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Example sentences for "codify"

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codicils; codicis; codicum; codification; codified; codifying; coding; codling; codlings; codpiece
  1. Wiggin of Exeter, to revise and codify the statutes of the state.

  2. Prescott appointed him, in 1877, one of the commissioners to revise and codify the statutes of New Hampshire.

  3. In the session of 1859, Mr. Norcross was appointed a member of the joint committee of the senate and house of representatives to examine and amend the report of the commissioners appointed to codify the laws of the state.

  4. The code of laws adopted when the charter was accepted is an attempt to codify the common and statute laws of England, or such parts as were thought binding or would suit their condition.

  5. To act as a clearing-house of State and local health regulations, and to codify such regulations.

  6. Let us Nationally inventory our stocks and resources, unify and codify our laws affecting taxation and irrigation, liability and responsibility--develop our interstate commerce, and promote the general welfare.

  7. In 1858 he was chosen by the Seventh General Assembly one of the three commissioners to revise and codify the laws of the state.

  8. Hence it was possible to elaborate a consistent system of Halachah, and eventually to codify it all.

  9. Every person of experience knows that you cannot codify a large mass of floating customs and divergent laws without, by that very fact, introducing changes.

  10. The Declaration of London was an attempt to codify and improve the traditional rules of warfare at sea, which have always been very fluctuating and uncertain.

  11. They had collected and edited all the sources of law and made extensive commentaries of great importance upon them, but it remained for Theodosius to arrange the digests of these jurists and to codify the later imperial decrees.

  12. It is now time to codify and revise international law on a peace basis, and new measures adopted in accordance to the progress nations have made in recent {493} years toward permanent peace.

  13. The proceedings at the mints were unsystematic, and I resolved upon an attempt to codify the laws and to place the administration in the hands of a recognized, responsible officer.

  14. I appointed Mr. Knox commissioner to codify the mint laws and to suggest alterations.

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