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apparent; apparently; apparet; apparition; apparitional; apparitor; apparitors; apparrell; apparrelled; appartement
  1. You held apparitions and goblins in contempt.

  2. The tales of apparitions and enchantments did not possess that power over my belief which could even render them interesting.

  3. We may apply these considerations to the question of the messages and apparitions from the unseen world which have been alluded to in former chapters.

  4. So does the contrast between the obvious and the hidden meanings of the apparitions of the armed head, the bloody child, and the child with the tree in his hand.

  5. These multiformities of things are all unrealities, and taken for true in our ignorance of the unity; which multiplies itself in our imagination, as children create and produce false apparitions from their unsound understandings.

  6. The soul that sees the truth, has no more the knowledge of his body; as the man awakened from his sleep, has no longer the apparitions of his dream appearing before him.

  7. It then sees the thickening mists of error, rising as spectres and apparitions before the sight of boys.

  8. The existence of apparitions has been acknowledged by many, and a tendency towards a belief of them is to be remarked in many more.

  9. The early ghosts were for the most part silent, yet could talk on occasion, and classical apparitions were sometimes vocal and sometimes silent.

  10. Arthur Machen has just published a collection of stories of war-apparitions that are interesting psychical specimens, called The Bowmen.

  11. The horrors of invisibility in modern fiction avail to give a ghastly chill to the soul that visible apparitions rarely impart.

  12. Ghostly apparitions are more varied in form than in early times.

  13. The terrors of the later apparitions are not physical, but psychical, and probably the stories of the future will be more and more allied to Spiritualism.

  14. Another case of collective apparitions is the experience of a soldier, wounded in battle, who tells of strange fighters who have come in to aid the English.

  15. The apparitions in later English fiction fall naturally into several distinct classes with reference to the reality of their appearance.

  16. The apparitions of to-day have more lines of interest than the ancient ghosts.

  17. The distinctions between materializations and astralizations, etherealizations and plain apparitions might furnish good plot structure.

  18. Another famous cloistered ghost, one of the pioneer female apparitions of note, is the Bleeding Nun in Lewis's The Monk, that hall of Gothic horrors.

  19. Certain volumes of ghost stories have appeared, claiming to be not fiction but fact, accounts of actual apparitions seen and snap-shotted.

  20. There is a plausibility, a corporeality about the later apparitions that shows their advance over the diaphanous phantoms of the past.

  21. The mistaken ghost is an old form, for most of Mrs. Radcliffe's interesting apparitions belong to this class and others of the Gothic writers used subterfuge to cheat the reader.

  22. They looked like boys out of the purlieus of Dickens's poverty-world, and all London waterside apparitions are more or less from his pages.

  23. You, according to your own showing, see and hear nothing but apparitions in your brain, and strangely attribute them to things that are outside your skull.

  24. Edmund Elys, the letters usually turn on the reality of apparitions and magical incantations; both these learned men were hunting about all their lifetimes to find a true ghost.

  25. And it was noticed that her left eye, the eye which at the time of the apparitions had been nearest to the Blessed Virgin, remained obstinately open.

  26. In front of the Hotel of the Apparitions M.

  27. The Church ought to have faith in the apparitions of the Savior.

  28. Now that you have confided to me the secret of these apparitions perhaps they may not return.

  29. The strange tale of the apparitions of the farmer Martin, so clearly proved, and his interview with Louis XVIII.

  30. By what means can these singular apparitions take place?

  31. Concerning these myths, Strauss says: "The myths of the ancient world more generally ascribed divine apparitions to countrymen and shepherds; the sons of the gods, and of great men were frequently brought up among shepherds.

  32. The possibility, and even prevalency, of apparitions similar to those related of Jesus are recognized by every student of psychology.

  33. The crafty Tricks of the Monks are detected, who terrify and frighten unexperienced Minds into their Cloysters, by feign'd Apparitions and Visions.

  34. This Colloquy detects the Artifices of Impostors, who impose upon the credulous and simple, framing Stories of Apparitions of Daemons and Ghosts, and divine Voices.

  35. Then again, O God, if You separate us from each other, the devils will deceive us with their apparitions that resemble us, and destroy our hearts, and defile our thoughts towards each other.

  36. In the evening he declared that there were dreadful apparitions at Muhamed Isa's grave, and that at night fearful shrieks and groans could be heard from beneath.

  37. After these apparitions he was overcome with sadness and howled like a young camel.

  38. Cardan at eight had apparitions and revelations of genius.

  39. Why should their apparitions content themselves with announcing the decease, at the Antipodes, of profoundly uninteresting relatives?

  40. It is notorious that the devil was seen in a temple which they had in a certain part of the district of Cunti-suyu, and I have heard of certain Spaniards, in the present times, who saw apparitions of this our enemy.

  41. By such false apparitions were these poor people made to obey the will of the evil one, and for this reason they buried people alive, together with the dead, that they may rise again with more honour.

  42. These people, by the permission of God, were, like all the others, deceived by the devil with the false and delusive apparitions of some people who were dead, dressed and adorned in the way their bodies had been put into the tombs.

  43. These weird apparitions had been handsome youths, clad in fashionable attire, fifteen minutes before, but now they did not resemble any beings one ever sees unless in nightmares.

  44. Sometimes, eight or ten of these mysterious apparitions are fastened in a procession by a rope, pace slowly along with one negro to drive or conduct it, often sitting astride on the top of this superstructure.

  45. For the first time these gauzy waves have ceased to vagabondize over our heads like mere apparitions of loveliness that cannot discover or remember their own errands in the world.

  46. If this was not one of the pleasantest apparitions I have seen, it was one of the most remarkable.

  47. Mrs. Volckman, although used all her life to manifestations and apparitions of all sorts, told me she had never felt so frightened at the sight of one before.

  48. When the apparitions (or whatever you choose to call them) appear, they must bring their own lights or you won't see them, I have no conductor to my seances.

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