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Example sentences for "codifying"

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codicis; codicum; codification; codified; codify; coding; codling; codlings; codpiece; cods
  1. In these the stem appears in its unaltered form in all the oblique cases, so that the actual case-endings may be clearly recognized.

  2. Likewise law had been codifying on the Continent.

  3. On the other hand, succession to property is everywhere a matter of statute law and commercial law is codified or codifying throughout the world.

  4. At this time also was effected the immensely important reform of codifying the municipal ordinances.

  5. To codify[373] is to classify, and Bentham might be defined as a codifying animal.

  6. At eighty-two he was still, as he put it, 'codifying like any dragon.

  7. There was any amount of work to be done in the way of codifying and reforming legislative systems.

  8. Enough, however, has already been done to show the vast importance of the method in grouping and codifying the empirical facts of life, and in so preparing the way for the investigation of ultimate "causes.

  9. There was no attempt to revise these former decisions, and the Council began its work of codifying doctrine and reformation at the place where it had dropped it.

  10. His idea was that the Council ought to employ itself in the useful, even necessary task of codifying the doctrines of the Church, so that all men might discern easily what was the true Catholic faith.

  11. The work of codifying and writing down the Oral Law was commenced by Rabbana Ashi about the year 400.

  12. The task of codifying these conclusions, and elaborating out of them a general scheme of Emancipation, was entrusted to a special Imperial Commission, composed partly of officials and partly of landed proprietors named by the Emperor.

  13. When the labours of Twyne were finished and the Delegacy had at last succeeded in codifying the laws and customs, the code was placed in the hands of Laud.

  14. Laud's experience of the University had convinced him of the necessity of revising and codifying the statutes "which had long lain in a confused heap.

  15. Our thoughts are guided by an implicit logic long before we have even a conception of logic in the abstract, or have the least thought of codifying and tabulating its formulae.

  16. The measure vanished in the general vortex which swallows up such things, and with it vanished any hopes which Fitzjames might still entertain of actually codifying a part of English law.

  17. In proposing the passage of the Contract Act he took occasion to give his view of the result which had so far been reached in the direction of codifying the Indian laws.

  18. He had resolved to show the possibility by actually codifying 'as a private enterprise.

  19. Hence the special necessity in India of reducing the laws to the clearest and most explicit shape possible, or, in other words, for the codifying process in which he had played his part.

  20. For some time Fitzjames might hope, though he hoped with trembling, that something would come of his various codifying projects.

  21. I need only say that, in accordance with what he had said in his last speeches at Calcutta, he held that nearly enough had been done in the way of codifying for India.

  22. If the country takes to codifying (the dream had not yet vanished), this might become his profession.

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