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Example sentences for "canonised"

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canonically; canonicity; canonico; canonis; canonisation; canonist; canonists; canonization; canonize; canonized
  1. As a Christian, a martyr, and a canonised saint, Hermengildo presents an original figure.

  2. Antinous was canonised according to Greek ritual and by Greek priests: Græci quidam volente Hadriano eum consecraverunt.

  3. Some Greeks, at the instance of Hadrian, canonised him, asserting that oracles were given by him, which Hadrian himself is supposed to have made up.

  4. He therefore canonised Antinous, and took measures for disseminating his cult throughout the world, careless of the element of imposture which might seem to mingle with the consecration of his true affection.

  5. The Dragon is the same Athanasius whose creed sends forth its anathemas in churches dedicated to the Arian canonised for having slain him!

  6. Then as the centuries passed by, he was canonised as the god or guardian saint of war, and his last change was being made the tutelary deity of the present dynasty.

  7. He canonised John Cajetan, Philip Benitius, Francis Borgia, Louis Bertrand, and Rose of Lima.

  8. She died in 1582, and forty years later she was canonised by Gregory XV.

  9. During his reign he canonised Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, and Peter of Alcantara.

  10. The founder was canonised in 1690, and named as patron of hospitals by Leo XIII.

  11. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that one hundred years after his death he was beatified, and forty years later, in 1712, he was canonised formally by Clement XI.

  12. Scandinavian pagan prince, converted to Christianity and baptized as Helena; laboured for the propagation of the Christian faith among his subjects, was canonised after in 905, and is one of the saints of the Russian Church.

  13. Russia; converted to Christianity through his wife Anna Romanovna, laid the foundation of the Russian empire; has been canonised by the Russian Church; d.

  14. Edward was canonised by the Roman Church, and is generally known as St. Edward the Martyr.

  15. Thus the first Christian emperor was canonised only by the Pagans.

  16. During the period between the sixth and sixteenth centuries there were many canonised saints in the Church in England.

  17. How is it that the present Church of England has never canonised any saint?

  18. Thus perished good King Oswald, King and Saint; Saint by acclaim of nations canonised Ere yet the Church had spoken.

  19. You will found a new order, and be canonised after death.

  20. I could have canonised him for the words he had spoken.

  21. A column, with the statue of some canonised churchman, afforded me a niche where I was concealed from the other worshippers.

  22. Boke Made by a Certayne Great Clerke Agaynst the new Idole and Olde Devyll, Which of Late Tyme in Misnia Should have Ben Canonised For a Soynt.

  23. If they die in the field, they go directly to heaven, and shall be canonised for saints.

  24. His daughter Frideswide was first abbess, and was after death canonised and buried in the abbey dedicated to St. Frideswide.

  25. His heart was brought to Hereford and buried in the north transept of the Cathedral, and he was canonised in 1310.

  26. She died in Rome, aged thirty-three, and was buried there, her skull being taken to the Dominican church at Siena, and she was canonised in 1461.

  27. The Greek Church canonised the fourteen thousand innocents; and another notion, founded on a misinterpretation of Rev.

  28. Why send his countrymen on a foreign pilgrimage, to worship the shrine of their canonised benefactor?

  29. Fifty-eight years ago Jolyon had become an Eton boy, for old Jolyon's whim had been that he should be canonised at the greatest possible expense.

  30. Though never canonised himself, Old Jolyon's natural fastidiousness and balance had saved him from the errors of the vulgar.

  31. Archbishop Dunstan was canonised and given May 13th as his mass day.

  32. It may have been in the hope of checking the spread of the new cult in England that the witenagemot, the same that ratified Canute's legislation, canonised the imperious Archbishop who had governed the English Church two generations earlier.

  33. No doubt the eyes of the Christian world looked approvingly on the persistent efforts that Olaf of Norway, who was canonised four years later, was making to extirpate heathendom in the North.

  34. The mark of Satan's fury is stamped on the roof of Franceses's lowly cell; but the relics of the canonised Saint now fill the chamber which, in his impotent rage, the tempter once sought to destroy.

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