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Example sentences for "hernias"

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  1. To hear her laugh now was to imagine that you were back in Kilkenny in the days before the suffragette question was mooted.

  2. The youngish woman who ambled slowly to and fro behind the counter, said she had no coffee or bread for us, but we could get these things in Haarlem.

  3. There are several kinds or hernias that require notice, not all of which, however, produce serious symptoms or results.

  4. In the treatment of umbilical hernia it should be remembered that congenital hernias are often removed with age, but probably congenital umbilical hernias less frequently than others.

  5. The colicky symptoms of these hernias are not diagnostic, but, probably, more closely resemble those of enteritis than any other bowel diseases.

  6. According to the time or mode of origin, hernias may be congenital or acquired.

  7. A truss having a hollow pad may prove of service in small irreducible ruptures, but no truss is of much value in large hernias of this kind.

  8. Umbilical hernias and ventral hernias, following surgical operations, may be held in place by a wide, strong belt about the body, which holds a circular flat or hollow plate over the rupture.

  9. The great danger of hernias is the likelihood of their being strangulated, as the term is; that is, so nipped in the divided abdominal wall that the blood current is shut off and often the bowels are completely obstructed.

  10. In old hernias the swelling is soft and elastic, and if they have not contracted adhesions to the sides of the laceration, they can be made to disappear by pressure carefully applied.

  11. For small hernias nitric acid may be used to destroy the skin and cause such swelling as to close the orifice before the skin is separated.

  12. Hernias have been classified into simple or complicated, recent or old, traumatic (from mechanical injury) or spontaneous.

  13. In small, old, ventral hernias the method of compressing and sloughing off the skin has been used successfully.

  14. Hernias of the bowel which are situated at the upper and right side of the abdomen are usually formed by the small intestine.

  15. It is well to bear in mind that many, and especially the smaller, umbilical hernias heal spontaneously; that is, nature effects a cure.

  16. In hernias of the small intestine, adhesion of the protruding parts to the walls of the opening, or strangulation, are complications which sometimes take place.

  17. In small hernias nitric acid has been used successfully in the same manner as has been described in the treatment of ventral hernia.

  18. Such hernias frequently occur about the end of the period of gestation, and in some instances have contained the right sac of the rumen, the omentum, the small and large intestines, a portion of the liver, and the pregnant uterus.

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