurre; incurred; incurrere; incurs; incursion; incursions; incurved; incurving
  1. Blind obedience to the pleasure of the court cannot be without great sin, and incurring the high displeasure of the King of kings.

  2. It was upon the Indian question that he made shipwreck, not only incurring their deadly enmity, but alienating from himself the sympathies and support of his own countrymen.

  3. The established government and those who maintain it, being strong enough to wage war against gainsayers, give them the option of incurring the consequences of such warfare, or of complying with the laws.

  4. It must therefore be seen whether they can be prosecuted for sedition and disturbance of the republic, thus incurring the penalty of rebellion without mercy.

  5. You are incurring a fine of two cents for every day's detention.

  6. House from "incurring the guilt of an act of hypocrisy," and had no anxiety about avoiding an act of iniquity.

  7. Without striking a blow and without incurring any expense," wrote Vice Consul Forbes, the United States will obtain a secure foothold in the coveted region.

  8. Darius remained for more than two months in Scythia without incurring any important losses.

  9. There were always junctions where he could change from one line to another without incurring suspicion.

  10. What chance, I ask you, has a stranger of getting near without incurring suspicion.

  11. Naturally enough Bond Moore and Mackellar were staggered to find that, after travelling all the way from England and incurring a good many hardships on the way, they were not to be allowed to do the work for which they had been sent.

  12. After landing at the mouth of the Huhua-Yuan River, about 100 miles north of Port Arthur, the Japanese advanced south, and took the fortified city of Chinchow, without incurring any loss.

  13. Because, for example, a Modoc might kill his mother-in-law without incurring any penalty for the deed, we must not assume that such a custom was prevalent among all the tribes of the American Indians.

  14. They had, however, proceeded to the points designated for the commencement of their respective duties, the season being too far advanced to justify their incurring any further delay.

  15. He disliked incurring any obligation which might in any degree shackle the expression of his free opinions.

  16. He loved his country too well to bear part in incurring for it such fearful risks.

  17. At the risk of incurring the charge of vanity, I would venture to adduce one or two of the favourable opinions entertained in regard to some of the miscellaneous pieces which went to make up the volume of the 'Songs of the Ark.

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