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  1. As the abrasive becomes finer during the grinding, a little more may be added if necessary.

  2. As the grinding surface becomes dry, water is added drop by drop, and the grinding continued until the abrasive seems to be reduced to an impalpable powder, most of which has been squeezed out of the stopcock.

  3. Care must be taken to so distribute the abrasive material as to grind mostly on the places where the plug fits tightly.

  4. The abrasive generally used is a paste made of medium or fine emery and lard oil or kerosene.

  5. An abrasive paste composed of fine emery powder and oil is placed between the blocks, and the blocks are firmly clamped to the crank-pin.

  6. The use of improper abrasive material is a fertile cause of failure to obtain a satisfactory seating.

  7. It is necessary to lift the valve from its seat frequently as the grinding operation continues; this is to provide an even distribution of the abrasive material placed between the valve head and its seat.

  8. It will be noted also that a ball of waste or cloth is interposed in the passage between the valve chamber and the cylinder interior to prevent the abrasive material from passing into the cylinder from the valve chamber.

  9. As the lead blocks bed down, the wing nut should be tightened to insure that the abrasive will be held with some degree of pressure against the shaft.

  10. The ice froze onto all loose rock material and carried it forward, using it as abrasive to gouge out the rock, the valley bottoms, and sides.

  11. The sand and other abrasive material being swept along on the beds of the streams slowly wore away much of the rock.

  12. In cleansing the cylinder, emery paper or abrasive powder should not be employed; for the slightest particle of abrasive between the surfaces in contact will surely cause leakage.

  13. It is used for making polishing powder, in grinding wheels, sharpening stones, abrasive cloth, etc.

  14. An important abrasive and | | | |a beautiful gem.

  15. To grind down or make smooth by rubbing with an abrasive object, esp.

  16. When the fit is almost perfect, the transverse hole is drilled in the plug, and the final finishing is made with fine abrasive powder.

  17. Exceedingly good graduations may be made by the edge of a small, thin, abrasive wheel which is mounted on the end of a small mandrel and driven by a flexible shaft from an electric motor or any other convenient source of power.

  18. Frequent lifting of the stopper is necessary during grinding, in order to allow fresh supplies of abrasive material to reach the contacts.

  19. Among these are, the writing diamond, the carborundum or abrasive pencil, the cutting-wheel, and etching by means of hydrofluoric acid.

  20. When an approximate fit is obtained, the coarse abrasive should be washed off, care being taken that the washing is complete, and a finer abrasive substituted.

  21. Rubbing Stones This class includes small flat cobbles, showing abrasive wear on one or both faces.

  22. A single trapezoidal specimen with no perforation or abrasive marks, but shaped at its narrow end by chipping.

  23. This is doubtless because the chip pressure, when turning cast iron, comes closer to the cutting edge which should, therefore, be more blunt to withstand the abrasive action and heat.

  24. If a tool is pressed hard against an emery or other abrasive wheel, even though the latter has a copious supply of water, the temper will sometimes be drawn.

  25. No amount of the hardest known abrasive will even roughen its surface.

  26. Grinding Scissors Whether a pair of scissors be ground or filed, the marks or scratches left from the contact with the abrasive should all extend across the bevel in the direction of the line ED, Fig.

  27. The wedge should fit tightly so that the ends of the abrasive sheet, when wound around the block, will be held tightly.

  28. Oil or other fluids used on work are apt to drop on it and when wet for a short time the abrasive is useless.

  29. A Pencil-Sharpener Stick Do not discard the sandpaper stick or pencil sharpener used by a draftsman just because all the abrasive sheets have been removed.

  30. A groove is cut in one side of the rounding surface to admit the ends of the abrasive which may be fastened there with tacks.

  31. During this grinding process, the carriage should be moved back and forth from the edge to the center of the grinding disc so that the wear on the abrasive material may be equalized.

  32. The disc is coated with dressing by holding the stick against it as it revolves and the abrasive is applied before the dressing has set.

  33. A pair of dividers or trammels is used to cut the abrasive material to the same diameter as the disc and it should be warmed on the uncoated side before it is applied.

  34. In the vicinity of the Agate Bridge and what is now known as the First Forest, enterprising abrasive makers set up a stamp mill to pulverize the great blocks of petrified wood which they found there.

  35. An austenitic case is not necessarily file hard, but has a very great resistance to abrasive wear.

  36. Grind for use on a sand wheel or grindstone in preference to an emery or an artificial abrasive wheel.

  37. This steel cannot be cut or punched cold but can be shaped and ground on abrasive wheels of various kinds.

  38. To cut a piece from an unannealed bar, cut right off with an abrasive saw; do not nick or break.

  39. The softer materials, such as opal, require treatment more like that accorded cut glass, and soft abrasive powders, such as pumice, suffice to polish them.

  40. Most hardware stores have specimen crystals as attractive advertisements of carborundum as an abrasive material, or the Carborundum Co.

  41. We have only to consider the use of impure corundum (emery) as a commercial abrasive in emery wheels, emery cloth, emery paper, etc.

  42. Much of the garnet used as an abrasive is coarse almandine.

  43. As an abrasive agent it is worked at several localities in the United States, especially in New York State, along the borders of the Adirondacks, where it occurs in limestone and in gneiss.

  44. Garnets are not only cut as gems, but are used for the bearings of pivots in watches, and are in much request for abrasive purposes.

  45. He at once set to work to manufacture them in large quantities for use in making abrasive wheels, whetstones, and sandpaper, and for other purposes for which emery and corundum were formerly used.

  46. Smirgel), an impure variety of corundum, much used as an abrasive agent.

  47. None of these surfaces stand up well to heavy abrasive techniques.

  48. Commercial abrasive powdered cleansers are effective decontaminants for many surfaces (metal, glass, Formica), but not wood or soft plastics.

  49. It is not easily decontaminated by abrasive techniques.

  50. Imports of abrasive materials into the United States have about one-third of the value of those locally produced.

  51. Corundum as an abrasive is the mineral of this name--made up of anhydrous aluminum oxide.

  52. Most of the important deposits are controlled by the large consumers of bauxite, principally the Aluminum Company of America and its subsidiaries, though certain chemical and abrasive companies own some deposits.

  53. Reference is made to sand as an abrasive and in the manufacture of steel in Chapters XIII and IX.

  54. Sand, sandstone, and quartzite are also ground up and used in sand-blasts, sandpaper, and for other abrasive purposes.

  55. A less widespread use of feldspar is as an abrasive (Chapter XIII).

  56. It is often closely associated with volcanic ash, which is also used for abrasive purposes.

  57. Feldspar as an abrasive is used mainly in scouring soaps and window-wash.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abrasive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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