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Example sentences for "bestows"

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  1. Vasari bestows on him a short eulogy, among the pupils of Angiolo Gaddi; observing that he "produced many fine works at S.

  2. Quite overjoyed he summons all his sons, Takes leave of each apart, on each bestows His blessing and his ring, and dies--Thou hearest me?

  3. Envy the beast, then, on whom Heaven bestows Your pleasures, with no curses at the close.

  4. Yet even if he think not aright concerning this sacrament, it is enough, for the receiving of the sacrament, that he should have a general intention of receiving Baptism, according as Christ instituted, and as the Church bestows it.

  5. For Baptism which bestows full remission of sins is not less efficacious than this sacrament.

  6. Likewise, since this sacrament bestows on man the perfection of spiritual age, as stated above (AA.

  7. Therefore the form of the bread is changed into the form of Christ's body, according as the latter gives corporeal being, but not according as it bestows animated being.

  8. For Christ is said to be the Head of the Church inasmuch as He bestows spiritual sense and the movement of grace on the Church.

  9. The Holy Ghost bestows at the font the fulness of innocence; but in Confirmation He confers an increase of grace.

  10. Since with Christ to die was life, what pain may He be supposed to have suffered in the mystery of His death, Who bestows life on such as die for Him?

  11. Further, the salvation which Christ bestows is an everlasting one, according to Isa.

  12. Further, the sacrament of Baptism seems to be more efficacious than the sacrament of Confirmation: since it bestows full remission of sins, both as to guilt and as to punishment, whereas this sacrament does not.

  13. And since Christ and His Passion are the cause of grace, and since spiritual refreshment, and charity cannot be without grace, it is clear from all that has been set forth that this sacrament bestows grace.

  14. Christ, as man, but only as God, bestows the Holy Ghost.

  15. Such labor lifts us above the happiness external possessions can give, and bestows upon us a wealth that the world cannot take away.

  16. The worldling does it who follows an honorable profession with all his heart and soul and mind and strength, seeking only such rewards as Mammon bestows upon his votaries.

  17. Every day is a gift I receive from Heaven; let us enjoy to-day that which it bestows on me.

  18. To commiserate is sometimes more than to give; for money is external to a man's self, but he who bestows compassion communicates his own soul.

  19. Ezekiel pays a tribute to the grandeur of their position by the care he bestows on the description of their fate.

  20. Ezekiel naturally bestows special attention on a class of practitioners whose whole influence tended to efface moral landmarks and to deal out to men weal or woe without regard to character.

  21. The land is Jehovah's, and He bestows it on those who are prepared to use it as His holiness demands.

  22. For this end, He bestows gifts, and maintains them in the church, and will maintain them until they shall be no longer needed.

  23. The Lord Jesus not only bestows ministerial gifts, but, in His marvellous grace, He will abundantly reward the faithful and diligent exercise of those gifts.

  24. If Hur has never learned the art of war, God will surely guide his arm, and it is He and none other who bestows victory.

  25. It seems strange that Aristotle does not notice this argumentative difficulty in the discussion which he bestows on [Greek: tau)to/n] in the Seventh Book of the Topica.

  26. Intuitions, is shown by the subtle and elaborate reasonings that he employs to explain them, and by the censure that he bestows on the erroneous explanations and shortcomings of others.

  27. The serpent replied, 'O scion of the Bharata's race, my belief is that the man who bestows alms on proper objects, speaks kind words and tells the truth and abstains from doing injury to any creature goes to heaven.

  28. The Rishis replied, "Indra is the giver of strength, power, children and happiness to all creatures and when propitiated, that Lord of the celestials bestows on all the objects of their desire.

  29. From this it follows, that woman never enjoys existence better, than when a moderate plumpness bestows on her organs, without too much weakening them, all the suppleness of which they are capable.

  30. She guides the young with innocence In pleasure's path to tread; A crown of glory she bestows Upon the hoary head.

  31. Come, let us join our souls to God In everlasting bands, And seize the blessings he bestows With eager hearts and hands.

  32. In all these mercies may my soul A father's bounty see: Nor let the gifts thy grace bestows Estrange my heart from thee.

  33. At any rate, those which justice bestows have hitherto been lacking.

  34. Truth bestows no pardon upon error, but 11:18 wipes it out in the most effectual manner.

  35. On discovering that the poor man's tears can be stayed with money, Aucassin bestows upon him the small sum he needs, receiving in return the information that a lovely maiden has been seen in the forest.

  36. Thence the travellers proceed to Rudiger's castle, where his wife and daughter entertain their future queen, who bestows upon them costly treasures.

  37. The hermit then bestows upon them a golden wand which will defeat all enchantments, and bids them hasten to the Fortunate Isles.

  38. Meanwhile Siegfried returns to Kriemhild, imprudently relates how he has been occupied, and bestows upon her the girdle and ring.

  39. When Hrothgar beholds it on the morrow and hears an account of the night's adventures, he warmly congratulates Beowulf, upon whom he bestows rich gifts, and in whose honor he decrees a grand feast shall be held in this hall.

  40. He was on horseback, riding a magnificent Arabian steed which one of his friends had lent him, and which he was handling with the excessive care which an Austrian always bestows upon a horse that is not his own.

  41. Thucydidês bestows marked eulogy upon the general spirit of moderation and patriotic harmony which now reigned at Athens, and which directed the political proceedings of the people.

  42. To you, Madam, I need not recount the fairy pleasures the Muse bestows to counterbalance this catalogue of evils.

  43. Besides, the incredulous person has not an infinity of resources which Christianity bestows upon its superstitious followers.

  44. Ordination is another very mysterious ceremony, by which the Deity secretly bestows his invisible grace on those whom he has selected to fill the office of the holy priesthood.

  45. Religion is only important in accordance with the advantages it bestows upon mankind.

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