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Example sentences for "fatiguing"

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fathoms; fati; fatigue; fatigued; fatigues; fatis; fatlings; fatness; fato; fatorum
  1. Passing between the hills and the northern shore of the river, we had a difficult and fatiguing march over a road alternately sandy and rocky.

  2. The patient should be very quiet during the menstrual period and avoid severe exercise or fatiguing occupations, not only at those periods, but during the intervals.

  3. Light reflected from snow, sand, glazed white paper of books, or other bright surfaces is fatiguing from its intensity, and from the unusual angle at which it enters the eyes.

  4. The right way is moderate exercise, and short, non-fatiguing walks.

  5. Other women, on the other hand, of the ultramodern type, indulge in strenuous exercise and go out on long fatiguing walks up to the last day.

  6. The heat returned, and it was a fatiguing and dusty march into Hamadan, still mainly on the skirts of Elwend, among villages surrounded by vineyards.

  7. As I was lying under the trees, quite "knocked up" by the long and fatiguing night march and the great heat, I heard fluent French being spoken with a good accent.

  8. Marching with the caravan is a necessary precaution, but a most tedious and fatiguing arrangement.

  9. This naturally tended to an opposite extreme, for the studied structure of his sentences, and the fatiguing recurrence of mythological allusion, are blemishes greatly detracting from the pleasure afforded by his works.

  10. The abstruse distinctions of ancient philosophy, the complex tenets of dogmatic theology, the fatiguing jargon of scholastic disputation, were all included in the circle of female accomplishments.

  11. It had been marching and fighting for fifty consecutive days, and the fatiguing service had told so fearfully on my animals that the number of dismounted men in the corps was very large.

  12. The staircase height of each of the houses we have referred to is about sixty feet, a fatiguing ascension even for the lightest of us.

  13. Perhaps there is no better road in all England to run a coach race upon—it is undulating slightly all the way; whereas a completely level road is fatiguing to horses.

  14. Heated by fatiguing journeys and over exertion, and still more by the grief he had experienced at Rhode Island; and having afterwards laboured hard, drank freely, and passed several sleepless nights at Philadelphia, M.

  15. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to those with whom I have undertaken this fatiguing campaign.

  16. After a fatiguing journey of one month, he beheld at length that Philadelphia, so well known in the present day, and whose future grandeur Penn appeared to designate when he laid the first stone of its foundation.

  17. After a tedious and fatiguing journey, he at length landed in Ireland, in March, 1670, having been absent from that country a quarter of a century, where he was joyously received by his numerous relatives and friends.

  18. It was a fatiguing day, that Saturday; but at sunset their labors were over, all but arranging the books.

  19. It was a fatiguing day, and I felt greatly the utter apathy and want of interest in all the Swedes, who scarcely noticed anything, admired nothing, and remembered nothing.

  20. Yesterday we went a fatiguing excursion to Schwartzberg, the palace of the Prince of Rudolstadt, by which we saw the finest parts of Thuringia.

  21. The next day, December 1, was a very fatiguing one for us all.

  22. Long and fatiguing sledge journeys show a very different state of things.

  23. Doubtless, our day's march had not been a particularly long one, but the piece we had covered had indeed been fatiguing enough.

  24. Professor Barzia forbade it, because he considered that the big hunting-parties with which the emperor wishes to divert his thoughts from his grief for our little prince would be too fatiguing for my sweet invalid.

  25. Nevertheless it was necessary, for the ride to Olympia is long, and Spyros had promised us a fatiguing day, with twelve hours in the saddle as a minimum.

  26. Then the cold night settled down upon Andhritsæna, and we retired to the warmth of our narrow beds, ready for the summons which should call us forth to begin our fatiguing ride to the famous site of old Olympia.

  27. Over such ground it was very fatiguing to walk, the foot at each step sinking to the ankle, and care being necessary to avoid holes always ready to receive the whole leg, and sometimes the body.

  28. The cattle having had a fatiguing journey I thought it best to give them a day's rest, especially as I wished to examine the country and a group of hills to the eastward.

  29. That was only for a year or two; soon I advanced into the secretarial work which was less fatiguing and better paying.

  30. It's the most fatiguing thing you can do in this hot weather.

  31. The third day they passed over the mountains of Lez Pras and Haute Luce, seven thousand feet above the sea-level, a long and fatiguing march.

  32. Ireland continued in a disturbed state, and during the autumn and winter the regiment was employed in most fatiguing and painful services.

  33. The campaign of this year was remarkable for the long and fatiguing marches performed by the troops; but no general engagement occurred.

  34. It is rather a fatiguing walk up the hill; but there's the carriage always at your service.

  35. As the day had been a fatiguing one for every body, they all went to bed soon after dinner.

  36. Prose commenced his labour, and, for a few minutes, worked with due emphasis; but he soon found out that he had volunteered to a most fatiguing task.

  37. Yes, and fear," said Helen; and her hopes and fears on this subject alternated with fatiguing reiteration, and with a total incapacity of forming any judgment.

  38. It being a great while since the Fair Persian had bathed, on account of her late fatiguing journey, the vizier's lady, five or six days after she was bought, ordered a private bath in her own house to be got ready purposely for her.

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