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Example sentences for "becalmed"

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  1. I hope this breeze will hold long enough to enable us to get alongside; should we be becalmed and have to attack him with the boats, it will give him an important advantage, and perhaps result in the loss of some of our men.

  2. They have been dropped in despair; and the boat lies becalmed just as the two rafts.

  3. The course alone might get becalmed under the lee of a high sea, and the vessel, losing her way, would be overtaken by the sea from aft; whereas the topsail will always give her way enough and lift her.

  4. While she is head to the wind, and the after sails are becalmed by the head sails, get the main tack down and sheet aft, and right your helm, using it afterwards as her coming to or falling off requires.

  5. Soon we saw the shores of the British island, New Providence, but the wind lulled, and we were soon nearly becalmed again.

  6. It is no longer a question of the surgeon starting forth on his errand of humanity, nor the cutter returning to the becalmed barque.

  7. But it seems to deepen, while they continue to gaze at the becalmed barque, as though due to something there observed.

  8. Parting from the frigate's beam, she is steering straight for the becalmed barque.

  9. Only the echo of the officer's voice, coming back from the hollow timbers of the becalmed vessel!

  10. Who sleeps in moonlight luxury there, Tranquil as if his spirit lay Becalmed in Heaven's approving ray.

  11. Serenely my heart took the hue of the hour, Its passions were sleeping, were mute as the dead; And the spirit becalmed but remembered their power, As the billow the force of the gale that was fled.

  12. No, I am inclined to think that it is some inward-bound craft, becalmed like ourselves.

  13. If so, she must have slipped out of the river with the last of the land-breeze last night, and lain becalmed all night where she is.

  14. We had drifted down to the position which we then occupied under the impulse of the last of the land-breeze, which had died out and left us becalmed some two miles short of the precise spot for which we were aiming.

  15. Probably by trying to stand fair across the stream of it to southward, which, without three times the wind we had, would at best take us out many miles nearer the land it set upon, or leave us perhaps becalmed in the midst of it.

  16. But at least they did move, and it was better than being becalmed under a hot sun.

  17. Sails of vessels becalmed at the entrance of the bay commenced to flap lazily: they might belly after sundown.

  18. Vessels becalmed everywhere speck the glass-level of the sea, like insects sticking upon a mirror.

  19. I remember once coming across a dhow becalmed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and its crew making signals of distress, our captain slowed down to investigate.

  20. After giving them some casks of water, we directed them to Muscat (the port they wished to make), and our vessel resumed its journey, leaving them still becalmed in the midst of that glassy sea.

  21. One day, having left the schooner becalmed close to the mainland, they took the boat and rowed towards the land.

  22. One day the Snowflake lay becalmed in one of those long narrow fiords by which the whole of the west coast of Norway is cut up, and some of which extend from seventy to a hundred miles inland.

  23. Unfortunately, however, the British fleet got becalmed for some time under the high lands of Dominique, and unable to get into their stations.

  24. The frigate was soon after this sent home with dispatches; but scarcely was she clear of the Straits of Gibraltar than the wind fell, a thick fog came on, and she lay becalmed some twenty leagues off the Spanish coast.

  25. Two days afterwards, as she lay becalmed under the land, a schooner, having long sweeps at work, and three gunboats, were seen making for the Rover.

  26. If ever one craft was like another, she's like that strange brig which lay becalmed near us the time when we were attacked before going up the Mediterranean.

  27. We had been about a fortnight at sea, when, the ship lying almost becalmed with a blue sky overhead, a large white cloud was seen slowly approaching us.

  28. Then like a fleet that floats becalmed they stay.

  29. Afterwards we went to Portsmouth with the same party and were becalmed on the way for nearly four hours, so that we had an excellent chance to become acquainted with our fellow passengers.

  30. One day we were becalmed among a group of small islands, most of which appeared to be uninhabited.

  31. Our track after this lay through several clusters of small islets, among which we were becalmed more than once.

  32. The peacefull'st cot, the moon shall shine upon, Lulled by the thrush and wakened by the lark, Without thee were but a becalmed bark, Whose helmsman on an ocean waste and wide Sits mute and pale his mouldering helm beside.

  33. Both on and after crossing the line the Dolphin was frequently becalmed for several days at a time, which did not improve the captain's temper, nor that of the crew either.

  34. We were becalmed during the day, while still at a distance from the stranger.

  35. This consisted of a channel only half a mile in width by about a mile and a quarter in length, bending to the south-east, where the ship would be almost completely becalmed under the high land.

  36. We're within sixty miles of the Equator, whilst on my last outward voyage I was left becalmed close upon two hundred miles to the nor'ard of it.

  37. Being nearly becalmed to the south-east of Leper's Isle, the Bishop gave me the choice of a visit to Whitsuntide or Leper's Island.

  38. We are almost becalmed after a weary fortnight of heavy weather, in which we have been knocked about in every direction in our tight little 90-ton schooner.

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