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Example sentences for "codified"

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codicil; codicils; codicis; codicum; codification; codify; codifying; coding; codling; codlings
  1. They profess to date substantially from Howel dda, who codified the local customs about the middle of the tenth century.

  2. We find it in the ancient Welsh laws, representing to a large extent ancient Welsh traditions collected and codified in the tenth century, but somewhat modified afterwards, and coming down to us in a text of the fourteenth century.

  3. In the fully evolved Revivalism of Great Britain and America we have, so to speak, the codified and stereotyped procedure to which this way of thinking has led.

  4. The experiences of these have been treated as precedents, and a codified system of mystical theology has been based upon them, in which everything legitimate finds its place.

  5. The Roman Church has organized and codified all this sort of thing, and given it a market-value in the shape of "merit.

  6. It was in the form of a covenant; it was distinguished by curses; it was an expansion and modification, fully within the legitimate province of the prophet, of a Torah of Moses codified from the traditional form of at least a century before.

  7. In 1819 he codified all previous practices into a general school law for the kingdom.

  8. Finally the practical Roman mind codified it, and reduced it to system and order.

  9. Lebanese parliamentarians met in Ta'if, Saudi Arabia, in late 1989 and concluded a national reconciliation pact that codified a new power-sharing formula, specifying reduced powers for the Christian president and giving Muslims more authority.

  10. The various systems of law which obtained in the different states were then codified by Hammurabi, who appointed governors in all the cities which came under his sway to displace the patesis and kings.

  11. If influences, however, were at work to restrict the position of women they did not meet with much success, because when Hammurabi codified existing laws, the ancient rights of women received marked recognition.

  12. The customary law may be codified and systematized with respect to some philosophical principles, and yet remain customary.

  13. The methods which he codified were those which he saw being actually employed.

  14. More than eighty per cent of the rules herein expounded are codified from the works of De Vinne, or gleaned from Teall and similar sources of indisputable authority.

  15. His own contribution, which he regarded as a partial solution only, was that the difference depends in part upon the period at which the customs of a people become codified in written law.

  16. There was in India a copious collection of sûtras, existing primarily as oral tradition and varying in diction and arrangement, but codified from time to time in a written form.

  17. This was Religion; or perhaps it would be more accurate to say Sacerdotalism--religion codified in dogma and administered by a priestly caste.

  18. If Pliny meant that it was here first codified and organised he may be right, but the conceptions on which magic rest are practically universal, and of immemorial antiquity.

  19. The Sadducees stood for the sanctity of the law as written and preserved, while they rejected the whole mass of rabbinical precept both as orally transmitted and as collated and codified in the records of the scribes.

  20. Where would have been the wisdom of delivering to an uninstructed population of a particular age a codified religion, which was to serve for all nations, all ages, all states of civilization?

  21. The Halachah, as codified in the Mishnah, is much more extensive than the Halachah as it was known to the Pharisees in the time of Jesus.

  22. But the assertion that they did so refuse is contrary to the express statement of the Mishnah, which is the codified Tradition; and is moreover entirely at variance with the spirit of Rabbinical ethics in regard to respect to parents.

  23. In 1563 the Statute of Labourers codified in this way, in the name of the State, rules for apprenticeship and for other matters which had hitherto been in force among the craft guilds.

  24. They were not codified until the Council of Trent.

  25. Francis Lieber, politician, encyclopedist, college professor, who first codified the laws of war for the United States government.

  26. The Spanish Civil Code reflects a complex mixture of customary, Roman, Napoleonic, local, and modern codified law.

  27. US statutory law is legislation enacted by the US Congress and is codified in the United States Code.

  28. The fact that the laws of the Scotch Marches were codified at this time shews the prevailing tendency.

  29. The results were codified in Catholic theology and in the civil and canon law of the early Middle Ages.

  30. Taken at their best they probably represent the highest form of a religion based on codified ethics which the world has ever seen.

  31. They had been long established by custom and he merely codified such customs and earlier decisions into a system so that justice might be administered alike throughout the realm.

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