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Example sentences for "harnesses"

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  1. Thus early we are able to distinguish certain differences between the knightly harnesses of Aragon and Leon.

  2. Then the harnesses are put on the loom, the threads attached to the cylinder on which the cloth is to be wound.

  3. And in the elaborate patterns not one, but several harnesses were used, each awaiting its turn for the impulse bidding it rise and fall!

  4. Soon the sealskin traces hanging on the dogs' harnesses were cut and spliced together to form one long line.

  5. This time I had taken the precaution to tie the harnesses under the dogs' bellies so that they could not slip them off, and after a long fight I was able to drag myself onto the new pan.

  6. You know you have staked the harnesses against the horse or a hundred pistoles, at your choice.

  7. Athos went in quest of the Englishman, whom he found in the stable, examining the harnesses with a greedy eye.

  8. The Englishman calculated fast; the two harnesses were worth three hundred pistoles.

  9. But what is the use of harnesses without horses?

  10. Old Memotas had especially manufactured the harnesses for this event.

  11. The harnesses were all hung high, and everything made as secure as possible.

  12. Their harnesses creaked a monotonous complaint with their renewed efforts, the colter came whining behind them.

  13. Now the strength and cheapness of harnesses enable the poor man to equip his horse with a working suit impossible to have been produced a hundred years ago.

  14. The harnesses of the farmer's and labouring man's horses a century ago, when they were fortunate enough to own horses, were of the crudest description.

  15. The spans of huge Orloff stallions, black or dappled gray, display their full beauty of form in the harnesses of slender straps and silver chains; their beautiful eyes are unconcealed by blinders.

  16. In the far corner, divorced wagon bodies, running-gear, and harnesses lay heaped on the earth.

  17. Harnessed up in the afternoon in order to see if the harnesses were in marching order.

  18. Harnesses were opened and distributed to the platoons.

  19. Usually we start the season with half a dozen good balls and head harnesses and so on, but this year we were short on every blessed thing.

  20. The dogs have harnesses (ano) made of sealskin (Fig.

  21. Iglulik harnesses consisted of three bights, one passing over the breast and shoulder and two under the fore legs.

  22. Sometimes the harnesses are not taken off at night.

  23. For this purpose the traces of some harnesses are made of two pieces, which are united by the sadniriaq, a clasp similar to that of the pitu (Figs.

  24. The sledge is iced, the harnesses are taken out of the storeroom by the door, and the dogs are harnessed to the sledge.

  25. Many dogs are able in such cases to strip off their harnesses and thus escape being dragged along, as the team cannot be stopped quickly enough to prevent this.

  26. They shook themselves when Joe approached, and the harnesses knocked off such snow as still clung to them.

  27. Twice within the past fifteen minutes they had balked, stepped over their traces, snarled their harnesses and kicked at him when he sought to untangle them.

  28. As gently as possible he unhitched the team, and stripped their harnesses off.

  29. They wore light harnesses around their bodies, and two of them were carrying tools.

  30. Then he wormed his way forward slowly toward where the harnesses were being put on his mates.

  31. Many harnesses were so encrusted with gold, platinum, silver and precious stones as to entirely hide the leather beneath.

  32. Suddenly a shell fell about a hundred yards away, and the wagons brought up jerkily, the harnesses rattling.

  33. The air was heavy with the musty smell of street mud that never dries during winter time, mixed with the odor of the tired horses, who stood, scarcely moving, backed away from their harnesses against the mire-gripped wagons.

  34. All his life he's made harnesses by hand and he thinks that's the only way.

  35. On the floor of the shop were the factory-made harnesses cut into bits.

  36. The sound of the hoofs of the horses pounding on the bridge was like thunder, harnesses rattled, voices shouted.

  37. They've got to go out through the drenchin' rain and the snow-drifts, to earn money so that the rich folks can have them gold-plated harnesses and them silks and velvets.

  38. She took down the long narwhal tusks that the dog harnesses were hung on.

  39. They jumped about and howled again and got their harnesses dreadfully tangled.

  40. The harnesses were made of walrus thongs and the dogs would eat them if they had a chance.

  41. So Koolee ran back for their sledge and harnesses for the dogs.

  42. Kesshoo was hanging the dogs' harnesses up on a tall pole, where the dogs could not get them.

  43. For Menie, his father made dog harnesses out of walrus hide.

  44. A piece of thread attached as in the figure harnesses the sledge to five dogs, made of corks.

  45. A match, C, is glued to the ends, and to this is tied the thread that harnesses the dogs.

  46. I dream sometimes now of bad days we had on the Beardmore and elsewhere, when men were dropping through to be caught up and hang at the full length of the harnesses and toggles many times in an hour.

  47. I remember having a feeling as of ghosts about as we untoggled our harnesses from the sledge, tied them together, and thus roped walked upwards on that ice.

  48. Bowers used to toggle and untoggle our harnesses when we changed sledges.

  49. To get into our canvas harnesses was the most absurd business.

  50. The harnesses thawed in the tent, and froze back as hard as boards.

  51. In the pauses of our marching we halted in our harnesses the ropes of which lay slack in the powdery snow.

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