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Example sentences for "greenhorns"

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  1. He amused Cornelie, who thought of Belloni's, where he used to become impatient when the visitors were late at meals and to rail at the young greenhorns of waiters whom the marchesa engaged for economy's sake.

  2. Both sides fought timidly, as a rule, just as greenhorns naturally would do.

  3. Our men were greenhorns yesterday, but they are veterans to-day, and will face any thing.

  4. I thought a few more springs would take him to the truck, and was a little fearful that in his desperation he might then jump overboard; for I had heard of delirious greenhorns doing such things at sea, and being lost forever.

  5. Hang me, I hope the old man hasn't been shipping any more greenhorns like you--he'll make a shipwreck of it if he has.

  6. Moreover, they had been trailing a white-tailed deer; but never once had either deer or wolves paused in their run, nor had they come within a quarter of a mile of the tree in which the greenhorns from the city had spent the night.

  7. Keep yur ground a minnit, ole gurl, till Rube Rawlins shew these hyur greenhorns how a mountain man kin read sign--wild-hosses!

  8. Yur greenhorns wur all gone back, so Bill and me catched up our critters, an as soon as we kud saddle 'em, put arter you.

  9. We were considered greenhorns and absolutely undisciplined.

  10. If ever a bunch of greenhorns landed in France, frankly, we of the First Contingent were that same bunch.

  11. Besides, Abe, he practically started them two greenhorns in business.

  12. The greenhorns arrive at Monte Carlo, and then settle on their quarters.

  13. These two greenhorns took their snack on board the steamer (Ugh!

  14. It is only your greenhorns who endeavour to make their way by fawning and cringing to every member of the establishment.

  15. He was too cunning a master of the human mind, not to be aware of the quicksands upon which all greenhorns strike; he knew too well the danger of unnecessary intimacy.

  16. By now the greenhorns would be getting more accustomed to seeing the woods all around them, and probably sleep better than they did before.

  17. When it was filled they meant to join the troop, and qualify for a better standing than greenhorns or tenderfeet.

  18. That is the way all angry greenhorns and incompetent persons attempt to settle matters.

  19. We think ourselves soldiers now and are planning how we will entertain the greenhorns when they come.

  20. So many knew the names of them, we greenhorns only had to listen to find out where we were all the time.

  21. Thar warn't no use showin' a bottle with them thirsty greenhorns settin' 'round ter lick it up.

  22. Humbled greenhorns who had neglected the "water scrape" at the Arkansas were silently digging holes along the river bed and filling every vessel they could spare.

  23. Greenhorns from the far-distant East were proving their greenness by buying all kinds of useless articles, which later they would throw away one by one, and were armed in a manner befitting buccaneers of the Spanish Main.

  24. Now we got ter stop them fool greenhorns from shootin'!

  25. Strange sounds, too, welled up out of that gloom to thrill the greenhorns as they listened.

  26. The two greenhorns really believed some man was calling out and making fun of them.

  27. Elmer, however, had no intention of allowing those two greenhorns free swing for a whole day.

  28. I mean just that, son, if the shootin's only fer antlers an' what these here greenhorns calls 'trophies.

  29. But when Wilbur told of the professor and asked about other greenhorns that had come to the forest, the doctor turned and asked him if he knew anything of "the boy from Peanutville.

  30. There is a crowd of greenhorns on board and some of them think they are mashers.

  31. I knowed you was greenhorns from the States as soon as I laid eyes on you," he continued.

  32. Some of those greenhorns had gathered a number of those unexploded shells, set them up on end for a fireplace, and were quietly boiling their coffee over them when they, of course, exploded.

  33. His chief argument was that our men were greenhorns and knew nothing about marauding; that some of the "vets" had doubtless made away with his pig and had laid it on our men.

  34. The "reveille" had no terrors for us greenhorns then.

  35. The greenhorns had found a pocket, and had cleaned it themselves.

  36. These seven greenhorns made a camp and went washing for gold at Port Pantaloons.

  37. It was a pretty enough place--in fact, the scenery was probably what made a party of seven greenhorns from Punta Arenas, out with a little schooner, put in there and land.

  38. He used to come to the ship with a smiling face of welcome to all the greenhorns what had nobody to go to.

  39. There's a new school for greenhorns where they learn them anything they want .

  40. It must be just a conspiracy among the experienced campers and leaders to decoy the credulous greenhorns out into the woods alone under the pretext of a hunt for snipe.

  41. Then I guess we'll have a song or two, and the Chief will introduce all the leaders, and somebody will tell a story, and then we'll burn all the little new greenhorns at the stake.

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