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Example sentences for "harnessed"

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harmosts; harms; harnes; harness; harnesse; harnesses; harnessing; harneys; harnsome; harnt
  1. Near him stood a litter, and a chariot, to which were harnessed two fine horses.

  2. I was given as a plaything to the young Mena, and he harnessed me to his little chariot, and dressed me out with ribbons and feathers, and flogged me when I did not go fast enough.

  3. Six dogs could still be harnessed to each of the two remaining sledges.

  4. It takes time to get everything ready, and it is late in the afternoon before the first team of three post-horses is led out and harnessed to the vehicle.

  5. At one such station three camels are harnessed to the tarantass, and the clumsy animals waddle along so that their humps bob and roll on their backs.

  6. This horse always goes at a trot, being harnessed between the shafts with a high wooden arch above his neck, but the two outside horses go at a canter.

  7. The sledge was a very small one and it looked utterly insignificant, almost like a toy behind the four big bays harnessed two and two.

  8. If so there would be no yielding at the eleventh hour; and perhaps it was as well that to-morrow would see him harnessed to the royal coach for the last time.

  9. In constitutional usage he was as harnessed and bedizened as the piebald ponies who drew his state-coach when he went each year to open or shut the flood-gates of legislative eloquence.

  10. Here's the horse," said Fario, pointing to the animal, which stood harnessed thirty feet away.

  11. They carried her down the stairs, and the young priest harnessed himself to the little car, which gently rolled along, under the star-studded heavens, whilst M.

  12. A man who harnessed himself to his work like an ox, who laboured at his task like a navvy, at the rate of so many square yards a day!

  13. Pierre remarked one young woman of modest demeanour and attractive simplicity who sat alone in a dark-blue victoria, drawn by a well-groomed, elegantly harnessed horse.

  14. The sun blazed on relentlessly and the shores of the seven seas receded age after age, but with his science and his machines man had doggedly followed the retreating waters, husbanded and harnessed them and thus retained his grip on life.

  15. For countless centuries man had mastered the atom, divided it, harnessed its electrons.

  16. Now a drag is driven around to the front gate by the one man-servant of the house, who has harnessed up the horses and put food for them in the drag.

  17. Then the "billy" is boiled again and tea made, the horses harnessed up and the picnickers turn back towards civilization.

  18. This car was drawn by twelve white horses, harnessed four abreast; their manes plaited with flowers and golden tassels, and the reins held by men dressed in antique costumes, like those depicted on the medals of ancient triumphs.

  19. They smelt their kennel, and dragged at the leash with all their might; if harnessed to a light carriage they would have made the distance in half an hour.

  20. Harnessed at seventeen to the marriage plough, she had plodded along in the conjugal furrow without swerving to the right nor yet to the left, and never so much as asking herself if there were any other road.

  21. Noticing that the young baron was reeking with perspiration, and finding that he had come on foot, the doctor, who had already ordered his horse to be saddled, changed the order and had him harnessed to his carriole.

  22. We might have harnessed him to the horse and I'll warrant he'd have pulled to the collar.

  23. I noticed several of the well-grown animals drawing carts, sometimes harnessed with the white oxen.

  24. Olympus in the nuptial procession of Bianca, whose own car was drawn by real lions, while to other chariots were harnessed horses and buffaloes dressed in the skins of wild animals to represent griffins, unicorns, and elephants.

  25. We harnessed ourselves on to the sledge and with the dogs made a start, but we had a struggle to get off.

  26. Practically all hands had to be harnessed to each boat in succession, and by dint of much careful manipulation and tortuous courses amongst the broken ice we got both safely over the danger-zone.

  27. One or two of the men left behind had cut a moderately good track for us into the camp, and they harnessed themselves up with us, and we got in in fine style.

  28. The next day at an early hour I harnessed my little pony, and, putting my things in my cart, I went on my projected stroll.

  29. The four horses are harnessed to it, and Sambo, mouth stretched from ear to ear, drives it around to the front of the mansion, where a broad flight of stone steps leads downward from the wide veranda.

  30. The four horses were led out, rubbed down from nose to heel, and harnessed in their brightest trappings.

  31. To many of these were harnessed reindeer with superb horns, while others were without animals.

  32. We at last concluded to stop; we kept the reindeer harnessed and stood near them.

  33. Everything being ready, the reindeer were harnessed and we started.

  34. Our reindeer being harnessed we bade good-bye to the people of the house of refuge, and a number of parties left together for self-protection.

  35. But I appeared before the American Geographical Society in New York dressed in this suit, seated in my Lapp sleigh, with a stuffed reindeer harnessed to it, and my bearskin over me.

  36. He pointed as he spoke, and there was a high crimson curricle coming down the London road, with two bay mares harnessed tandem fashion before it.

  37. He was so eager that it should reach you that he would not leave me until the horse was harnessed and I started upon my way.

  38. Lorimer, order the bays to be harnessed in the curricle.

  39. Bela," calling to her servant, "have the horses harnessed to the cart at once, I am going for a drive.

  40. They had reached the house, and Kate, having given orders for the horses to be harnessed to the Victoria, excused herself for a few moments.

  41. The day was nearly spent, but we harnessed up our team and traveled four miles, to the crossing of a creek, where we encamped for the night.

  42. After these matters had been disposed of, we harnessed up our teams and traveled about five miles, and encamped with Big Soldier creek on our right hand and Caw river on our left.

  43. Hugh went ahead and harnessed himself in the cord that was tied to the front of the sleigh, and grasped the "gee-pole," lashed as a single shaft on the right side of the sleigh.

  44. As the party at one o'clock drew into Bennett, they saw one party eating dinner in the open, with sleigh loaded and dogs harnessed beside them.

  45. He was up at four on the morning of the start, harnessed the dogs, carried the outfit to the sleigh, and lashed it on.

  46. Hugh said nothing, but disengaged himself from his harness, went to the rear of the load, and undid a coil of rope from either side, to which Berwick and Bruce were harnessed also.

  47. Hugh then cracked the whip, re-harnessed himself in the cord, and grasped the gee-pole.

  48. Hugh took the gee-pole, John harnessed himself in the cord that was attached to the left-hand rear of the sleigh; so they set out.

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