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Example sentences for "funnels"

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  1. From the clouds of dense black smoke pouring from the funnels they knew that the stokers were being urged to their best efforts.

  2. Great billows of black smoke vomited forth from the short funnels came drifting down the wind.

  3. I watch them with my single eye, I see their funnels flame, And I sing Ho!

  4. The smoke from her funnels had almost ceased.

  5. She was a Hamburg-Amerika liner converted to a transport, and thick black smoke poured out of her four funnels as she raced back towards Heligoland and safety.

  6. We altered our course a little, and as we swerved I could see she had four funnels which grew larger every moment.

  7. The harbour is covered with battleships and transports, most of the former flying the tricolour flag, and among the others are many of the largest liners in the world, the "Mauretania" with her four funnels being one of them.

  8. We now lie in the outer harbour, while the four great funnels of our next boat can be seen towering over the hills that form the south side of the inner harbour.

  9. The deck was empty between the funnels and the poop.

  10. Directly he reached the quay, he perceived the funnels of the Newhaven steamer behind the harbour railway-station.

  11. Her four clean funnels swung far over as the slim ship, with her stabbing, crashing guns, swung in a sweeping circle to bear down upon the black bulk slowly sinking in the search-light's glare.

  12. It was still dark when the search-light's sweeping beam picked up the black hull and broad, red-striped funnels of the Nagasaki Maru.

  13. The same depth is nearly necessary to all, the funnels being all made of a size proper to admit a chimney-sweeper.

  14. Two guns had been dismounted, and her funnels were pierced in a hundred places.

  15. Didn't we cheer, for at this they had evidently had enough of it, and clouds of steam came roaring out of their funnels as they stopped their engines.

  16. You have to fire at her water-line between her funnels and try and disable her boilers.

  17. By this time the naked eye could easily identify her white side and yellow funnels and cowls glistening in the setting sun, and the white ensign flying at her gaff, as fair a sight as any British naval man ever wants to see.

  18. The comparable funnels cited above were discarded in the mid-18th century.

  19. A similar rim form is present on a pair of lead-glazed funnels (fig.

  20. Indeed, the tall tragic funnels of the Leviathan and her motionless derelict masts cast a curious shadow of feeling over that region.

  21. Fourteenth Street sharabang, and saw, over the piers, the tall red funnels of the Aquitania.

  22. The air was dense and very still; so the smoke of guns and funnels hung like a pall over both the combatants while the desperate fight went on.

  23. A few minutes later the big boat, her two long funnels vomiting torrents of smoke and sparks, thrust her huge wheel into the thick waters and, swinging slowly out into mid-stream, turned her flat nose toward the distant falls of Tequendama.

  24. Even the diminishing volume of smoke that rose from its funnels evidenced the owner's intention of spending some time in that romantic spot.

  25. This alone may make objects appear of very different colours to different animals.

  26. When, however, the insect alighting on it presses down the keel, the flower bursts open, and dusts it with pollen.

  27. They are not parent and offspring--that is clear, for they are of the same age; nor are they twins, for there is no parent.

  28. The stamens, however, have undergone a remarkable modification.

  29. They are, in fact, theoretically immortal.

  30. We have not only no proof that animals are confined to our five senses, but there are strong reasons for believing that this is not the case.

  31. Entering the flesh as they do by myriads, they prove very effective weapons.

  32. Whatever the explanation of the gift of hearing in ourselves may be, different plans seem to be adopted in the case of other animals.

  33. If we regard a mass of coral as an individual because it arises by continuous growth from a single egg, then it follows that some corals must be thousands of years old.

  34. When the jaguars approached the skirt of the forest our dog, which till then had never ceased barking, began to howl and seek for shelter beneath our hammocks.

  35. I should on the contrary have quoted this case as one where the advantage was obvious.

  36. Without showing so much as a glimmer of light, with their funnels screened with "spark arresters" to prevent the exit of glowing embers from the furnaces, the long, lean craft headed in the supposed direction of the enemy fleet.

  37. Of the Calder's funnels only one remained standing.

  38. On deck steps were being taken to clear away the debris, and to set up a pair of temporary funnels of sufficient height to carry the smoke clear of the side.

  39. The glass funnels selected for use with paper filters should have an angle as near 60° as possible, and a narrow stem about six inches in length.

  40. Funnels for analytical use are supposed to have the same angle, but are rarely accurate.

  41. Funnels should never be allowed to drip upon the base of the stand.

  42. Both her funnels were blown completely out of her, and the hissing roar of escaping steam, followed by the screams of the scalded stokers down below, told all too plainly that a boiler had been pierced.

  43. The barge was built up high with boards, while funnels and turrets constructed of pork-barrels reared above, and two old canoes did duty for quarter-boats.

  44. Around two of the funnels which pass through this gorgeous apartment are large mirrors, with alternate highly ornamented panels, and at their base are groupings of velvet couches.

  45. These cylinders were just ready, and standing in a row waiting to receive their "charges," which were to be put into them through the tin funnels fitted for the purpose.

  46. Was there a row of things close by, with tin funnels stuck in them and a cloth over the top?

  47. Larry, for the smoke from the craft's funnels was plainly to be seen.

  48. The craft was struck twice and the prisoner below heard a wild commotion on the deck, as one of the funnels was carried away.

  49. What was left of her funnels and ventilators resembled nutmeg-graters, and she was perceptibly down by the head; for her bow leaked through its wrinkled plates, and the forward compartment below the protective deck was filled.

  50. The following Argyll scraped her funnels and masts as she passed over.

  51. There they were in the gray light of the chill February morning--the fleet of Federal gunboats under Foote, their big black funnels pouring clouds of smoke into the sky, darkening the dull red glow of the rising sun.

  52. The smoke of its funnels made but a tiny smudge on the wide, shining Southern skies.

  53. For a time the land breeze blew the steam of the swamps after her, and masts and funnels reeled through a muggy haze as she lurched across the surf-swept shoals.

  54. Her masts and funnels slanted and Kit could hardly keep his footing on the inclined deck.

  55. The rigging and funnels of the fleet were unrelated; those ships were phantom and monstrous.

  56. We have our ships and docks, and the River at Blackwall when night and the flood come together, and walls and roofs which topmasts and funnels surmount, suggestions of a vagabondage hidden in what seemed so arid a commonplace desert.

  57. At Tilbury, where the modern liners are, you get wall sides mounting like great hotels with tier on tier of decks, and funnels soaring high to dominate the day.

  58. Some have funnels of blue and black, (Some come once but come not back!

  59. Some have funnels of red and yellow, Some--O war!

  60. With her funnels riddled like sieves, her deck gear swept away, and in a sinking condition, she turned for the open sea.

  61. Her masts and funnels were decked with branches; the whole tops of trees festooned her sides.

  62. With an appalling crash her funnels and masts went by the board.

  63. By dint of careful stoking, her funnels emitted little or no smoke that might betray her position.

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