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Example sentences for "hurries"

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hurrahs; hurricane; hurricanes; hurried; hurriedly; hurry; hurrying; hurt; hurte; hurted
  1. So a proportionate * piece of iron in one skiff hurries with the same speed towards the loadstone as the loadstone itself in its boat strives towards the iron.

  2. Mabel produces the coin, and Philippa having delivered it hurries back.

  3. Silly boy,' is the reply, while she suddenly reaches up and kisses him, and then disengaging herself from his detaining arm hurries back to the house, whither he follows her a little more slowly.

  4. Takes her hand, and presses it to his lips; then turns and hurries out of the house.

  5. Hurries up the stairs, and disappears from sight.

  6. A sombre passion strengthens her voice and hurries her on.

  7. The director hurries down the centre aisle, the prompter's head appears at the proscenium arch.

  8. He greets the members of the company with a curt, preoccupied air and hurries down to the prompt stand.

  9. The wardrobe mistress hurries from one to another, needle and thread in hand.

  10. The crowd hurries away toward the wood, and does not hear the stifled groan that comes out of the middle of the fire.

  11. The men, who listen in the dark at the foot of the stair, hear a moan, and the Tory hurries back with a shout of gladness, for the rebel chief is no more and Howe's reward will enrich them for life.

  12. With a sigh she fits him a car of cloud, with the fire-fly steed chained on behind, and he hurries away to the northern sky whence the meteor comes, with roar and whirl, and as it passes it bursts to flame.

  13. The Governor sends his secretary with a courteous message; the President of the Normal School hurries down for a moment to shake hands.

  14. Carefully they wrap up the lad in wadded robes; then he puts his arms about Fusaichi's shoulders like a child; and the strong servant bears him lightly through the wintry street; and the father hurries beside Fusaichi, bearing the lantern.

  15. A horrid appetite hurries you on in the road to ruin.

  16. It breaks down the conscience, quickens the circulation, increases the courage, makes man flout at law and right, and hurries him to the perpetration of every abomination and crime.

  17. The machine to sew hurries everything, and you find the workwoman sans ambition and busy only to hurry and be one with the machine.

  18. She will seize her opportunity to vilipend me, and I shall be condemned by the kind of court-martial which hurries over the forms of a brial to sign the execution-warrant that makes it feel like justice.

  19. The auctioneer as a rule, however, hurries from lot to lot without wasting time referring to the charm of any one in particular.

  20. Fabius with seven more; at last, as the action becomes still hotter, Caesar himself hurries to them with new reserves.

  21. Caesar, suspecting some attack from the barbarians, assembles the cohorts on guard, orders two others to replace them, and the rest of the troops to arm and follow him without delay, and hurries forward in the direction indicated.

  22. All hesitation ceases; he hurries onward and crosses the Rubicon, exclaiming, "The die is cast!

  23. He hurries to the other door, opens it, looks out, and closes it quickly.

  24. Without speaking a word, Peggy hurries across the room and goes out.

  25. He is about to break down, and so hurries out Right.

  26. He takes her up in his arms and hurries to the window.

  27. Starting back with a cry of alarm, she calls and my mother hurries out.

  28. Trembling with excitement she hurries little Frank into his wagon and telling Hattie to bring me, sets off up the road as fast as she can draw the baby's cart.

  29. The short day hurries across the sky, the short day still more shortened in the gloomy walls.

  30. She hurries out by the door near the bed.

  31. After he has taken off his hat and coat and slipped on wooden shoes he hurries into the house.

  32. The latter observes this, gives a loud toot and, still tooting, hurries away, dropping a box of matches as he does so.

  33. Lon hurries to the shelves, picks up the dish, and grasps the box.

  34. She supports Anne on one side while Ruth hurries to the other.

  35. She puts the cloth on the big table, and hurries to the stove.

  36. His teeth are chattering with the cold and he hurries to the stove where he stands for a moment shivering, blowing on his hands, slapping them against his sides, on the verge of crying.

  37. The younger throws the cooking-dish to the floor, grabs the box, and hurries to the table.

  38. The Steward hurries to his stacked-up dishes.

  39. There is a shriek from Lissa, and Famette hurries to her] Lis.

  40. Nansen hurries to meet him, and both wave their caps.

  41. And then she hurries up to her room again to ask the mirror if it is true that her eyes are red.

  42. Arrived in Berlin he hurries at once to the Elector, and places at his feet three flags captured from the enemy.

  43. Old Valentine had thought of how love that has waited long hurries to meet thousands of homecomers; it had hurt him to think that his favorite alone should fail to find any greeting before he knocked at his father's door.

  44. She hurries to her room; SOPHY follows.

  45. If any attempt it, he quickly rushes by with all his wild troop, and hurries the rash offender along in his train.

  46. A man inspired by such a feeling, even hurries along others with him; and whole nations devote themselves under its influence, although nothing earthly can remain pure from all admixture of the baser principle.

  47. She nerves herself for a brave effort, and hurries on, her voice somewhat agitated in spite of herself.

  48. But the laughing girl is half way down the long drawing-room, and he hurries after, replacing his mask and pulling on his domino as he goes.

  49. Then he goes out from the dressing-rooms, hurries down the great stairway, and passing boldly out by the main entrance, glances up and down the street.

  50. He seizes the bag, hurries it away into an inner room, and returns panting for breath.

  51. And the British officer hurries straight on until he stands beside the black and scarlet domino.

  52. The man whose hasty anger hurries him into violence and crime is not half so unworthy to live.

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