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  1. Organized labor, despite the handicaps within and without, has too much of construction to its credit.

  2. Gross organ inferiorities are those which are definite handicaps in the struggle for success in society, such as heart disease.

  3. The raison d'être of the greater number of minor mental inefficiencies the psychanalyst puts down to handicaps in the unconscious.

  4. Their careers illustrate the handicaps under which innovators labored.

  5. Under untold handicaps they had to begin at the very beginning, and start rebellions on their own account.

  6. His handicaps were typical of what every mine-operator had to contend with.

  7. The nation that does not give its women the opportunity to do their best in the socio-economic sphere which nature has assigned them handicaps itself badly.

  8. This was due to defects and handicaps in distribution.

  9. One of the men with whom I discussed the aspects of farming under the handicaps which the war was imposing was Joachim Baron von Bredow-Wagenitz, a large landowner in the province of Brandenburg.

  10. But of all handicaps the most serious by far was the lack of capital.

  11. In those better days, we or the next generation will take in hand the problem of race-depreciation, and segregation of defectives and abolition of handicaps penalizing the better stocks will put an end to our present racial decline.

  12. Nevertheless, down to the close of the eighteenth century, the Nordics suffered from no other notable handicaps than war and migration, and even enjoyed some marked advantages.

  13. Down to the eighteenth century, England, being an agricultural country with a cool climate, favored the Nordics, and but for the Nordic handicaps of war and migration the Mediterraneans might have been entirely eliminated.

  14. These present handicaps need not be permanent ones, and there is no more reason why a submarine should not take on fresh stores in the open sea than a surface vessel.

  15. Any device of this kind seriously handicaps the ship's speed, and, if she is once sighted by a submarine, is almost sure to be come up with and attacked.

  16. The object of handicaps is to get sport amongst craft of varied tonnage, class, and build, by giving time allowance.

  17. It is widely supposed that, although nature may have distributed some handicaps at birth, they can be removed if the body is properly warmed and fed and the mind properly exercised.

  18. An interesting study of some of the trivial traits of manner which may be handicaps in sexual selection is published by Iva Lowther Peters in the Pedagogical Seminary, XXIII, No.

  19. A woman handicaps herself seriously as compared with a man, in that, while she is much less muscular, her clothes are often so much heavier.

  20. South; but there the drawback of heavy weather and mountainous seas severely handicaps the fishermen.

  21. To complete the inhibition, there are all sorts of handicaps placed on them, making it unthinkable that they should love this country.

  22. This fact holds equally good for the Japanese immigrants, most of whom came from the poor quarters of the agricultural communities, where not only economic handicaps but customs and social fetters operate to check their multiplication.

  23. At the present your lack of experience probably handicaps you a little.

  24. Considering your early handicaps you have certainly shown some speed in adapting yourself to conditions," Carr observed facetiously.

  25. Many of the officers have no political training, do not know how to make speeches--and this, of course, handicaps the work of mutual understanding.

  26. The greater your handicaps the firmer your determination should wax, and the more abundant will assuredly be the blessings and confirmations of Baha’u’llah.

  27. He would urge you all to persevere in your self-sacrificing exertions, and, notwithstanding the various handicaps under which you may be compelled to labour, to confidently strive to achieve this high teaching objective.

  28. In addition to all their other handicaps the Pittsburgh district strikers had to contend with a particularly treacherous local press.

  29. Throughout the immediate Pittsburgh district, where the unions operated under such great handicaps and had to rely so much on the initiative of the individual workers, the same condition prevailed.

  30. With their handicaps of age and infirmities, they could never hope to work in steel mills again.

  31. Yet when we think of the severe handicaps they have had, we feel that they have done remarkably well.

  32. We are apt to forget the terrible handicaps that faced us as a people not so long ago, and the commercial ones that face our business men of to-day.

  33. Free yourself from everything which handicaps you, keeps you back and makes you unhappy.

  34. Apart from affections of the throat and cancerous diseases of lips and tongue which frequently affect smokers there is a physical taint which is transmitted to offspring which handicaps the unfortunate infant "from its earliest breath.

  35. Business we have got to untrammel, abolishing tariff favors, and railroad discrimination, and credit denials, and all forms of unjust handicaps against the little man.

  36. Her role as a doting mother hasn't helped either of the boys to overcome the handicaps that were already present.

  37. Considering the tremendous handicaps against them, they have done quite well, I think.

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