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Example sentences for "appraising"

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appraised; appraisement; appraiser; appraisers; appraises; appraisingly; appreciable; appreciably; appreciate; appreciated
  1. It was an appraising look, and as Ira met it something very much like a smile flickered for an instant in the big centre's eyes.

  2. She looked at the man beside her as if appraising him.

  3. Young Oliver felt a weight at his heart, but he sat the straighter, and did not flinch before the appraising glance.

  4. So: "You are very beautiful," he said with his appraising glance full on her.

  5. And on Graham, too, he fixed that clear appraising gaze that had vaguely disconcerted Natalie.

  6. She looked around the table, coolly appraising every man there.

  7. She cast an appraising glance over the room.

  8. He had come a far way from the day he had walked down the Street, and eyed Its poplars with appraising eyes--a far way.

  9. Wilson's car, and was eyeing it with the cool, appraising glance of the street boy whose sole knowledge of machinery has been acquired from the clothes-washer at home.

  10. Their eyes remained appraising almost to the point of open suspicion.

  11. She glanced with quickly appraising eyes at the heavy silver articles of toilet laid out on the dressing-table, and at the gowns swinging from the pole in the closet.

  12. Yorke, with a bleak nod and handshake, swept the junior constable with a swiftly appraising glance.

  13. Come round in front," he ordered harshly, and she had once more to submit herself to the Emir's appraising glance.

  14. Then he held up each stone in turn, and the men gave it the same level, appraising glance.

  15. Jun sat back in his chair: his eyes smouldering as the men went over his opals, appraising and allotting each one, putting some before Rouminof, and some back before him.

  16. He examined it with an appraising eye, then looked about to see what spectators were near.

  17. The bluegrass girl stood looking at the mountain maiden with appraising eye for a few seconds.

  18. He was looking her over now with a coolly appraising eye.

  19. As I entered, and before a word of greeting passed, he gave me one of his keen, appraising glances.

  20. I tried to pull myself together, for I felt Mr. Rogers' keen eyes burning into the back of my head, appraising the effect of his words and measuring the degree of my numb terror.

  21. He surmised that she was appraising him and her next question confirmed his thought.

  22. Lately, much of his time had been spent in brilliantly lighted resorts, keeping an appraising eye on the after-business-hours amusements of trusted employees.

  23. He had been carefully appraising the openings in the crowd.

  24. Possibly," he replied, and eyed the ascent with an appraising stare.

  25. Evelyn Colcord glanced up the table with the appraising eye of a young hostess who had already established a reputation for her dinners.

  26. She was used to the quick appraising look, the attempts, sometimes clumsy, but often cleverly disguised, to collect some fragments of information whereupon to erect a plausible vision.

  27. But this time they declined not to look, but with steady, grave, appraising eyes they faced The Thing, resolute to know the worst, and in quiet undertones they talked together of War.

  28. Ben looked critically at Larry as if appraising the quality of his soul.

  29. Now as he rode up along the levels and neared the dark mouth of the cut he studied it with appraising eyes.

  30. He watched her with appraising eyes and saw that there was in her no consciousness of the unusual.

  31. Three of the millmen know their business," mumbled Bill, as if all the time he had been mentally appraising his force.

  32. The man's eyes seemed intent on penetrating and appraising him, as he stood there without a seat having been proffered, or any courtesy shown.

  33. She smiled slightly and steadily, as if in a proud contentment, and clapped now and then quite softly, and she turned once and scanned the audience with eyes accustomed to ovations and appraising the significance of this one.

  34. The ambiguity of her status as little camp-follower became defined for Betty's penetrating and appraising eyes and the inappropriateness of the letter, with its broken-hearted maternal tone, returned to Gregory with renewed irony.

  35. He looks about him with pitiful nervousness as if to avoid the appraising look with which she takes in his face, his clothes, etc--his voice seeming to plead for her forbearance.

  36. Thought no longer found satisfaction in appraising them in a scale of values according to their nearness to, or remoteness from, fixed truths.

  37. Judicial decision and penal correction are restricted and ineffective methods of maintaining social institutions unchanged, compared with instilling in advance uniform ideas--fixed modes of appraising all social questions and issues.

  38. Ideas, or meanings fixed in terms, show the scheme of values which the community uses in appraising matters that need consideration and which are indeterminate or unassured.

  39. And his eyes slowly searched Rainey's face with appraising pertinacity for a second or two.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "appraising" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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