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Example sentences for "funniest"

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funnel; funneled; funnelled; funnels; funnier; funnily; funny; funt; funus; fuoco
  1. Keith,--the first is the funniest of every one of them.

  2. My then companion was a merry youth who afterwards achieved fame by writing the very funniest and one of the most successful of three-act farces that was ever placed upon the stage.

  3. Dinner at Mrs. Jellyby's in Bleak House is one of the funniest and most delightful incidents in the book, especially the attendance.

  4. Daughter said it was the funniest thing in life to see him propped up in bed with a striped skull-cap on, hooking his wife a shawl.

  5. I'm dying to tell you, for it's the funniest thing in the collection.

  6. Soon after, the duckling came round in front of the trunk where they were sitting; and it was the funniest little object, with its stumpy wings, and a big yellow bill that opened and shut like a pair of scissors.

  7. I heard the funniest thing about Professor Winters yesterday," piped up a sophomore.

  8. Tody was the funniest and happiest of all, and he made all the children laugh and shout and clap their hands.

  9. The funniest doggie in all the world is little yellow Wienerwurst.

  10. He thought Bobby the "funniest little beggar" in the world.

  11. Judge, bursting into inextinguishable mirth this time, "I reckon that's the funniest prayer of thanksgiving that ever went up to the Throne of Grace!

  12. Isn't that the funniest way for an Italian to spend his time in America?

  13. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen," laughed Stella.

  14. You are the funniest young one we ever had here," was her comment, when she caught her breath.

  15. Well, if this isn't the funniest thing I ever heard of.

  16. Steve, staring at the object the other bent over and picked up; "this is the funniest thing that ever happened to me, Max.

  17. It's the funniest contraption you ever saw, Nell.

  18. He was the funniest man that ever talked.

  19. First of all he was the funniest man that ever talked.

  20. The little darkies did their funniest tricks and sang songs for young mas'r; but though he seemed a little stronger, he did not get well.

  21. Her baby talks everything in the funniest crooked fashion.

  22. This funniest of funny books is published at 2s.

  23. Old Mr. Plimpkins was a farmer who lived at the outskirts of the town, but Prue had seen him at church, and she thought him the funniest man she had ever seen.

  24. I do believe you think of the funniest questions to ask.

  25. It is the funniest thing how they seem to pop into a hot bath upon all occasions," remarked Eleanor.

  26. In this land of Upside-down-ness, that is about the funniest thing I have seen," declared Jack.

  27. But the funniest part of the whole morning's entertainment was undoubtedly the dancing of the little dwarf.

  28. At the close of each dance he made the funniest bows, smiling and nodding to them just as if he were one of them.

  29. I do think you must be the funniest family!

  30. It was pleasant, too, to hear again of Bridgie and Esmeralda, who had been so long unmentioned, and who must really be the funniest creatures!

  31. But she just laughs all the time, and her face breaks up in the funniest little wrinkles that make you laugh with her.

  32. Believe me, we are the funniest looking pair.

  33. I put it on the bed, and gee, it was the funniest looking thing you ever saw.

  34. The funniest talking he ever did was when he saw the dog in the backyard.

  35. But funniest of all was to see him hang by his hind toes, head down, and play with his tail!

  36. The king had offered half his kingdom to the one who could make her laugh, and all the giants had done their very funniest tricks for her.

  37. After that they visited their little sister often at her new home; and, when she had children of her own, it was the funniest sight one ever saw to see the biggest giant hold the tiny babes upon his knee.

  38. They went out on the porch a little while after supper, and the boys were at their funniest and kept the girls in a continual gale of merriment.

  39. You will know the real =Arms and Legs= for they are always the funniest ones and the most suggestive of comical action.

  40. The Frog= The frog is one of the simplest and at the same time the funniest of the collection.

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