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  1. Why, there is twenty foot of water in it.

  2. How this was accomplished we know not; but forms of canonisation must have been in common usage, seeing that emperors and members of the Imperial family received the honour in due course.

  3. Accepting the calumnious insinuations of Dion Cassius, these gladiators of the new faith found a terrible rhetorical weapon ready to their hands in the canonisation of a court favourite.

  4. However this may have been, the grief of the Emperor, intensified either by gratitude or remorse, led to the immediate canonisation of Antinous.

  5. In support of any explanation which ascribes this group to a period later than the canonisation of Antinous, it may be repeated that the execution is inferior to that of almost all the other statues of the hero.

  6. This canonisation may probably have taken place in the fourteenth year of Hadrian's reign, A.

  7. The more artistically important of the series are her mystical marriage with Christ, by Arcangiolo Salimbeni, and her canonisation by Pope Pius II.

  8. Then, in the ninth, he gratifies alike his national pride for the glory of Siena and his own heart by the canonisation of St Catherine, whose crusading zeal had anticipated his own.

  9. A few days after the ceremony of the canonisation of St. Francis, Pope Gregory, amid the usual crowd of Umbrian spectators, laid the foundation-stone of the franciscan basilica.

  10. This vision was the prelude of a great ceremony held a few days later in San Giorgio for the canonisation of Francis, at which all Umbria seems to have been present.

  11. They did not even wait for the bull of canonisation to arrive from Rome, but often of their own accord placed the favoured being in the Calendar of Saints, and papal decrees merely ratified the choice of popular devotion.

  12. One of the last affairs in which Lanfredini had to act was the canonisation of the Archbishop Antonine, in which the Emperor Frederic III.

  13. A preparatory stage is beatification, and the beatification and canonisation of a saint are promoted by a long, tedious, and costly process, much resembling a suit at law.

  14. Order formed, and Ignatius, in 1547, installed as general, with absolute authority subject only to the Pope, to receive canonisation by Gregory XV.

  15. This canine canonisation explains why in some parts of Peru a priest was called, by way of honour, allco, Dog!

  16. Such a condition may have grown out of the canonisation of Saint Olaf in 1031.

  17. Nidaros (Throndhjem) is said to have been founded by the first King Olaf, but its great importance dates from the canonisation of Saint Olaf whose bones were buried there.

  18. The method of canonisation was probably new; but the nobles and prelates of England were surely as competent to act in such a matter as the youthful church at Nidaros.

  19. When Esmeralda went to Rome to the canonisation in the summer of 1867, she returned by Pisa.

  20. Soon after, in spite of the great heat of the summer, Esmeralda started for Rome, to be present at the canonisation of the Japanese martyrs, paying a visit to Madame de Trafford on the way.

  21. Borghese) who decreed the canonisation of Francesca, to the joy of the Oblates of Tor di Specchi, of the monks of Santa Maria Nuova, and of the whole people of Rome.

  22. No man can look at the processes of the canonisation of Catholic Saints without admitting that very few of those secular events which we unhesitatingly believe are supported by so overwhelming a weight of proof.

  23. A calm, critical, and judicial inquiry into the worth of the Roman process of canonisation has never been risked.

  24. Melville to him was the “man who lived with the cannibals,” and merited canonisation because of this intimacy with unholy flesh.

  25. To-day, witch-burning and canonisation have given place to more refined devices.

  26. But if fate preserve the father to a later time, too often the filial obsequies are less profound, the canonisation less ethereal.

  27. The processes of beatification and canonisation in Rome and China are in many respects similar.

  28. Christianity had taught man to look up; now his upward gaze lost its rigidity and beheld living beauty--metaphysical eroticism had been evolved--the canonisation and deification of woman.

  29. The "heavenly doctrine" of St. Teresa is alluded to not only in the Bull of canonisation but even in the Collect of the Mass of the Saint.

  30. The Bull of Canonisation and the Office in the Breviary also say that she was in her twentieth year, that is, A.

  31. When Luther wrote this the process of canonisation had already begun.

  32. The possession of a saint gave a church a certain reputation and distinction, which was sufficiently coveted to make local Church authorities willing to pay roundly for the canonisation of a departed bishop or other local dignitary.

  33. He worked hard to obtain the Canonisation of his illustrious predecessor, but it was not till four years after his death that Pope John XXII.

  34. The last writer was to some extent involved in the matter of the canonisation through having published the Legend of the famous Bishop.

  35. Before this, on the occasion of the canonisation of St. Benno, Spalatin, in a letter to Luther, had treated the canonisation as a laughing matter.

  36. Luther, for his part, in a letter to Jonas of August 14 of the same year, has his little joke about the visitors’ undoing of the canonisation of Benno.

  37. The better to appreciate certain striking contrasts between the olden Church and her ratification of morality on the one hand and Luther’s thought on the other, we may glance at his attitude towards canonisation and excommunication.

  38. In this way, a philosophy which veiled the Philistine confessions of its founder beneath neat twists and flourishes of language proceeded further to discover a formula for the canonisation of the commonplace.

  39. Ingleby took him for a prefect; already he had received the canonisation of heroism.

  40. That evening witnessed the canonisation of Griffin.

  41. The name of Julian more often suggests Julian the Apostate than Julian the Saint; though the latter crowned his canonisation with the sacred glory of being the patron saint of inn-keepers.

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