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Example sentences for "bundles"

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buncoed; bund; bunda; bundle; bundled; bundling; bunds; bune; bung; bunga
  1. When five of these bundles had been prepared, his gold was exhausted, and then he carried the small bundles out to the guano-bags.

  2. He had checked off his little bundles as he had buried them, and there were nearly enough to fill all the bags.

  3. Come, Sawney boy, put my two bundles in the cart, and then help me in.

  4. Griffiths in my lady's boudoir rolled and unrolled those huge white bundles of mysterious fleecy hosiery with more than usually slow and unbroken perseverance.

  5. This is what I call lucky," said Hugh, as he began unlashing the load and throwing the bundles of supplies on the spruce bed.

  6. Dude rose up from his bed on the snow and looked at them; but the four other dogs were bundles of fur before the camp, refusing to give even a silent welcome.

  7. It was piled high with faggots and bundles of brushwood, a tarpaulin being tightly lashed over the top of the load.

  8. The queen and princess and the two ladies took their seats in them, and the three bundles of valuables were also placed inside.

  9. Roger and his friend first carried down the bundles of clothing, and then took up the rugs containing the heavy gold ornaments; Roger taking, in addition, the small parcel with the jewels.

  10. These were similarly tied up, and the three bundles were then carried out from the hidden room, and conveyed to the apartment they had before left.

  11. But we recollect nothing of those bundles of good works.

  12. Workers and peasants assembled about the train and listened to speeches made from the roofs of cars and gathered bundles of literature to be distributed in the villages and workshops.

  13. Pretty soon they brought in a samovar and gave us tea and bread, and when we were about half through eating they brought in bundles of pamphlets.

  14. The ground was crowded with bundles of straw and stretchers, each occupied by a helpless human being.

  15. The walls were likewise timbered, while along three sides ran a narrow shelf on which were bundles of straw to serve as beds.

  16. The bundles of wrappings have kept their form to the present day and it seems as if the mummy were still intact; but an examination of the interior shows only loose bones.

  17. The poorer are merely bundles of wrappings.

  18. In the two sacking-covered bundles were her household goods, her wardrobe, linen, and dear feminine possessions.

  19. For some distance around Manamah all is arid desert, on which grow a few scrubby plants, which women cut for fodder with sickle-like saws, and carry home in large bundles on their backs.

  20. The sultan has a miserable house in a very uncomfortable spot, surrounded by a few huts belonging to fishermen, who go out on little rafts made of bundles of palm-leaf ribs to drop the traps for fish.

  21. No sound came from most of those bundles under the blankets, but from one came a long, agonizing wail, the cry of an animal in torture.

  22. So now they were coming back again with their little bundles and their babies and small children holding their hands or skirts, according as they had received permits from the French authorities.

  23. I saw young mothers packing their babies and their bundles into perambulators while shells came hurtling over the thatched roofs of their cottages.

  24. They took two mules and two carts to bring their bundles and little folks.

  25. Week after week was spent in making personal investigations, measuring and preparing bundles for those nearly naked.

  26. But when the hay is dry and ready in big, lumpy haycocks, the Imp and the Elf shout for joy to see old Susan harnessed to the big waggon come lumbering into the field, and to see the men throw the huge bundles of hay into the cart.

  27. And they laugh at the Elf and the Imp, and throw great bundles of hay over the top of them.

  28. And men go behind and bind it into corn-sheaves, great big bundles of corn, and then the corn-sheaves are piled into corn shocks.

  29. In those days, instead of one man sitting on a scarlet reaping machine, they had many reapers, who took the corn in bundles in their arms and cut it off close to the ground with a curved knife called a sickle.

  30. The chattering Hindus were loading up their bundles and hastening to follow; heads of all sorts and colours protruded from the windows, but Mehriab was not a station where passengers often alighted, so none got out now.

  31. These bags they distributed among rising juniors of their acquaintance, whose bundles of briefs were getting inconveniently large to be carried in their hands.

  32. The stalks are not tied into bundles as in the case of other grain crops, the tops of the shocks being bound round and held together by twisting stems round them.

  33. Fortunately some bundles of these papers were afterwards picked up in the streets and brought back to him, and in due time found their way to the printer's.

  34. Lying before them on the pavement were several bundles containing their earthly possessions.

  35. A forest of arms were reaching out for the shelves, and bundles of books were falling to the floor, like stacks of cards piled up by a child and blown over by the wind.

  36. A man came up after a while and addressed them in a stern, domineering tone; they picked up their bundles and followed him: it was a mournful procession.

  37. On the front of the tomb we observe in stucco relief two bundles of rods, fasces, with axes, having reference to the official position of Diomedes as a magistrate of a suburb.

  38. Suburban officers did not have the 'power of life and death'; the lictors of such magistrates carried bundles of rods without axes.

  39. Two bundles of red horse-hair ornament the summit.

  40. Mickey dropped his bundles and ran to the bed.

  41. Mickey dropped the bundles and went into her arms; even in his joy he noted a new strength in her grip on him, an unusual clinging.

  42. You answer what he says to you pretty or you'll not get any supper this night, and look at them bundles he got.

  43. There had been a widow with many children, who had found baskets of cooked food and bundles of well-made clothing on her step.

  44. But Catherine started out early in the morning, and was back by nightfall, not so very much the worse, and carrying in her arms bundles which might have fatigued a bronco.

  45. Thus month after month his papers accumulated, until every corner of the room was stacked with bundles of manuscript which were on no account to be burned, and which could not be put away save by their owner.

  46. I could see that it was already a third full of bundles of paper tied up with red tape into separate packages.

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