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Example sentences for "bundled"

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bunchy; buncoed; bund; bunda; bundle; bundles; bundling; bunds; bune; bung
  1. Early the next morning the 106th was bundled into cattle-cars and started off among the first.

  2. Thin the doors av all the palanquins slid back, an' the women bundled out.

  3. It was a popular song, and the warder himself was tempted to stay and listen until, the hour for locking up being past, he at last recollected his duty and bundled the prisoners into the shed.

  4. The serang in charge of the grab vaulted across the bulwarks and fell into the waiting arms of Fuzl Khan, who squeezed his throat, muttered a few fierce words in his ear, and handed him over to Gulam, who bundled him below.

  5. Press him too far and the old gentleman might have bundled us all into the street and thrown our trunks after us.

  6. They lifted me out of my sheets (I was appalled to discover my weakness), and bundled me with tender care in a dozen shawls and blankets.

  7. He let them in, one by one, and they clattered up the stairs, as he seized a tiny girl bundled in a dark red muffler and set her on the steps above him.

  8. As we were changing our course to run in, Mr. Cooke appeared, bundled up in his reefer.

  9. Amory's despair was crystallized by the appearance of Myra herself, bundled to the ears in a polo coat, her face plainly sulky, her voice pleasant only with difficulty.

  10. Then he was bundled up in bed, but all night long he was restless, muttering and tumbling about.

  11. At first he was minded to return, and I wish now that I had bundled him off.

  12. The winters were spent in New York City, while during the summer the young folks were generally bundled off to Valley Brook Farm, where their grandfather, Anderson Rover, still resided with his brother Randolph and wife Martha.

  13. Once more all bundled into the turnout, and then, with a crack of the whip and a loud tooting of the horns, they started on the return.

  14. A muttered imprecation was the only intimation that the figure which had been so unceremoniously bundled into the closet was alive.

  15. Ten minutes later the door was suddenly yanked open, another figure was bundled into the closet and the door slammed shut, almost before Donald could think.

  16. A Castilian of noble birth--" but here his mule deciding that this was no fit place for halting, bundled onward at a trot to overtake the guides, and obliged his rider to turn his attention to other matters.

  17. She had spread a mat on the floor, and folded up our fine blankets to serve for cushions; and all that did not belong to her she had bundled out of sight into that hollowed side I have mentioned as being intended for cattle.

  18. Old Matthews, the stout and chubby-cheeked station-master, seized her most unceremoniously by the left arm, and bundled her into a carriage.

  19. It was a very empty train, he had noticed himself, when he had got in at Tilgate; the one solitary occupant of the front compartment of their carriage, a fat old lady with a big black bag, had bundled out at Chetwood.

  20. First of all he got the young ladies to descend, and bundled them into the little reading-room; that was clearing the decks for action.

  21. Rob said he had no tobacco; and making sure that Daft Sandy had come to him with a pack of nonsense merely as an excuse to borrow money for tobacco, he bundled him out of the house and went to bed.

  22. Asking Mrs. Smith to look after the children until she herself could get back, she bundled Eunice back home with more haste than ceremony, and insisted on putting her to bed.

  23. They submitted to being handcuffed, and were bundled off toward the car in short order.

  24. McNulty must have bundled up grass and twigs into a ball and thrown it into the bag when he had approached on the pretense of "beating" the birds toward the light.

  25. He did not know, however, that at the very first sound of battle Frost had bundled the sisters aboard his launch and steamed away to the transports.

  26. In spite of our assumed names we were bundled out of three hotels, thanks to the curiosity of reporters who kept after Claude as though he were a ticket-of-leave man.

  27. At nine in the evening we reached the river and were bundled into two small boats, pulled by a slow-going gasoline launch.

  28. I had no objections to going there eventually but I preferred to have permission first, so we hastily bundled out of the train and went into the station.

  29. They bundled up their unconscious fighter and disappeared.

  30. Most of the Salariki carried unlit torches, some having four or five bundled together, as if gorp hunting must be done after nightfall.

  31. Early next day Mrs. Berry bundled off to Richard's hotel to let him know her determination.

  32. So Mrs. Berry, to whom Richard had once made mention of Lady Blandish as the only friend he had among women, bundled off in her black-satin dress to obtain an interview with her, and an ally.

  33. Do you think I'm going to let myself be bundled off to the Fever Hospital just because an ignoramus of a Hindoo doctor doesn't know his business sufficiently to tell nettle-rash when he sees it?

  34. I believe she just bundled her things together and bolted, and left the school to Miss Todd.

  35. Be off, and play at duty," and he bundled them into the battery.

  36. The sergeant was awe-struck and disgusted at his familiarity, speaking to him before the great: he pushed Private Dard hastily out of the presence, and bundled him into the trenches.

  37. When I was tired I bundled up such articles as I could lay my hands on; and returning home, presented them to my mother, saying, "Here is the balance of the price of our calf.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bundled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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