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Example sentences for "drowsed"

Lexicographically close words:
drowned; drowneth; drowning; drowns; drowse; drowsie; drowsily; drowsiness; drowsing; drowsy
  1. There was silence here, there was deep silence, and over all the dusk drowsed and folded and increased.

  2. Once again the silence drowsed and droned between the two people, and again they repaired to the secret places of their souls where energy was sucked from them until they existed only in a torpor.

  3. Mary stood in front of Art, and she did not look at him; she turned her grave face away, and stared sidewards where the late sunshine drowsed in gold on the rough slopes.

  4. The stream once more drowsed and whispered; the hum of the mountain bees rose sleepily.

  5. While we had drowsed through the lazy autumn days, advertising campaigns were shrieking to the people all over the country of the last frontier.

  6. One day the little frontier town of Pierre drowsed through a hot afternoon, and the broad plains lay tenantless, devoid of any sign that men had passed that way.

  7. O drowsed in sleep too deep to heed my pain!

  8. O son, this breast Pillowed thine head full oft, while, drowsed with sleep, Thy toothless mouth drew mother's milk from me.

  9. As I drowsed I dreamt that I saw a boy come idly through the trees singing to his lute.

  10. The day grew hotter; the song of the cicalas swelled up like an anthem, and the butterflies drowsed upon the flowers.

  11. Mr. Cummings drowsed in front, unaware, and the Free Traveller drowsed behind, smoking listlessly.

  12. Cripple Street drowsed in the sunshine one August afternoon.

  13. Presently the sick man, relapsing into silent thought, drowsed into sleep, and a strange dream came to him.

  14. The windows of their upstairs bedroom were open, and Paulina had listened to the dance music for a long while before she drowsed off.

  15. She drowsed and lost the sense of his being there.

  16. In all this happiness he drowsed off gently, rocked in another world, like a little wax doll in a pale-blue paper box.

  17. And he turned in the nest which he had made for himself, pushed his head deeper in the hay and drowsed on.

  18. The far-stretching village drowsed in the sun.

  19. These were days when Joan and May Carthew went down the village street with great bunches of Michaelmas daisies, of phloxes and Japanese anemones, or sat beneath the mulberry tree, sewing in the bee-drowsed air.

  20. Here grew, dipping down to the water, sprays of dewberries, and here, remote even from twittering warblers and the distant harvest cries, Michael and Alan drowsed away the afternoon.

  21. Well I knew what lurked, Lay perdue paralyzing me,--drugged, drowsed And damnified my soul and body both!

  22. Huddled against sandbags, he drowsed and as he drowsed he saw a campfire in the woods somewhere, students standing around the fire, some of them singing.

  23. She waited on the farmers; he had pastry and coffee and drowsed by the sleepy fire; presently, with a scraping of shoes and chairs, the farmers left; a lone customer remained.

  24. If he drowsed up there, or if Captain Shawn or the second mate Marsh merely imagined he had, Manuel would be whipped, and then obliged to swab away any red drops that might have spattered on the sacred deck.

  25. Ben could remember firelight mixed with a gleam of candles, flooding through the half-open door of the back room where Reuben cried and drowsed and burned.

  26. It had been talked by his elders while as a child he drowsed before the big fireplace on winter nights.

  27. Horses drowsed lazily in front of Tolleson's, anchored to the spot by the simple process of throwing the bridle to the ground.

  28. It had dignity, however, and drowsed upon a commanding eminence fronted by a splendid terraced lawn which one beheld through clumps of flowering shrubs and well-tended trees.

  29. Terranova drowsed among the hills just as he had left it, and high up to the right, among the trees, he saw the white walls of the castello.

  30. It was an air-tight wood-stove, and it filled the chamber with a heat in which Westover drowsed as soon as he entered it.

  31. But he drowsed quickly in the warmth, and the last demand for supper died half uttered on his lips.

  32. When we say that poetry has never slumbered there, we get as near to the truth as is possible; it seems always to have been quick, eager and spontaneous, and never to have drowsed or faded.

  33. The sun was intensely hot during the afternoon, as we crossed the plain, and I became so drowsed that it required an agony of exertion to keep from tumbling off my horse.

  34. During that time he wrote a great deal in a manuscript that he kept always beside him, except when he drowsed or slept, at which times he invariably locked it in a desk drawer close to his hand.

  35. He said it often, and often he drowsed in the big smooth-running machine.

  36. He drowsed oftener and longer, but whenever he awoke he was surrounded by his court of young people, or there was some comrade waiting to sit and yarn about the old gold days and plan for the new gold days.

  37. Though he did not know it, he had drowsed the whole day through and only just awakened to call for his ukulele and light a cigarette at Polly's hand.

  38. And once while I drowsed for a spell I was aware of her as she stepped softly up to me, peered into my face, and then, as I opened my eyes, withdrew without speaking.

  39. Yes, I drowsed time and again; but toward dawn I grew wakeful and the necessity of returning to the ship became urgent once more.

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